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Adjectives That Compare (er)

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1 Adjectives That Compare (er)
Al-Bashair Private School Grade Three

2 These are examples of adjectives:
1- The elephant is huge. 2- The pizza was cheesy. 3- That little cat is very fluffy.

3 The Rule 1 : To compare between two people or two things we use adjectives that compare. To form these adjectives we add (adjective + er) then we add (than): small + er = smaller than fast + er = faster than

4 Examples: Sam is taller than Tom. Sam Tom

5 The cheetah is faster than the lion.

6 My Grandma is older than me.

7 The goat is shorter than the giraffe.

8 The snail is slower than the rabbit.

9 The Rule 2 : Some adjectives have the form (C V C). In this case we double the last consonant when we add (er): big + er = bigger than fat + er = fatter than

10 Examples: The elephant is bigger than the chick.

11 Jimmy is fatter than Alex.

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