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1 Kids In Parents’ Pockets Eroding Retirement Savings.

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2 1 Kids In Parents’ Pockets Eroding Retirement Savings

3 2 Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything

4 Introduction 3 BANANA republic? NSW – yes Victoria – not really, but let’s keep it that way Remember airport land? The sky didn’t fall in and it won’t again

5 Productivity Commission 4 Performance Benchmarking of Australian Business Regulation: Planning, Zoning & Development Assessments (16 May 2011) “Competition restrictions in retail markets are evident in all states and territories. They arise: – From excessive and complex zoning; – Through taking inappropriate account of impacts on established businesses when considering new competitor proposals; and – By enabling incumbent objectors to delay the operations of new developments.” “Leading practices to improve planning, zoning and assessment include … broad and simple land use controls to: reduce red tape, enhance competition, help free up urban land for a range of uses and give a greater role to the market in determining what these uses should be [my emphasis added]

6 The key retail changes 5 Not an exhaustive list CurrentProposed ZoneSmktRestricted retail Shop (excl prev) ZoneSmktRestricted retail Shop (excl prev) B1Capped C1 Uncapped No permit B2Capped Permit Capped Permit Capped Permit B5Prohibited Only conv shop (permit) B3ProhibitedPermitOnly conv shop (permit) C2 2,000 sqm permit No permit <=500 sqm no permit on same land or adjoining smkt Otherwise permit B4ProhibitedPermitOnly conv shop (permit) IN3ProhibitedPermitOnly conv shop (permit) IN3 <=2,000 sqm no permit No permit<=500 sqm no permit on same land or adjoining smkt

7 Other changes 6 Shop floorspace uncapped in MUZ, with permit only required >150 sqm Office floorspace unrestricted in C1Z and C2Z and can be capped rather than <500 sqm in all INZ Remove permit requirement for accommodation in C1Z and allow a permit to be sought in C2Z (except for dwelling) Remove permit requirements in C2Z for: – Cinema and cinema-based entertainment facility – Food & drink – Trade supplies

8 What could happen? 7 Increased density and better mix in C1Z More diversity in C2Z – currently often one-dimensional Better amenity in IN3Z Facilitate rollout of new retail formats Allow for introduction of supermarkets and other retail facilities into poorly serviced areas Promote competition Two words – MARKET FLEXIBILITY

9 Example 1 8 1,900 sqm former Retravision with 40 car spaces in B2Z with zero shop floorspace limit – restricted retail only option Shop will now be allowed – flexibility in the heart of a CAD B2Z B1Z 79-83 Maroondah Highway

10 Example 2 9 Some parts of Melbourne are poorly provided with Coles floorspace B2 zones may provide opportunities for new stores Site depth and parking will be issues Accessibility to Coles supermarket floorspace Lighter areas = poor accessibility Black = B2 zones Moorabbin Gardenvale Hartwell Burwood Surrey Hills Balwyn Kew

11 Thank you! Justin Ganly Managing Director Deep End Services 03 8825 5800

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