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WIRELESS NETWORKS By: Heidi Heller & Manami Pittman.

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1 WIRELESS NETWORKS By: Heidi Heller & Manami Pittman

2 History The “Father of Radio”  Guglielmo Marconi Wireless technology reaches U.S. Military  First introduced in World War II The first wireless LAN  ALOHNET

3 Uses for Wireless Networks Government Emergency services & Businesses Cell phones & Game consoles Notebook computers

4 Government Dated back as far as World War II Send information quickly and easily

5 Emergency Services & Businesses Police, Firefighters, EMT’s  Use wireless to communicate important information quickly FedEx, UPS, Etc.  Helps keep customers informed

6 Cell Phones & Game Consoles Standard uses  Voice function, E-mail, Internet, Photo, Video, and Text Messaging BlueTooth (20-35 feet)  Mobile phones  Hands-free headsets  Wii  PlayStation 3  Also used for PC input & output devices

7 Notebook Computers Wireless LAN  WiFi  Fixed Wireless Data Wireless MAN  WiMAX

8 Wireless Network Security WEP: Wired Equivalent Privacy Encrypts the data on your network so that only the intended recipient is able to access it. WPA: Wi-Fi Protected Access Uses dynamic key encryption, which means the key is constantly changing and makes breaking into your network more difficult than WEP.

9 Wireless Network Security “How Credit-Card Data Went Out Wireless Door” -An example of failed wireless network security.

10 Wireless Network Security Assume you already have a problem. Get a security policy in place. Build a wall, not a quilt. Crank up your settings. Don’t be afraid to take drastic measures.

11 Future of Wireless Network “Going Mobile in Barcelona” “it won’t be long before mobile broadband surpasses fixed-line connections to become the predominant internet access method.” Music, Mobile TV, and WEB 2.0 Video: Watching TV on your cell phone.Watching TV on your cell phone

12 Source Links 24p18.asp&guid= 24p18.asp&guid US%2FLayout&cid=1116602200512&pagename=Linksys%2FCommon%2F VisitorWrapper&lid=0051204044L04 US%2FLayout&cid=1116602200512&pagename=Linksys%2FCommon%2F VisitorWrapper&lid=0051204044L04 US%2FLayout&cid=1116602204044&pagename=Linksys%2FCommon%2F VisitorWrapper&lid=0404400512L05 US%2FLayout&cid=1116602204044&pagename=Linksys%2FCommon%2F VisitorWrapper&lid=0404400512L05 ml ml efault.aspx?Print=1&ArticleId=tipsfortighteningyourwirelessnetworkssecurity efault.aspx?Print=1&ArticleId=tipsfortighteningyourwirelessnetworkssecurity 0.htm 0.htm

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