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We Speak For Trees.

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1 We Speak For Trees

2 Unit Summary Students take on the role of environmentalists trying to create awareness among the community and their peers about deforestation and its effects in their locality. They conduct research on the number of trees which have been cut in a particular area and the effects it has had on the area, and sum up the effect of deforestation globally. They share their learning's on the effect of deforestation using a multimedia presentation. They launch an eco-club called “Seedling” which works towards creating awareness on environmental issues. They raise the public opinion using a blog and motivate public to take necessary steps.

3 CFQ Essential Question
उद्यमेन हि सिध्यन्ति कार्याणि न मनोरथै नहि सुप्तस्य सिन्घ्स्य मुखे मृगः  Unit Questions How can I prevent deforestation in my locality? Content Questions What is deforestation? What are the effects of deforestation? What is global warming?

4 Vision for Unit By creating this unit, I want to
Try out new methods to make environmental issues relevant to my students’ lives Think of ways to involve my students more in the community During this unit, I want my students to Learn ways to connect global environmental problems to their daily lives Use technology to communicate with different audiences

5 Project Approaches As my students work on this project, they
Establish a connection with environmental degradation and themselves Collaborate with peers and community members Create a product that shows what they’ve learned Share their learning with a real audience

6 21st Century Learning and higher-order thinking
Students will develop higher-order and 21st century skills in this unit as they Use the Essential and Unit Questions to guide their analysis of deforestation to find similar problems faced by other countries, globally Communicate their ideas to a community audience Reflect on their reading, writing, research, and thinking strategies, and modify and adapt them as necessary Use project assessments to self-assess their work and give feedback to their peers

7 Requests for Feedback Need innovative ways to help students understand the concept of deforestation keeping their interest alive Need help assessing students’ higher-order thinking skills

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