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Nossal Institute for Global Health October 12 th - 14 th 2011.

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1 Nossal Institute for Global Health October 12 th - 14 th 2011

2 Day One: Our Indonesian guests were welcomed by Dr. Krishna Hort and were treated to presentations from Dr. Hort and Andreasta Meliala (pictured below right) on Understanding ‘professionalism’ and its implications for medical professional associations.

3 The afternoon of day one saw presentations from Mr Francis Sullivan, General Secretary of the Australian Medical Association. As well as discussions between the Medical council of Indonesia, Ministry of Health and the Indonesian Doctors Association about the roles of the Medical council, Ministry of Health and of the Indonesian Doctors Association with an opportunity for all participants to contribute their views and ideas Dr Hort presenting to our Indonesian participants


5 Day Two: This mornings session focussed on the issues and factors responsible for the inequitable distribution of doctors in Indonesia After identifying the key factors behind these issues and hearing from guest speakers Jenny Johnson, CEO, Rural Doctors Association of Australia and Dr Ian Fraser, Adult Medicine Deputy Chairperson of the Victorian State Committee, Royal Australian College of Physicians about their experiences in the roles of professional associations in Australia, participants and speakers were given the opportunity to brainstorm possible solutions to these issues.

6 Both Dr Fraser and Jenny Johnson returned for the afternoon session along with Professor Michael Grigg, Chair of the Professional Development and Standards Board to discuss roles, management and governance of professional associations in Australia This was followed by brief presentations from our Indonesian delegates from MoH, UGM and IDI outlining the issues in regard to variations in doctors’ incomes in Indonesia. The day was concluded by comments from panel of resource persons on implications for distribution of doctors and income of doctors in Indonesia.

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8 DAY THREE: The final day of the dialogue focussed on the role and management of medical professional associations in addressing distribution of physicians, reducing dual practice, and improving professional incentives. With presentations from Prof Stephanie Short, Prof Behavioural & Social Sciences; Associate Dean, Teaching & Learning, Faculty of Health Science, University of Sydney, pictured below with Brendan Allen of the Nossal Institute



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