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1 >Municipal Broadband Wireless Access Danny Ng Director, Nortel Asia

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1 1 >Municipal Broadband Wireless Access Danny Ng Director, Nortel Asia

2 2 Agenda 1.Background & Deployment Model 2.Technology Considerations 3.Deployment Case Studies 4.Q & A

3 3 Background - Which Wireless ? Speed Fixed Local Area Nomadic Wide Area Mobility 100 kbps1 Mbps GPRS, Mobile Circuit Switch 1xRTT, EDGE UMTS / HSDPA 1xEV-DO WiFi - 802.11 a/b/g 10 Mbps100 Mbps WiMax 802.16a/d WiMax ADSL CDMA OFDM / MIMO Nortel solution 802.11n Future Nortel Solution VDSL/ADSL2+ FTTx / PON Ethernet Cable Modem Balance between Bandwidth, Mobility, Coverage and Cost

4 4 Municipal Wireless In the News Updated 4/8/2005 San Francisco Moves Forward on Wi-Fi Plan SAN FRANCISCO — The city of San Francisco wants ideas for making the entire 49-square mile city a free or at least cheap Wi-Fi zone… Aug. 16, 2005 Philadelphia plans nation's first citywide Wi-Fi network PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) — The city of Philadelphia will become the largest U.S. Internet "hot spot“… Taipei Determined to Become First Wireless Cyber City … world's largest Wi-Fi grid with more that 10,000 access points that will blanket the city's 272 square kilometers September 2005 by Blake Harris

5 5 Why do it ? Municipal Wireless Drivers Kick Starts Economic Development >Attract new businesses, residents and tourists Bridges the Digital Divide >Allows disadvantaged citizens to economically access on-line government, education, health and social services Improves Security and Public Safety >When integrated with digital surveillance cameras have reduced crime by more than 50% Improve Municipal Operations >Reduce time to deliver municipal services from 3 weeks to less than 1 “Broadband access will enable Chapleau to connect, and compete, with other communities throughout the world, positioning us as a center for innovation and change." —Earle Freeborn, Mayor of the Township of Chapleau, Ontario

6 6 How Does the Money Flow ? 5 Business Models in Play Public Sector Public Utility Private Sector Private/Public (1) Private/Public (2) Public Sector Private Sector Public Sector Private Sector Public Sector Private Sector Public/Private Sector MODEL OWNER SERVICE PROVIDER INVESTMENT/ DEPLOYMENT MODEL Gov’t funds, owns and operates to support gov’t and public safety needs. Outsourcing operations an option. Service owned and operated by existing dept or a new department created Funded, owned, operated, maintained by private sector Gov’t funds and owns network, capacity split between gov’t, public, and wholesale private service providers Private sector funds/owns/operates network, offers retail and wholesale services. Public sector as anchor tenant. Collaborate on Digital Divide programs, may involve non-profit

7 7 Public Safety Municipal Operations Applications Improving Municipal Operations and Service Delivery  Residential  Business store front  Wholesale to competing ISPs  Advertisement  Roaming surcharges  Video Surveillance  Mobile VPN  Emergency and crisis management  Rapid first responder Interoperability  Inspections and code compliant  Fleet/asset tracking  Workflow automation  Automated meter reading  VoIP Services Internet Services Fully Tested and Integrated  Come see the applications in action!  Dedicated integration and testing lab in Raleigh, NC

8 8 Advertising Application >Increase retention, lower churn >Reduce marketing and support costs >Gain ability to use price as competitive advantage Increase Subscriber Revenue by $1-$4 per month Making Customers Stick!

9 9 Public WAN Private RF WiFi Public Safety Data Base In-Vehicle Communications Netmotion Improving Effectiveness of First Responders Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Information Database WiFi Private RF Public WAN 360,000 people depend on Colorado Springs Police Department for security. Colorado Springs Police Department depends on NetMotion Mobility for theirs. Mobility helps police cut crime and costs – savings of up to 1 hour per day per unit. >Mobile Access to Hazardous Material Database Location mapping and building maps Video Surveillance NCIC and local jurisdiction database DMV photos, mug shots In-car remote report writing, insurance verification and issuance of citations

10 10 Central DVS Wired Anywhere, anytime Digital Surveillance Architecture Digital Monitoring Clients Secure Connectivity Wireless LAN client access VPN 5000 Extranet switch IP & Ethernet Networking ERS 5500 switch w/POE Ethernet Routing Switch 8600 Access Video Analysis Center/NVR Storage Packet-Optical Network Packet Optical Transport Optical Metro 5200 C/DWDM or Optical Metro 3500 RPR Corporate Network/ Internet Industry Proven Products to Complete the Video Surveillance Network Nortel 7220 DVS Wireless ERS 5500 switch w/POE

11 11 Automated Meter Reading Reducing Utility Operational Expenses METER TRANSMISSION UNIT (MTU) CUSTOMER SUPPORT CENTER Data Collector Unit Mesh AP >Reduce OPEX (personnel, equipment, vehicles) >Reduce in-field safety accidents >Improve data accuracy reducing customer complaints >Improve customer satisfaction (leak detection, accurate billing) Reduce cost per meter read from $2 to $0.10

