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Introduction to Alvarion

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1 Introduction to Alvarion
Alvarion Certified BWA Wireless Network Engineer Alvarion BWA Certified Wireless Network Engineer Course

2 At a Glance Worldwide leader in wireless broadband
More than 1,500,000 units installed Installations in over 130 countries Strong OEM channels with Siemens, Alcatel, Nera & Datang Working with more than 200 partners Company annual sales over 100 million USD 650 employees (over 250 R&D engineers) Financially strong, public company Alvarion BWA Certified Wireless Network Engineer Course

3 Broadband Wireless Works
For last mile access Providing fast & flexible broadband connectivity For backhauling & cellular feeding Offering an efficient connectivity to the backbone For private network connectivity Linking networks when wires are impractical or difficult to install Nomadic mobility Alvarion provides the most comprehensive portfolio of broadband wireless solutions

4 Complete Wireless Broadband Portfolio

5 Alvarion Product Portfolio – Total Coverage
LMDS 26/28 GHz 10.5 GHz 5GHz 3.5 GHz US MMDS 2.4 GHz 1.9 GHz 800 MHz Residential SOHO MTU SME MBU LE

6 BreezeACCESS’s Mixed Spectrum Model: The Total Opportunity Solution
1 solution, 1 platform, 1 management 4 unlicensed bands (“multiband solution”) (and multiple licensed bands) Urban NLOS & foliage NLOS Over 330MHz total available A band, bandwidth, and CPE for every subscriber type Large business/Campuses/MTUs 5.7GHz OFDM NLOS 125MHz available Up to 54Mbps/subscriber Over 216Mbps total capacity 4 SME/SOHO/Residential 2.4GHz FHSS, 5.7GHz FHSS Over 308MHz available Up to 3Mbps/subscriber Over 72Mbps total capacity 3 Big backhaul Up to 72Mbps OFDM NLOS The most complete solution in the marketplace. Only Alvarion lets operators access all the revenue opportunity in their footprint. 2 Foliage obstructed residential 900MHz FHSS NLOS 26MHz available Up to 3Mbps/subscriber 12Mbps total capacity 1 Mobility Up to 3Mbps High-speed mobility Alvarion BWA Certified Wireless Network Engineer Course

7 Alvarion Leadership at a Glance
Most diversified player Serve all major licensed & unlicensed bands – 800MHz to 28GHz Leading technology vendor, including OFDM, FHSS, DSSS and single carrier Solutions for Wireless Access, Backhauling and Private Networks Global sales in over 130 countries Sales balanced between direct, distribution, and OEM Largest install base for voice and data solutions

8 Alvarion Core Technologies
DSP Over 54 Mbps OFDM PMP architecture (VLIW) 36 Mbps QAM PMP PMP System & Protocols Optimized PMP air protocols Toll Quality Voice Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Quality of Service (QoS) Radio Variety of high-performance radios Operating in the widest range of frequency bands 800MHz - 28 GHz Tomorrow’s Vision of BWA technology OFDM & OFDMA PMP modulation IEEE NLOS solutions, smart antennas Unified Multi-Service platform Chip based systems Standard based air protocols

9 Technology Leadership
Leader in IEEE a standard WIMAX leading contributor : Creates a new industry standard that will follow Wi-Fi revolution WIMAX will creates interoperability of a Leading parties: Intel, Fujitsu, Alvarion Over 70 companies signed in Major contributor to IEEE Co-Chair IEEE a standard committee. Leader in HiperMAN standards

10 Global Presence 17 Offices Worldwide Over 1,500,000 units deployed
More than 130 countries Offices Commercial Deployments

11 Extensive U.S. Deployments
Only BWA vendor with Complete SpectrumTM solution of 900 MHz, 2.4, and 5 GHz Approximately 300,000 units deployed with over 1000 operators Largest deployments in US AMA Techtel (Texas) Midwest Wireless (Minnesota) Wheatland Electric (Kansas)

12 Alvarion Products BreezeACCESS VL BreezeACCESS II BreezeNET

Wi-Fi - Hotspot Base Station BreezeACCESS VL BreezeACCESS TM 5GHz OFDM NLOS Up to 54 Mbps BreezeACCESS II, XL, V BreezeSECURE 2.4GHz, 3.5GHz, 5GHz Up to 3 Mbps

14 BreezeACCESS II - 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz Radios
Cell consists of a carrier class base station radio Indoor rack mounted access cards Expandable capacity and coverage Rugged environmentally tempered Outdoor units Error Free Air-Protocol Encrypted Authentication VPN Support Automatic rate control – 3/2/1 Mbps Low infrastructure cost Rugged reliable mobile radios Base Station Mobile Radio Cell Extender

15 BreezeACCESS VL Point to Multipoint Distribution
Frequency: 5.725GHz GHz Channel Bandwidth : 20MHz 5 Non-overlapping channels, 10 Total. Adjustable power (at antenna port) AU : -10 to 21dBm SU: -17 to 21dBm, ATPC SU Antenna: 21dBi AES Encryption AU Antennas: 16dBi, 90, 60 H/V 15dBi, 120, 60 H/V

16 Bridging, Backhauling Solutions
BreezeNET B-14 PTP bridging / backhauling at 5.7GHz OFDM, NLOS AES encryption, NET 14 Mbps throughput BreezeNET DS.11 Version 4 Outdoor wireless bridge at 2.4 GHz Direct sequence, 11 Mbps 128 bit WEP and proprietary scrambling BreezeNET PRO.11 WLAN connectivity at 2.4 GHz at 3Mbps Unique robustness through Frequency Hopping BreezeACCESS LB OFDM, Up to 72Mbps Corporate Office Satellite Branch Bridging

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