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Go To Upper Left Click On Students.

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1 Go To

2 Upper Left Click On Students

3 Sign In (upper left), or Middle of Page Create New Account

4 If new: Create An Account and Proceed To Verify

5 Verify Using DreamSpark Key

6 Mapping Is *Optional* (see notes)

7 Return To and select App Development

8 Scroll To #3: Get Registration Code

9 #1 #2#3 1. Make sure you’re signed into DreamSpark with your DreamSpark account. 2. the status should say: “Verified” 3. Get Registration code: NOTE “Write Down/Copy Save Code. You Will Need It.”

10 Go To: Register/Sign In With Windows Store Account (doesn’t need to be same as DreamSpark)

11 Select Australia & Individual ($55 AUD)

12 Paste Code and Select “Update Total”

13 1 minute later, from my online banking: Need either one, not both to verify NOTE: You can Verify at anytime, but you can’t publish into the store until you verify. It’s a one time process. You do not have to verify a “renewal”.

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