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By Winston Darmawan And William Tran

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1 By Winston Darmawan And William Tran
Dinosaurs Rhoetosaurus Leaellynasaura By Winston Darmawan And William Tran Minmi

2 Triassic Period A long time ago, in the Triassic Period there mainly weren’t many dinosaurs, but there were a lot of living things. The whole world was squashed into a huge landmass, supercontinent called Pangaea. There were other scaled animals on Earth, such as amphibians and reptile and plants such as 20% were cycads and conifers. In the seas many fishes and ammonites in the seas. At that time the pterosaurs appeared during the Late Triassic after time. Then there were dinosaurs such as Eudimorphodon, Eoraptor, Ischigualastia, Coelophysis, Plateosaurus and there were giant dragonflies and plants called Neoclamites. ammonites

3 Triassic meanings Plateosaurus – Flat lizard
Coelophysis – Hollow bones Peteinosaurus – Winged lizard

4 Jurassic Period In the Jurassic Period, Pangaea split into 2 huge land masses, the one in the north is called Laurasia and the southern one was called Gondwanaland. Now everything was much different with new plant and some dinosaurs seemed to have evolved over time. Such dinosaurs were Stegosaurus, Marshosaurus, Apatosaurus, and Pterosaurs. Paleontologists have reason to believe that Herrasaurus evolved into Allosaurus and Diplodocus. It was really, hot and subtropical.

5 Jurassic meanings Allosaurus-Strange lizard Stegosaurus-Roof lizard
Camptosaurus-Bent lizard Marshosaurus-Marsh’s lizard Diplodicus-Double beam Archaeopteryx-Ancient wing

6 Creataceous Period This was the last period in the Mesozoic Era. It was time for the Dinosaurs to be extinct. The creataceous period contained the last of the dinosaurs like pterosaurs, triceratops and mighty Tyrannosaurus. It was when the impact happened. Plants that we know today were formed in the Creataceous period. The Creataceous was much hotter.

7 Creataceous meanings Tyrannosaurus - Tyrant king
Triceratops - Three horns on the face Torosaurus - Bull lizard Parasaurolophus – Strange head

8 The Impact 65 million years ago a huge meteorite hit Earth and killed some dinosaurs.

9 Volcanoes and Tsnamis Volcanoes and tsnamis killed the next section of dinosaurs.

10 Greenhouse effect The greenhouse effect killed the last of the dinosaurs. Lack of food, acid rain, and poisonous gases in the air killed the last of the dinosaurs.

11 Today Fossils have been found by people called palaeontologists. The dinosaur bones are taken to a place for research and study. Then they are taken to a museum.

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