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Sustainable coastal management

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1 Sustainable coastal management
Holderness Sustainable coastal management




5 Can you draw a sketch map of the study area?
Study all the maps you can find, in particular R&C page 117. Practice drawing an annotated sketch map to show the physical features of the area in 5 minutes. Remember a title, key and scale.

6 Watch the other powerpoint about Holderness.

7 Why is this the fastest eroding coast in Europe?
What are the effects of the erosion? Mention physical and human impacts. Check this to see the amount of coastal retreat: Why does the coast need to be managed? Who is managing the coast? Check this: Though you don’t need to read it all!

8 Read Geofactsheet 141. This says it is an update but was written in 2002 so actually predates the book. It is by Bob Hordern !

9 An SMP for Holderness Read pages 106-111 in R&C
Answer the case study 48 and 49 on pages 109 and 111. Read Geofactsheet 141. This says it is an update but was written in 2002

10 Tyres! Read page 119, Stable bays and page 58 in B&P.
Is this a good idea?

11 W10 21 3 b) Describe the main problems of the management of a stretch or stretches of coastline. How successfully might these problems be overcome? [15]

12 Other links Photos Especially on conclusions and effectiveness


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