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Bruce Lander, Kurume University, Japan

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1 Bruce Lander, Kurume University, Japan

2 the TOEIC testthe TOEIC test

3 TOEIC  Who is it for?  Is TOEIC for the students?  Is TOEIC for the teachers?  Is TOEIC for the university?  How do you teach for the TOEIC?  Is the teacher-centred approach the only way?

4 The dilemma!  How can we make a TOEIC class meaningful for instructors and students?  How can we make the students autonomous? So they learn for themselves?  How can we make a TOEIC class student- centred?

5  Low level class  Students consistently getting poor results is:  Demeaning  Demotivating  Disappointing Week 1 TOEIC results  Bruce`s class average score TOEIC bridge : 80-140 (max. 180) converted TOEIC score: 200-380 (max. 990!)  Harry`s class average score: 100-160

6 A Virtuous CircleA Virtuous Circle The TOEIC Test ? Low Test Scores Lack of Motivation Poor Attendance

7 The idea  Have students make their own tests  With the use of internet resources  Collaborative learning  Permanent access to every classmates constructed tests  Work autonomously out of class  Students improve on TOEIC scores

8  With wikis

9 Wikis : IntroductionWikis : Introduction Interface easy to use as e-mail 1 Learners can easily add and edit their work 2 Instructors can conveniently monitor progress and changes 3 Free for educational use. 4 55 Various levels of security available for student safety

10  The mother of all Wikis.....  Wikiwiki= Hawaiian for fast  Pedia = information, or education


12  A wiki has no predefined structure: wiki pages are easy to create and edit without any prior experience in writing web pages. (Elgort, Smith and Toland, 2008)  Wikis might be the easiest, and most effective web-based collaborative tool in any institutional port-folio. Thompson, C. & Absalom, M. (2011).

13  This technology therefore has the potential to complement and enhance online collaboration (Parker & Chao, 2007).  Moreover wikis can help provide an efficient, flexible user-friendly and cost-effective interface for collaboration, knowledge creation and student interaction (Schwartz, Clark, Cossarin, & Rudolph, 2004).

14 Wiki sitesWiki sites    

15  FREE for higher education  Up to 2GB per wiki  Very user friendly  High security


17 “Students are excited about wikis and therefore take much more interest in their learning.” (Parker & Chao, 2007) As Prensky (2001) observes, “Our students have changed radically” Prensky sees today’s students as digital natives while most of today’s teachers remain digital immigrants.

18 PartThe TOEIC realOUR TOEIC 115 photos with questions (4) 5 photos with questions (4) 2Stimulus-Response No photos 5 photos, with Q & A (5) With 5 longer answers 3Short Talks and Short Announcements 5 Longer sentences fill in the missing words 4Incomplete sentences5 advertisements (4) Answer correct question 5Reading comprehension Videos with summary 4 Questions (4)

19 WeekContentsWeekcontents 1-3Introduce wikis10Part 3 Test practice 4Part 1 Test practice 10-12Introduce part 4 5-7Introduce part 212Part 4 Test practice 7Part 2 Test practice 12-14Introduce part 5 8-10Introduce part 315Final test practice

20 The Pros  Leads to autonomous behaviour  Enjoyable for students  High-perfect scores for each test  Increase in motivation  Introduces new learning style  Collaborative learning The Cons  Tech aspects can be time consuming  Requires constant guidance  Susceptible to plagiarism  Teacher must monitor student work

21 The ultimate goal Confidence & fluency Autonomy & competence Motivation Collaborative projects




25  Digital Natives = learners of today  Digital immigrants = the teachers of yesterday!  Most teachers teach the way they were taught!  How about you? How do you teach?  Teaching methods need to be updated.

26  See enclosed References file

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