12 12 Mobile TV with SmartVideo One Solution with Triple Play Capability Cell phones PDAs Laptops IPTV Revenue Share Opportunity of $3 per Subscriber

13 13 “Our clinicians absolutely depend on the mobility solution … We’re helping them be more efficient, more productive and to do more with less. You couldn’t pry it way from them if you wanted.” Leigh Popv,Manager of Technical Infrastructure and Capital Planning Credit Valley Hospital Voice over WLAN Your Office in Your Pocket >Advanced desk set features >High quality voice throughout facility >Durable handsets for vertical apps >Seamless integration with Nortel Communication Servers >Ease of use >Push-to-talk functionality for group communication

14 14 Multimedia Applications Office Anywhere >Office workers >Mobile workers >Tele-workers 3 rd Party Apps Real-Time Collaborative Applications Presence IP Telephony SIP Multimedia Applications Nortel Soft/Hard Clients 3 rd Party Clients Contact Center Unified Messaging Self Service Multimedia Dashboard Improved Communications for Today’s distributed and Mobile Workforce

15 15 RFID and Sensor Applications Improving Efficiency with Real-Time Status Fleet tracking & monitoring Inventory management & asset tracking Yard management & access One architecture supports all RFID, location, and sensor services in the municipality... providing simplified management & extensive scalability

16 16 Edge appliance with GPS, sensors & WiFi Municipal Wireless Mesh Sensor Network Manager Appliance with data tracking policies Mapping Software & Corporate ERP fleet management Identification, location, time stamp, route path, speed, vibration, … Optimize Fleet Operations Fleet Tracking and Monitoring Improving the Return on Mobile Assets Customer savings of ~$4,500 per vehicle per year via increased asset utilization, route optimization, and fuel savings

17 17 Agenda 1.Background & Deployment Model 2.Technology Considerations 3.Deployment Case Studies 4.Q & A

18 18 Wireless Mesh Networking ? Access Point Access Point Backbone Ethernet Network Wireless Mesh 10/100BT Ethernet WiFi-based Access and Transit Operate in Unlicensed Spectrum Intrinsic redundancy via dynamic Meshing Mobile Device

19 19 Wireless Mesh Deployment Wireless Mesh Access Point Transit Link @ 5 GHz Access Link @ 2.4 GHz User Devices Access Points mounted at elevation Line of Sight between Access Points up to 400m Users can ‘roam’ between Access Points Standard WiFi user devices

20 20 WiMAX Ideal for Rural Connectivity >Open Standards ratified Fixed IEEE 802.16d Mobile IEEE 802.16e >Many active trials and some pre-standard deployments >Can operate in licensed and unlicensed spectrum

21 21 Broadband Wireless Mesh and WiMAX-Complementary Solutions >Access to licensed spectrum >Running high bandwidth critical applications >Require “full mobility” (WiMAX 5000 Family) >Ideal for sparse population WiMAX >Unlicensed spectrum >Moderate bandwidth applications >Require “nomadic mobility” >Dense populations Wireless Mesh

22 22 Agenda 1.Background & Deployment Model 2.Technology Considerations 3.Deployment Case Studies 4.Q & A

23 23 City of Taipei World’s Largest Municipal WiFi Network >Investment Drivers: Support Tawain’s “Mobile City” Vision Support Taipei’s large population with innovative new broadband technologies >Solution: Wireless Mesh Network Solution Aptilo Subscriber Management Solution Full System Integration > Results: High-speed wireless services in MRT stations, selected commercial buildings and other key locations across the city Innovative applications such as “E- Bus”, and “M-Medicine” Support for 272 sq Km, 2.65M people, 5000 + APs

24 24 Marshalltown Iowa Kick-Starting Economic Development >Investment Drivers: Differentiate community, attract new business investment, retain current businesses and residents. Ubiquitous mobility services to city departments, business and residents >Solution: Wireless Mesh Network Solution >Results: First Wi-Fi city network in the State of Iowa Lower capital outlay than large-scale fiber Citizens, city workers, businesses and visitors gain seamless access and roaming Ready for public safety applications, eg. for emergency response workers and video surveillance purposes, local hospital applications

25 25 Golden Telecom – Moscow Europe’s Largest Wireless Mesh Network >Investment Drivers: Expansion of its broadband access network through Wi-Fi capabilities in 2006 Indoor and outdoor coverage to extend to 3.9M residents >Solution: Wireless Mesh Networking Full Turnkey Services >Results: VOIP/Internet Access via Aport Search engine, location services 5,000 + APs phased in approach Trials commenced 2Q06

26 26 SAB/Netago Canada’s First Commercial WiMAX Deployment >Investment Drivers: Bring wireless broadband to underserved, rural communities in Southeastern Alberta >Solution: Fixed 802.16d solution in 3.5GHz spectrum Collaborative project: Public and Private Enterprise >Results: Wireless broadband access to residences and business Internet, email, multimedia apps, VoIP, digital video surveillance and remote telemetry Coverage of 8000 sq. miles (21,000 sq. km)

27 27 Agenda 1.Background & Deployment Model 2.Technology Considerations 3.Deployment Case Studies 4.Q & A

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