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“Nurturing growing businesses.” Baskin Clarke Consulting.

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1 “Nurturing growing businesses.” Baskin Clarke Consulting

2 Making it work for you Beyond the Plan

3 Baskin Clarke Consulting How to climb a mountain: One step at a time, and … take the Sherpa with you.

4 Beyond the Plan A six step cycle The Plan 1.Strategic Planning. 2.Business Planning - Identify the “Centres of Gravity”. 3.Develop Improvement Strategies. Beyond the Plan 4.Implement the Changes. 5.Monitor and Mentor. 6.Develop Skills

5 Step 1 Strategic Planning

6 Strategic Planning externally orientated A central, integrated externally orientated concept of how we will achieve our objectives.* Facilitative Participative * Hambrick, D.C. & Fredrickson, J.W. (2001) “Are you sure you have a strategy?” Academy of Management Executives

7 Strategic Planning Know where you’re going. Set the course. Do the right thing.

8 Strategic Planning

9 INDICATORS (at each level) How can we assess the success? MEANS OF VERIFICATION (at each level) What data is required to measure the success, and do we find it? Strategic Planning

10 Step 2 Business Planning - Identifying the Centres of Gravity

11 What needs to change InternallyInternally Orientated (Strengths and Weaknesses) Prioritising

12 OEP Effectiveness Driver Groups Culture and Behaviour Strategic Intent Business Processes

13 The organisation’s purpose & vision. Strategy. Business plan & objectives. Group 1: Strategic Intent

14 Management style & behaviour. Core values. Workplace dynamics. Teamwork & cooperation. Communication. Development, empowerment & training. Sense of purpose, confidence & ability. Attitude to external business contacts. Group 2: Culture and Behaviour

15 Coordinating mechanisms. Inter-functional Information transfer. External business partners & systems. Procedural Steps. Reporting & performance measurement. Information & communication equipment. Systems software & documents. Group 3: Business Processes

16 Sample Survey Screen

17 Survey Findings – Example 1 Current Organisational Effectiveness

18 Survey Findings – Example 2 Current Organisational Effectiveness

19 Step 3 Develop Improvement Strategies

20 Prioritise ! most importantAddress weaknesses in those drivers identified as most important for team success. Remedial actions - identify causes, develop and execute remedial actions. Developing Improvement Strategies

21 Step 4 Implement the Changes

22 Maintaining the Momentum Focus on the priorities Involve people – in teams Delegate Motivate Track Performance Give feedback

23 Step 5 Monitoring and Mentoring

24 Regular Review Cycle Measure to Manage Reward Improve Continuous Cycle

25 Incremental Improvement One step at a time Men's 400m freestyle 1957 to 1973 Over 4 minutes

26 Incremental Improvement One step at a time Men's 400m freestyle 1973 to 2003 Sub 4 minutes

27 Konrads19574.21 80 Konrads19604.15 90 Spitz19674.10 60 Fassnacht19694.04 00 Krumpholz19724.00 11 DeMont19733.58 18 Goodell19763.53 08 Szmidt19803.50 49 Sadovyi19923.45 00 Perkins19943.43 80 Thorpe19993.41 83 Thorpe20003.41 33 Thorpe20003.40 59 Thorpe20013.40 17 Thorpe20023.40 08 Incremental Improvement One step at a time

28 Tracking Performance Regular Monthly / Quarterly Management Report Information aligned with strategic and business plans Systemised process to produce required information

29 Tracking Performance Paper based or –Intranet? –Web Based?

30 Step 6 Developing Skills

31 Developing Skills Team Leadership Skills Team Thinking Skills Meeting Management Skills

32 Effective Implementation of your Plan Stimulate Progress Preserve the Core

33 Don’t forget to take the sherpa with you To obtain further information, please call Ronnie Baskind (02) 9388-0388 or email

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