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1 Civil Service Reform Martin Donnelly Permanent Secretary.

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1 1 Civil Service Reform Martin Donnelly Permanent Secretary

2 2 The case for change: the UK is facing significant economic challenges We have to, we need to, and we want to change…

3 3 The UK Government is focusing on two priorities… Promote Growth Using pan-Government resources to implement existing UK economic policy while looking for new ways to support business and stimulate opportunities for growth. Efficiency Savings Preventing waste and focusing resources on genuinely beneficial activities. Public Sector Reform A longer term view of transforming public services while reducing future expenditure. Reduce the Deficit 2 1

4 4 Services delivered online, designed for the customer Fresh policy ideas from new places Accountability for decisions and major projects Better leadership and management of change Better skills for all civil servants Shared services and pooled buying power The transformed Civil Service will be more unified, more open, more accountable and more skilled…

5 5 Civil Service Reform is already making a difference... 1750 Government websites in 2009. Reduced to 444 in 2010 is just one example of a new integrated website, saving £42m Digital services designed around the customer Shared service centres for HR, IT, Legal and audit services 30 graduates already equipped to deal with £370bn of major projects, 90 more in training Digital strategies in every department Share more services Open up policy making Set up Major Projects Leadership Academy Reform PlanTransformation across the Civil Service First ever Civil Service-wide Capabilities Plan and Competency Framework 5 days training in commercial, digital, project and leadership skills every year for every civil servant Reducing bureaucracy Launch of “What Works” Centres: research and think tanks supported by central Government but working independently 6000 pages of procurement guidance replaced with 50 Contracts finder launched, with over 15,000 contracts published so far

6 6 Civil Service Reform ‘in action’: the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

7 7 The case for reform in BIS

8 8 Designing change in BIS

9 9 Better decision making

10 10 Adopting new values

11 11 New Ways of Working

12 12 Building capability in the organisation

13 13 Clear & inspiring narrative! Our role, our plan, our purpose! Focused not dumbed down! Energising our people and partners! Knitting together our plans Demonstrate what we stand for Capture our range of strengths Allow for the urgent & visionary Thought leading in our space Provide perspective and a way in for anyone Give us confidence & pride! BIS is not as easy to sum up as other Departments yet our achievements, role and impact are equally important BIS’s capacity to deliver results and affect positive change depends to a large degree on being able to influence and inspire a wide range of stakeholders Developing a new kind of language The BIS Story Motivating and engaging our staff, influencing our stakeholders and manage our reputation Learning how to manage our reputation better Providing clarity around our role in the world and why we matter The BIS Story: motivating our people and managing our reputation

14 14 Our purpose is to connect people to opportunity and prosperity Business as force for good It creates wealth and employment, increases living standards, fuels creativity and builds the confidence for growth Clear purpose Clear & inspiring Rationale We also believe Government has a vital part to play in helping businesses succeed Confident and focussed Our role is to make connections that deliver sustainable prosperity Making connections The BIS Story: motivating our people and managing our reputation

15 15 Government Public Education Research Central Government Local Government Britain Industry Commerce Private! Business! The World Connecting The BIS Story: motivating our people and managing our reputation

16 16 Thank you. Questions?

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