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Jeff Beal, Ph.D. Office of Standards and Assessment.

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1 Jeff Beal, Ph.D. Office of Standards and Assessment

2 Purpose To provide teachers and parents with important criterion-based information about a child’s learning and development in six domains at the beginning of kindergarten. Kindergarten Entry Assessment

3 Six Domains Mathematics Language Literacy Cognitive/Approaches toward Learning Social and Emotional Development Physical and Motor Development Kindergarten Entry Assessment

4 Integration with existing state P-20 longitudinal data system Professional development for trainers, schools, and kindergarten teachers Outreach and education for parents and families KEA Components

5 KEA Request for Proposals was issued March 22, 2013 Teaching Strategies GOLD online was chosen as the pilot assessment KEA Assessment

6 June 2013 Recruited schools to participate in Fall 2013 Pilot Recruited trainers to train the kindergarten teachers participating in the pilot Held Focus Groups Compiled and analyzed results of Focus Groups to inform our communications and teacher training Fall 2013 KEA Pilot

7 July 2013 Conducted Accreditation Program for Trainers 27 trainers were accredited and are available to train kindergarten teachers for the next three years August 2013 Trained nearly 300 kindergarten teachers who participated in the pilot All Michigan trainers were shadowed by a TS GOLD ® trainer during their initial training session Three training options were provided: in-person, webinar, and online Fall 2013 KEA Pilot

8 Used assessment without customization September 3–October 18 was the observation window November 1 was the final date to submit assessment data 68 districts, 81 schools, 163 teachers, and 3,755 students successfully participated Report Availability Student, classroom, school, and district reports were immediately available Fall 2013 Pilot

9 109 out of 121 teachers felt confident using TS GOLD 112 out of 121 choose time as the greatest challenge in using TS GOLD The teachers that recommended TS GOLD replace other classroom assessments recommended that it replace DIBELS, MLPP, Fountas & Pinnell’s LLI, and district math and literacy assessments (8 out of 12 administrators also recommended that TS GOLD replace other classroom assessments) 2013 Pilot Survey Results

10 The main benefit I had using the KEA was that it made me have more 1 on 1 contact with each child at the beginning of the year. We made quicker connections. It helped me modify what I do and to make my classroom a “child centered” place. We had a speech pathologist help observe, so I had a better understanding of my students’ language capabilities 2013 Pilot Survey Results

11 My students’ social interactions became more of a focus for me. I realized how many of my students cannot skip or hop. So at recess time we practice both of those skills. I used the portfolios to show parents during conferences. They were amazed at the depth of knowledge I’d collected about their child! The observational approach led me to capture a child on video retelling a story. I later shared this video with her parents who of course were so excited about her development. 2013 Pilot Survey Results

12 When having conferences with parents of a struggling child, I had this extra data to support my concerns…that was powerful to have! I liked accessing the forms on the iPad and walking around the classroom to observe. Jeff was very helpful when I had problems navigating the website. 2013 Pilot Survey Results

13 Recommendations for improving Give teachers more time for data entry/documentation Reduce the number of items Reduce the number of other assessments Provide iPad to each teacher Provide more professional development around the KEA 2013 Pilot Survey Results

14 Fall 2014 Field test Recruitment of schools statewide Train additional kindergarten teachers using online modules September – October field test Fall 2015 Statewide implementation Recruitment of schools statewide Train additional kindergarten teachers using online modules September – October Census 2014 and 2015 Implementation Activities

15 Jeff Beal Kindergarten Entry Assessment Consultant Office of Standards and Assessment Bureau of Assessment and Accountability Michigan Department of Education 517-335-0433 KEA Information Contact

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