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Port NE Group 12-05-2013 Portarlington NE Group Road Sealing.

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1 Port NE Group 12-05-2013 Portarlington NE Group Road Sealing

2 Port NE Group 12-05-2013 We Apologise For Having To Take You Away From Family Activities On This Day

3 The Process To Date Pre 2010 Requests For Sealing / Dust Suppression Received Feb 2010 Preliminary Survey Sent To Properties Aug 2010 Response Letter To Survey Sent To Properties Apr 2012 Public Consultation Session Held Port NE Group 12-05-2013 Jun 2012 Community Reference Group Meetings Commence Jan 2013 Letter To Properties Regarding Progress May 2013 Information Session For Properties Affected By Works

4 What Do I Get For My Money? 7.6 m wide sealed road Port NE Group 12-05-2013

5 What is not included? Port NE Group 12-05-2013 Kerb and Channel Street Drainage Footpaths   

6 What Works Will Council Pay For? Road Sealing against: –Council Reserve –Pony Park Traffic Calming Extra Road width above 7.6m Flood Mitigation Drainage Port NE Group 12-05-2013

7 Where to Next? Port NE Group 12-05-2013 Final Property Owner Survey Intention to Declare (Formal cost estimate) Submission Panel DeclarationVCAT?TenderConstruction

8 How long will the process take? Whole process may take 18-24months –Scheme –VCAT –Construction Construction process 4-5months –Possible start 2014/15 financial year Build all at once Port NE Group 12-05-2013

9 Sharing the Cost Access Benefit –reach property via a sealed road Amenity Benefit –reduced dust & mud –Improved property aesthetics Port NE Group 12-05-2013

10 Sharing the Cost ColourCost Range Yellow$0$2,000 Pink$2,000$4,000 Blue$4,000$6,000 Orange$6,000$7,000 Brown$8,000$10,00 0 Red$10,00 0 $12,00 0 Purple> $12,000 GreenCouncil Land GreyCrown Land Port NE Group 12-05-2013

11 Dust Suppressant Expensive Short term seasonal solution Doesn’t solve muddy roads Conservation of drinking water Port NE Group 12-05-2013

12 Construction Access to properties will be maintained Traffic management will be in place There will be some inconvenience The City and Contractor will decide where work starts Port NE Group 12-05-2013

13 Paying for the Works Payment plans –6 months interest free –Instalments over 4+ years Hardship provisions –Deferred payment –Tailored payment plan Legal charge against the property –Costs can be recovered by enforcement Port NE Group 12-05-2013

14 Calculating Property Rates Port NE Group 12-05-2013

15 Comparative Property Rates Capital Improved Value (CIV) XRate in Dollar=Rates CIV  XRate $  =Rates  CIV  XRate $ –=Rates  CIV  XRate $  =Rates – or  Port NE Group 12-05-2013 Comparative Property Rates are independent of CPI & State Gov’t increases Rate in Dollar is based on: number of rateable properties type of property (ie: commercial, residential) required Council budget for year

16 VCAT Objections can only be made on the following grounds –No special benefit will be received –Basis for distribution of cost is unreasonable –Proposal is inconsistent with Planning Scheme –Work is unnecessary, unreasonable, excessive, insufficient, unsuitable or costly given the probable use of the road Port NE Group 12-05-2013

17 VCAT – Grounds for Objection Special Benefit –Improved access or amenity, reduced dust / mud –VCAT has previously ruled that sealing a road provides a benefit to an abutting property Distribution of Cost –Cost applied to a property is grossly excessive compared to other properties –Method chosen for apportionment is not contestable Port NE Group 12-05-2013

18 VCAT – Grounds for Objection Planning Scheme –Area is inside the Urban Boundary for Portarlington –Basic road seal is consistent with Planning Scheme for Portarlington Probable Use of Road –Traffic volumes and residential density support sealing a road for Amenity and Access purposes –Sealed road is consistent with Urban Area Port NE Group 12-05-2013

19 Question Time One person speaks at a time Allow questions to be fully answered So as to address as many questions as possible, prices will not be read out for individual properties. Port NE Group 12-05-2013 Please Be Respectful During Question Time

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