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ISOC Swiss Chapter Survey Survey organized by the Swiss Chapter re-creation Transition Team Survey request sent to the Swiss-Members-discussion group.

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1 ISOC Swiss Chapter Survey Survey organized by the Swiss Chapter re-creation Transition Team Survey request sent to the Swiss-Members-discussion group. May 2010








9 What is your professional background? Please provide the following information summarized: industry groups (SwiNOG, Medias, others…), institutional players (Registrars, Governance & Policy developers, Regulators), other key actors, such as NGOs, Others… 1 NGO IT Manager 2 researcher on computer systems, active in NGOs at World Summit WSIS 3 ETH-Engineer (Focus: Telecommunications), Technical Consultant 4 Media, marketing, advertisement 5 Registrars 6 International Organization 7 I'm a consultant and project manager at LBi, one of Europe's major digital agencies. Previous work experience at Apple, Pixelpark and Assai. 8 Network Engineer. Worked in a Regional Internet Registry (RIR) 9 Information management in Academia 10 Adviser, web marketing, at a UN agency specialised in trade-related technical assistance (ITC). 11 – freelancer - NGOs, UN 12 Student information science 13 International organisation related to trade 14 Health Services, Financial Services 15 Internet security, aviation industry, Registry operator (.aero), ITU, CERN 16 Student 17 Airline & Telcommunications Industry 18 Private individual and IT professional 19 Regulator 20 Web solutions manager 21 Domain name registry 22 Academic, NGO, ICANN/GNSO, Governance & Policy developer 23 Professor, Webster University Geneva

10 What are your skills and expertise? 1 Security, project management and IT Governance 2 Understanding of sustainable development, identity and privacy, HTML 3 Internet Standardization (IETF) 4 Public relations, marketing 5 IT, Finance 6 Computer Engineer 7 interest and good overall knowledge of cross-border issues and current regulatory problems. Strong technical background. 8 Network Engineering, Internet Architecture, Project Management. 9 Information / Knowledge management, Training 10 > web marketing > web 2.0 > crm apps 11 - website creation, information management - web accessibility 12 Bibliotheconomics and archivistic 13 ICT4D, mobile solutions for the BoP 14 Information Technology Management, Senior Business Executive 15 Internet security. Creation of top-level domains (.aero,.post). Mobile applications (health, eGov) 16 None 17 Strategic Planning, economic analysis, business modelling, representation, negotiation 18 Engineering degrees, many years experience working for multinational organisations 19 telecommunications engineering, numbering & Addressing 20 IT, IM, PM, Design, B2B, Partnership 21 International Relations, Engineering 22 Policy 23 IT Project Mgmt, Software Analysis and Development, Education, Research and Innovation

11 What was your interest in the ISOC Geneva (Swiss) Chapter? 1 Meeting people around Internet thema 2 to overcome the digital divide at World Summit WSIS 3 To learn more about the latest web technology development, to discuss major societal consequences of the Internet, to have lobbying activities for the Internet at the political level (national and local), to network with new Internet entrepreneurs. 4 Internet and telecommunications governance and development 5 Update information, help in the process of development, networking 6 I was member of ICANN At-Large and was basically assigned to the Geneva Chapter a couple of years ago. For distance reasons, I never attended any chapter meeting in Geneva though. 7 Networking, Learning and Community building. 8 - Having an inside look at how this particular NGO works and how I can play a role in the achievement of its goals. - Meeting others that have somewhat the same interests 9 Join a community of people interested in the web at a local level (ideally with an emphasis on ICT4D in the Geneva context). 10 Became ISOC member during ITU Youth Forum in Geneva. Did not know about the (local) chapter until now 11 To be part of the global discussion addressing global challenges. Get in touch with like-minded people. 12 On-going local activities post-INET98 13 e-connectivity fro developing countries 14 What can ISOC do for young people... 15 keep up to date with developments. Networking 16 Some local presence and/or access to ISOC 17 Promote the web more officially and feeling part of a common interest group 18 To take part in its activities 19 I live here and wouldn't mind seeing some activity. Attended a couple meetings of the old chapter and found them sort of closed cabal-ish, compounded by my terribly limited French abilities. 20 Contribute with the local community to fundamental issues of the current state internet society.

