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LMDC Update - February 11, 2011 Washington State Library.

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1 LMDC Update - February 11, 2011 Washington State Library

2  Fall 2010 – Another $600,000 in cuts  Supplemental Budget – Not targeted at this point by the House, the Senate, the Governor  Next Biennial Budget – Not targeted in the Governor’s budget  We ask that you support the Governor’s budget for the Office of the Secretary of State  Additional cuts will impact MOE and LSTA State Library Budget

3  Signed into law December 2010  Maintains target appropriation levels at all time highs  Congress is free to appropriate more or less  Potentially provides more flexibility in the use of LSTA but much remains unknown  We should learn more at the LSTA State Programs Conference held mid-March LSTA Re-Authorization

4  The planning process for the time period 2013 – 2017 will begin this spring  The plan must be submitted to IMLS for approval by June 30, 2012  The plan provides guidance for the use of LSTA funding – what are the goals and activities that relate to CTCs  The plan becomes effective October 1, 2012 LSTA Five-Year Plan

5  The development process for the LSTA Five- Year Evaluation covering 2008 – 2012 begins this spring  We will be asking for support to complete that portion of the evaluation pertaining to LSTA funded CTC projects and activity  The Five-Year Evaluation must be submitted by March 30, 2012 LSTA Five-Year Evaluation

6  You likely know that Ahniwa Ferrari is leaving  He has accepted new challenges We know he will do great and we wish him well in this new aspect of his career  We are in the process of re-filling his position  Short term plans are in place  Long term plans require an exemption to the hiring freeze; these plans are moving forward  Let me know if questions or concerns arise Ask-WA Project Management

7  Newspapers at the Washington State Library  The microfilm collection consists of over 46,000 reels from more than 1,500 daily and weekly newspapers dating from the 1850s to the present These reels are available to be borrowed via Interlibrary Loan  Twenty-four historic Washington newspapers, over 12,000 pages, from 1852 to 1890 are online These digitized pages have been indexed by WSL and are keyword searchable State Library Updates

8  Newspapers at the Washington State Library  Chronicling America enhances access to America's historic newspapers Twenty-three newspapers from Washington State totaling more than 110,000 pages are included in this collection hosted by the Library of Congress Search and view newspaper pages from 1860-1922  Information on all three collection sets is at State Library Updates

9  Washington Rural Heritage (WRH)  WRH is a collection of historic materials documenting the early culture, industry, and community life of Washington State A statewide digitization project for small and rural libraries Collections include old photographs, historical texts, memorabilia & ephemera, scrapbooks, maps, artwork, objects & artifacts, etc  Information on this project is at State Library Updates

10  Stacking hay at J.B. Palmer’s, 1908. Shown: Lawrence and Jessie Palmer  Kiona-Benton City Heritage, photo courtesy of the Kiona-Benton City Historical Society and Mid-Columbia Libraries  Twenty-two library- led projects in partnership with local historical societies, museums, schools, in total, more than 60 contributing institutions  To date: 7,000+ individually cataloged resources (14,000 discrete files)

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