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Keeping sport inclusive, safe and fair

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1 Keeping sport inclusive, safe and fair
Play by the Rules Keeping sport inclusive, safe and fair

Play by the Rules provides information and online learning for community sport and recreation on how to: prevent and deal with discrimination, harassment and child abuse, and develop inclusive and welcoming environments for participation. FEATURES Free Online Training Streaming videos Interactive Videos Got an Issue (provides information on commonly occurring issues in sport including what the law says about the matter, and provides practical ideas by your role (e.g., coach) about ‘what to do now’ and ‘what to do next’.) Managing Risks (includes information on managing risks for: administrators, coaches, officials, players and parents) About Complaints (making a complaint, being complained about and dealing with complaints) Legal Stuff (includes child protection, discrimination, criminal behaviours, rights and responsibilities)

3 What is Play by the Rules?
A website which offers free information and resources to help keep Australian sport inclusive, safe and fair A resource which answers questions on common issues around sports ethics and behaviour, and provides easy guidelines for sport on how to handle tricky situations Offers simple, accessible online training in child protection and anti-discrimination laws which can be completed in under two hours

4 Who is it for? Anyone involved in sport and recreation: Administrators
Coaches Officials Players Spectators Parents School teachers Local government

5 Who runs it? Play by the Rules is a partnership of 19 agencies around Australia, including: The Australian Sports Commission Australian Human Rights Commission All state and territory sport and recreation and anti-discrimination agencies The Queensland Commission for Children, Young People and Child Guardian.

6 What’s on Play by the Rules?
Everything you should know if you’re involved in sport. Free online training on your rights and responsibilities in child protection and anti-harassment Interactive scenarios on a range of common sticky situations Information and guidelines on topics such as risk management and complaint handling Lots of resources in a range of formats – fact sheets, brochures, guidelines, training videos and audio files – on all topics Answers to frequently asked questions and issues in sport

7 Why you need Play by the Rules
Everyone involved in sport has a responsibility to themselves and the participants Bad behaviour in sport is not acceptable – at any level. Play by the Rules can help reduce and manage this through awareness and education Everyone needs to know their rights and responsibilities in sport

8 When you need Play by the Rules
Before you think you do! When developing club Risk Management Plans or Member Protection Policies When training coaches, briefing new managers in a sporting season, or introducing new or existing players When issues arise, such as: Complaints Bad behaviour among parents or spectators Team selection Racial or sexual discrimination or harassment Bullying Confusion over appropriate physical boundaries

9 Some case studies Softball NSW
compulsory for all Softball NSW players, coaches, umpires, scorers involved in Nationals to complete online training Tasmanian Department of Sport and Recreation Familiarisation of Play by the Rules for all Level 1 Coaches wound into funding agreement with AFL Tasmania Eyre Peninsula Sport Academy - Play by the Rules part of core curricula for Year 11 students

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