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William Shakespeare High School Timisoara  Romania is an interesting destination from a cultural and natural point of view, Romania's territory features.

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3 William Shakespeare High School Timisoara  Romania is an interesting destination from a cultural and natural point of view, Romania's territory features splendid mountains, beautiful rolling hills, fertile plains and numerous rivers and lakes, cultural attractions are the numerous castles, ancient towns, medieval fortresses, wooden and painted churches.  Located in Eastern Europe, Romania has many tourist attractions. The coast which overlooks the Black Sea, is studded with modern resorts, a short distance from what is the nature reserve of the Danube Delta.  Transylvania, home of Dracula, offers striking castles such as Bran and imposing mountain forests in the region of the Carpathians.  Besides all these tourist attractions we also have great writers such as Mihai Eminescu and Ion Creanga and the internationally renowned sculptor, Constantin Brancusi.  We are also known for the famous Nadia Comaneci, who was the first gymnast to be awarded a perfect score of 10 in an Olympic gymnastic event.

4 William Shakespeare High School Timisoara The Black Sea The Carpathian Mountains Peles Castle The Danube Delta

5 Medieval Cities, Castles and Hand Painted Monasteries Hunedoara Castle SIGHISOARA SIBIU BRASOV

6 William Shakespeare High School Timisoara Timisoara Timişoara is a university city and industrial center in western Romania. It is often described as the most cosmopolitan city in Romania.

7 William Shakespeare High School Timisoara What can you do in Timisoara? 1. Enjoy nice coffee products in Piata Unirii (Union Square) or Piata Victoriei (Victory Square). 2. Taste the week-end nightlife by dancing all night long at Club The Note and Heaven Studio or their summer locations, River Deck and Heaven Outdoor Club. 3. Eat a great pizza or pasta at Da Toni, eat tasty Romanian food at Club XXI. 4. If you like shopping, Iulius Mall is the place to visit. Enjoy a nice walk in the Botanical Park. 5. Timisoara is a very cosmopolitan city and if you ask around you can enjoy all kinds of activities. Victory Square Unirii Square Club XXI Iulius Mall Botanical Park

8  This institution is a bilingual High School (English oriented), made up of two Departments (Sciences and Social Sciences). “Shakespeare”High has three levels of study: Primary, Secondary and High School. William Shakespeare High School Timisoara Students’ Impressions : “I like it very much. This year we made a drama group and we are in association with other countries, it will be interesting and I can’t wait to start.” Anamaria Constantineanu “ It is a lovely school where you can learn English, French or German. Our school does lots of extra activities and I am proud to learn at this school.” Alex Fit “The things are quite fine there. In the break I have lots of fun, sometimes the fun reaches me and I laugh during classes, but it`s OK (that`s how I see it).” Alex Brad “It's a nice school, with NICE teachers (Yes... nice teachers). I'm very serious.” Brita Uricanu “It is a great high-school, the only one in Timisoara with an English profile. That means that we study English from the first grade and we have more English lessons than other schools. We even have teachers from Great Britain or Australia” Andreea Sticlea “I am in the 5th grade and I think Math is the most complicated subject. We have a lot of good teachers! I love my school !” Alex Corici

9 William Shakespeare High School Timisoara Likes: children’s laughter, witty minds and honest people Dislikes: lies, bad weather, lack of punctuality and flattery Hobbies: travelling, music and films “Hello, my name is Alexandru Fit. I am 14. I enjoy talking with my friends and making new friends. “ “Hi! My name is Diana Stampar. I like hanging out with friends, animals, Christmas and snow. I dislike watching horror films alone and animal cruelty. My hobbies are: drawing, playing tennis, taking photos and image editing.” I’m 14 years old and I’ll be 15 in March. I like to listen to music and watch movies. Photography is my passion, I don’t go anywhere without my camera. I hope I’ll become a good photographer or a movie director someday. I also like to read, fantasy literature in general but also biographical books like “Great Expectations” and adventure stories like “Dick Sand, A Captain at Fifteen”. Camelia Frumosu English teacher and group coordinator “Hi, my name is Andreea Sticlea.

10 William Shakespeare High School Timisoara “I like to : read, watch T.V, play on the computer, play with my dog, Bruno, listen to music, paint, sing and other and other activities.., BUT I dislike to do bad things, upset my parents, my relatives, my friends and the teachers. I also dislike reptiles, spiders, rats and MUSHROOMS.” Brita Uricanu, 5 th grade “Hello! My name is Patricia Medelean. I’m 11 years old. I like to read, to paint, to play basketball or football, English, Maths, to go to church and, like all the children, I like to play on the computer! I dislike snakes and cockroaches! My hobby is reading.. I wish to travel all over the world and to enjoy the beauty of the World.” I am 10 years old. I like animals, computer games, movies, sports etc. I dislike tortured animals, bad people such as thieves and war (excepting games) Hi, my name is Radu Lengher. Hey, my name is Anamaria Constantineanu and I am 12 years old. I’m a very friendly, sociable, positive person and I like to look on the bright side of life. I like to spend my time together with my friends. My hobbies are painting and dancing. I don’t like violence and people making fun of the less fortunate.

11 William Shakespeare High School Timisoara “I am 12 years old. I like animals and biology very much. I dislike people that lie to their friends. My favorite color is purple and my favorite food is pizza. My hobbies are reading, drawing ……. I also like skating and swimming. I enjoy summer camps and travelling to the mountains. I want to be a vet because I love pets, all of them.” Oana Nedelcu, 6 th grade Roxana Dan and Letitia Dan, 6 th grade “We like roses, lollipops, cats, dogs, Jonas Brothers and Rihanna. We dislike spiders. We are not sisters, but we feel like twins.” Alex Brad, 6 th grade “I am fascinated by robots, mostly BIONICLE. My favourite game is chess and other puzzle games from my computer. My hobby is to create all sorts of things and to do many experiments. My favourite experiment was FrutyChups, the sweetest juice ever! It had the sweet set on MAX and it had a perfect balance of orange, green apple, and lemon flavor.” Denisa Munteanu, 6 th grade Likes: Pizza, chips, lollipops, cats, dogs etc. Dislikes: Hamburgers, stupid people, etc Hobbies: Painting, taking Photographs This is me and my dog Biju

12 William Shakespeare High School Timisoara

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