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“What are the cultural explanations for the FARC and Sendero Luminoso’s actions?” Tiara Facusse.

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1 “What are the cultural explanations for the FARC and Sendero Luminoso’s actions?” Tiara Facusse

2 The FARC & Sendero Luminoso Latin America is a victim of national terrorism, especially countries like Colombia and Peru. Attacks, raids and kidnappings in public and private entities within these countries are constant despite government efforts to put an end to it.

3 THE FARC The financial and strategic collaboration between the two terrorist groups that have caused great problems in these two countries is a great dilemma that Latin America has now a days. Since 1964 The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia have operated as a Marxists-Leninist guerilla group in the Colombian territory and its borders with Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela.

4 The FARC

5 Sendero Luminoso The Sendero Luminoso, in English meaning Lit Path, started out as a non-threatening organization in the 70s.

6 Sendero Luminoso They were inspired by the Chinese Revolution and based themselves on the ideas of José Carlos Mariátegui, the founder of the Peruvian Socialist Party.

7 These groups through the eyes of others 33 states consider the FARC a terrorist group, but some countries including Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, and Chile haven’t categorized them as one.

8 Cont.. The Venezuelan government and their president Hugo Chavez have publicly announced that the FARC be recognized as a belligerent group, but not as a terrorist group.

9 Colombia’s Point of View Since most of the FARC’s terrorist attacks affect the Colombian nation in a negative way, this country does consider them a terrorist group.

10 My Point of View I think that these two groups need to be considered as terrorist groups because they have been acting against the community and the government for over 40 years in ways that are dangerous and terrorizing for human kind.

11 Videos Their Point of View 1. Start at Min 1:35 2.Stop at min 1:27 People affected 1. Normal Play

12 Connections to AOK Ethics: From my perspective and many countries, and people, its unethical what these groups are causing to the Western Hemisphere because they are causing terror to society and corrupting the youths of their countries. From their perspective their actions are ethical because they think that what they do is correct. Personal Example

13 Connection to AOK History Like the FARC and the Sendero Luminoso, there are other groups around the world like Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, Armed Islamic Group (GIA) in Algeria, and in Greece the Revolutionary Nuclei (RN) a.k.a. Revolutionary Cells. All these groups justify their actions with their religion or political status they acquire through their countries history.

14 Conclusion The FARC and the Sendero Luminoso are two violent groups that go against the sovereignty of Latin American nations. It is a big problem for Latin Americans because it not only promotes revolution and violence but leads to kidnapping, drug and human trafficking and other acts that breach the human rights.

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