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Substance Abuse.

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1 Substance Abuse Recovery Substance Abuse

2 I was recently looking for a Substance Abuse Statistics, then I found out about this thing. The graph shows that Children who are below the age of 12 is more prone to drugs than those who are older. Source:

3 Imagine those children who are being Disciplined and those parents who are trying to discipline them.

4 Know this kid? He is not a commercial badass if you might think.

5 But he is one of the youngest smoker ever recorded. Aside from drinking milk, his hobby is smoking.

6 I don’t know what his parent are doing but this kid has a lot of things to learn. well there’s a news that he stopped smoking and that would be great. Good for him!

7 Benefits of Smoking? Nope she’s not one of that!.

8 Aside from burning your money You’re actually attracting Disease that will kill you later on.

9 What’s attracting about Cigarettes? A lot of my friends tell me that it’s for their Digestive System? + = X Is this thing called Nicotine.

10 + = =

11 = And luckily to be like This GUY.

12 Substance Abuse Recovery #323 Emerald St. Torrance, CA 90503 CALL NOW: (888) 487-7997 VISIT OUR WEBSITE: EMAIL US:

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