12 What are your expectations from a local ISOC chapter? (Topic 1) 1 Networking 2 identity and privacy 3 networking 4 Lobbying to defend the interests of the Internent at the national and local lev 5 Forum for Telecommunications and Internet governance 6 ISOC GVA be part in the process of ISOC development 7 Gather opinions and recommendations as input for ISOC initiatives and decisions 8 Focus on local issues 9 Having the possibility to play a role in the achievement of ISOC's goals 10 Meet and network with like-minded people 11 conference 12 no expectations since not (yet) involved 13 Enabling collaborative intelligence 14 Presentations from international experts on visit to Switzerland 15 Internet in every high school 16 information on current issues 17 Representation of Swiss based ISOC members 18 Plateform for exchanging information 19 Promote Internet strategies 20 information and education 21 Promote some sense of community among local Internauts 22 Help in enabling Internet access for and represent under-served (Swiss) communities

13 What are your expectations from a local ISOC chapter? (Topic 2) 1 Find solutions to help the Internet Society to protect every user of Internet threats 2 overcoming the Swiss cultural divides 3 information exchange / education on Internet related topics 4 More awareness for what is at stake in the latest mobile phone developments for society in general 5 Advocacy for user interests 6 Develop updated ways of Information (website) 7 - 8 Look for new trends in Internet Behavior cross-expertise 9 Organizing conferences / meetings with key players in the domain 10 Share best practice and lessons learnt in web-related ICT4D projects 11 promote local awareness 12 - 13 New net technologies (ie social web) 14 Network of local community interested in ISOC-themes 15 Develop some activities in schools, talk about what is internet for each student.. impact in our lifes 16 training on new developments 17 - 18 Plateform for discussion and consultation on various topics 19 Accessibility 20 cooperate and interact with other stakeholders 21 Hold some interesting events, e.g. discussions, speakers 22 Understand how Switzerland can contribute to major issues in Internet governance

14 What are your expectations from a local ISOC chapter? (Topic 3) 1 Understand some key areas of the Internet standardisation 2 coordinate other groups 3 foster IETF (standardization) work 4 To discuss latest mobile phone developments and to network with web entrepreneurs 5 Advocacy for provider interests 6 Organize new events 7 - 8 New generations 9 Expanding my knowledge about Internet related issues 10 Identify best practice in web education for adults 11 networking 12 - 13 New productivity tools 14 - 15 Develop some activites in schools, some kind of prevention, how to behave on the internet. 16 Networking 17 Information on events taking place "locally" 18 Networking 19 Education with/through Internet 20 build consensus 21 Connect locals to global ISOC activities, esp. on policy matters 22 Setting up an Internet awareness program with local education institutions

15 What kind of events would you want a local ISOC chapter to organize? Why? 1 Evening discussions / conferences to realise the objectives of the Swiss chapter. 2 pan-Swiss meeting in Biel/Bienne, Bern or Fribourg 3 sessions for networking and information exchange / education on Internet relevant topics 4 Training on new web and mobile phone usages 5 * Debate on subjects of interest (the proposed orange-sunrise merger would have been a subject of debate) * Presentation / demo of new products 6 As in the past years, sujets d'actualité, WEB 2, P2P, Soam, etc 7 _ expert/opinion leader boards _ workshops to work out answers to open questions from the initiatives 8 Discusion meetings, experts, new members orientations. 9 Conferences / meeting with a (or some) speaker. We could cover different topics at each reunion. Maybe having a "End of the year" conference that reviews the whole year... 10 > ICT4D / > web 2.0 for business / > Connecting business, academia and UN on web standards & apps 11 conferences, meeting, website to be informed and inform non-members on internet 12 Events on computer literacy 13 TED or LIFT like presentations by IT leaders and thinkers 14 what: Presentations with top speakers why: to know the international opinion leaders personally 15 Activities in schools, because young people are unaware of the consequence that can result of a bad use of internet. 16 Conferences- debates / Training sessions 17 Lectures/information sessions on relevant technical topics (awareness) 18 Free technology seminar, to learn, to be informed 19 mostly technical issues because it it a technical body 20 Discussions, workshops, panels. Maybe even a Swiss IGF. 21 Educational programs / Conferences and panels / Development projects




19 If you answered "Other" to question 15, please indicate your wish below. 1 Twitter 2 Registration system for events (so that participant could register online), maybe even payment systems, in case we need to charge for events 3 Combining 2 or more physical meeting rooms with Video and text messaging, volunteer scribe broadcast 4 ISOC chapter is not about technology, it is about meeting people physically, hence only limited on-line resources required 5 Repository of relevant documents

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