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Independence middle school rules and procedures

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1 Independence middle school rules and procedures

2 HALL PASSES When walking in the hallway you must always have a pass. Make sure that you use the classroom lanyard bathroom pass when going to the restroom and use your agenda when traveling to other locations on campus.

3 ARRIVAL TO CLASS Make sure that you arrive to class on time. You should be inside the classroom when the bell rings. As soon as the bell rings you are expected to write down the agenda and begin your warm up.

4 TRANSITION When walking in the hallway always stay on the right side. To avoid being tardy, walk directly to class. By following these guidelines, we will have a safe and orderly campus.

5 CAMPUS CONDUCT When traveling on campus, make sure to follow school guidelines by walking and keeping your hands to yourself.

6 STUDENT ID’s Once ID’s are distributed, they must be worn at all times on campus. You will not be allowed to go through the a la carte lines without an ID.

7 ELECTRONIC DEVICES Electronic devices are for before and after school and should be kept (turned off) in your backpack during the school day.

8 FOOD AND BEVERAGES Food and beverages are only to be consumed in the cafeteria.

9 EDLINE Edline is a valuable resource to monitor your progress in each class. Once you get your account information, make sure that you activate your account. The Media Center will be open before school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday if you cannot check Edline at home.

10 LOCKERS Students are only allowed to go to their lockers before school, during 3rd period, and after school.

11 AGENDA Students need to keep their agenda intact for use throughout the school year. You need to have your agenda when traveling around campus. If you lose your agenda, you must purchase one from student services for $5.

12 SCHOOL RULES Follow directions the first time they are given.
Be in class on time with required daily supplies. Stay on task by listening to the lesson or working quietly at your seat. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. Use a respectful tone and volume when speaking to people.

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