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Scientists and researchers world-wide are constantly looking for better and smarter ways to improve lubrication and fuel enhancement. Technology has.

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3 Scientists and researchers world-wide are constantly looking for better and smarter ways to improve lubrication and fuel enhancement. Technology has come a very long way over the last few decades. Old technology has given way to new improvements. Vinyl records and tape decks were replaced by Iphones, Ipods, cassette disks and USB drives Super 8 home movies replaced by smart phones movie cameras. Mobile phones the size of house bricks to Iphones and pocket sized computers. Computers that took up a whole room are now in the form of a personal tablet or smart phone thanks to the computer chip. And so it is with Nano technology. Nano engineering has replaced molecular engineering. XSnano has dramatically improved the treatment of friction in engines, improving the burn rates in fuel which provide a more complete burn of the fuel, giving far better fuel economy, more power and better friction protection than ever before. Gone are the days of having to cart around a 200ltr drum of lubricant with a rotary pump in the back of the ute. Now just 10 litres of XSnano treats the same as a 200 litre drum used to treat. The fuel savings have improved, the extra power has increased, the emissions have improved and the convenience of carrying smaller quantities has been a remarkable improvement. Try XSnano for yourself, and join the evolution revolution.


5 XSnano Fuel Saving Additive: NFA - 288 To Save Fuel Oil : Up to 28% ; To Reduce harmful exhaust pollution : Up to 98 % ; To Clean colloid and carbon and impurities in system of fuel : Up to 99% ; To Increase vehicle’s power Up to 34% ; To Improve octane for gasoline engine : 4 – 8 RON ; To Reduce the maintenance costs, and to extend engine’s life. XSNano Efficacy

6 Without XSnanoWith XSnano Better burn results in more power and less fuel which saves money and reduce exhaust emissions

7 XSNano Fuel Saving Additive: NFA – 288 The Application Dilution Ratio: 1 : 10,000 between NFA and Fuel ; We suggest that you use NFA-288 1 : 10,000. 5ml NGA can treat up to 50Litres of Petrol; 5ml NDA can treat up to 50litres of Diesel; 1Liter NDA can treat up to 10,000 litres of Diesel. Our lowest saving is 10%, the highest test saving is 28%; The Petrol tests average saving is 16.8%; and the Diesel tests average saving is 16.2% XSNANO ENGINE AND GEAR LUBRICANT ADDITIVE: NLA – 190 The Application Dilution Ratio: 1 : 1,000 between NLA and Oil; 1 Litre of NLA can treat 1,000 litres of oil.

8 Prevent wear and save fuel with XSnano products With the rising of fuel oil prices and the environment pollution more and more serious, our XSnano fuel saving additive is developed with liquid nano- technology, which is a super-concentrated environmentally multi-functional fuel additive that is an “all-in-one” power booster, fuel saver, emissions reducer, engine protector and combustion chamber deposit cleaner. It is the latest generation of streamlined fuel additives in the world. It can’t cause any damage to engines, but it can protect all machinery. Our products: XSnano Gasoline Saving Additive (NGA), XSnano Diesel Saving Additive (NDA), and XSnano Lubricant oil Additive (NLA). XSnano doesn’t COST you extra money. XSnano actually SAVES you extra money. In petrol engines you can go back to standard unleaded (91 octane) because XSnano will raise the octane without the extra cost at the petrol bowser. XSnano can reduce your fuel consumption, so you use less fuel. XSnano lubricates your fuel system to prevent wear and costly repairs.

9 Nano Technology and Principle Nano, is a long measure, its unit is nm. 1 nm (nanometer) = 0.000000001m (meter) = 0.000001mm (milimeter). XSnano-fuel additive is studied and produced by the thermodynamic stability of liquid nano technology. Mixing with fuel oil, it will spread rapidly to become nano-scale particles of liquid water in fuel molecules, to form a thermodynamically stable dispersed phase. Atomized by the carburetor or injected by nozzle into fuel chamber, during the latter part of the engine's compression stroke (deflagration), the temperature will exceed the boiling point of water, so that the water droplet particles in the steam explode, then make the fuel split Into a decimal scale hundreds of times that of the original scale of oil and gas particles (molecules), fuel is vaporized so well, that it will make fuel combustion fully explosive. This process will make fuel instable when XSnano additive mixes with air, then activity of oil will be increased, thereby improving the combustion properties of fuel (octane). It can make a significant reduction in fuel consumption and engine power performance is improved significantly.

10 XSnano fuel saving additive is a strong physical surface-active fuel additive. So it will not hurt machinery. The fuel droplets will have a micro-steam explosion hundreds of millions times in every working part of the engine with the nano-particles. For new engines, which play a minor role in maintaining the surface of combustion chamber, it will avoid the sediment and carbon, and to ensure that the engine is working at the correct operating point. For old engines, It will break down the original sediments, in particular, to reduce the sediments in the upper of piston and valve, so that the engine works better and the power is improved. XSnano fuel saving additive is stable, and the mixture of thermodynamic is also stable after we add XSnano into the fuel. Our liquid nano-technology can change the surface tension of water; it makes the nano particles a negative energy in the fuel, the particles smaller, the energy will be lower. To keep the fuel mixture longer, nano particles will get more and smaller, therefore, the mixture will be better, which will never suffer condensation and stratification at room temperature.

11 Thank you for your attention To purchase XSnano, talk to the person showing you this presentation or contact Lubrication Solutions P/L for your nearest distributor or more imformation.

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