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DoI Industry Forum Remote Housing Construction Program

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1 DoI Industry Forum Remote Housing Construction Program 2013 -2018
Joint Presenters; Don Dowling, Executive Director, Department of Infrastructure Phillip Luck, Program Director, Department of Housing 30 May 2013

2 Housing Programs National Partnership Agreement – Remote Indigenous Housing (NPARIH) Stronger Futures NT Government Employee Housing Public Housing Don Dowling to do the Introduction

3 Program Targets ($2.0 B – 2008/18)
NPARIH $1.7 Billion SFNT $260 Million SIHIP (2008 – 2013) 750 New Houses 230 Rebuilds 2,500 Refurbishments NPARIH (2008 – 2018) 1,456 New Houses 2, Rebuilds and Refurbishments Stronger Futures NT (2012 – 2018) Upgrade standard of 3500 existing dwellings Phillip Luck to do an overview of the programs and the targets.

4 Key NPARIH/SFNT Objectives
Significantly reduce overcrowding Increasing the supply of new houses and improving the condition of existing houses in remote Indigenous communities Ensuring that rental houses are well maintained and managed in remote Indigenous Communities Create opportunity for Indigenous Economic Development (all NPAs have this requirement) Deliver targets within budget, cost parameters and timelines. Phil Luck

5 DLGH Chief Executive SIHIP Presentation to COORD 18 March 2009
Delivery Strategy Alliances DoI – Panel Contractors (+) Indigenous Business Enterprises, Shires and local community based contractors Phil Luck

6 DoI Delivery Model 3 Panels for Upgrades and New House construction (Below $5m and Above $5m), in each of the 5 regions. Generally works are packaged based on a single community or a group of communities. Upgrades are both minor and major to achieve a Remote Housing Standard. New Housing is of standard designs that meet the NPARIH Design Guidelines and Performance Specifications. New houses are to be replacement houses or constructed on existing serviced lots Phil Luck

7 Timeline SIHIP ends June 2013 Stronger Futures 2012 -2018
3500 Upgrades over 73 locations NPARIH Post June 2013 – June 2018 522 Replacement houses Housing related infrastructure upgrades Phil Luck

8 Conditions of Tendering
Local development Indigenous development plan (20%) Industry participation plan Quality management plan Alternative tenders allowed Modify existing design Propose new design Propose different house mix (All subject to DHsg approval) Don Dowling

9 Indigenous Development Plan
Mandatory 20% indigenous employment Community Contacts JSAs - Jobfind / ITEC Shires Councils\ FaHCSIA – GEC Community Employee / Training Programs Community Services Local business Stores Contractors Obligations PPE White cards and other mandatory training Reporting Don Dowling or Phillip Luck

10 Quality Management Plan
NTG and AG Audits Nominate Quality Manager Submit quality management plan Timeline Budget Management structure Standard DoI response schedule Audits schedule provided at start up meeting Audits are carried out in accordance with the contract Don Dowling

11 Environmental Management Plan
NTG and AG Audits Nominate Environment Manager Submit environment management plan Standard DoI response schedule Audits schedule provided at start up meeting Areas of concern include but not limited to Waste management Asbestos removal Gravel pits Sacred sites / graves Don Dowling

12 Tender Assessment Criteria and Weightings
Past Performance % Timeliness 5% Capacity % Local Development 20% -Indigenous Development Plan Trade Apprentices % Community Risks 5% Industry Participation Plan 5% Quality Management Plan 5% Safety Management Plan 5% Environmental Management Plan 5% Price %

13 Preliminary Clauses Permits Cultural induction
Community Requirements Permits Cultural induction Contractor Accommodation Volatile Substances Community Engagement Transitional Tenant Accommodation Services to be provided by Contractor Light Power Water Sanitary Accommodation

14 Scope of Work Relocate tenants and belongings
1 Relocate tenants and belongings 2 Demolition (11 Dwellings) 3 Construction 4 Reinstate tenants and belongings 5 Clean / repair transition house Don Dowling

15 Handover Requirements
Certification documents Department of Housing forms As constructed drawings, manuals and warranties Defects Dwelling handovers 52 weeks Don Dowling

16 Community Specific Community Engagement Roles and Responsibilities
Department of Infrastructure Department of Housing Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs Package Development Teams and Housing Reference Groups Scheduled Meetings Emergency Notifications Community Risks Risk matrix, contingency measures Time Communication Safety Environment Cultural

17 Innovation NPARIH is seeking innovation to allow the program to deliver out to 2018. Design must satisfy the design Guidelines and Performance Specifications. Building materials must provide a product fit for purpose for 30 years. Building Methodology must deliver on Indigenous Employment and Indigenous Business Participation wherever possible. Phillip Luck

18 Other Housing Opportunities
Government Employee Housing (GEH) and Public Housing Programs 88 DECS Houses AG funded over 4 years Gunbalanya/ Minjilang/ Palumpa/ Wurrimiyunga/ Alyangula/ Beswick Bulman/ Kalkarindji/ Lajamanu/ Elliot/ Avon Downs/ Ali Curung/ Yuendumu/ Engawala Leases Innovation

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