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Master of Counselling “ In the beginning is the relationship ”

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1 Master of Counselling “ In the beginning is the relationship ”

2 What is Counselling? A powerful, professional yet intensely personal relationship between two essentially similar human beings (Bankart, 1997), entered into with the hope that this partnership will help a troubled person to see, think, behave, and relate more congruently, with a reduction in pain and an enhancement of well- being (McLeod, 2003).

3 Recognizing the Tension in Counselling Professional ----------------------- Personal Science ----------------------------- Art Theoretical ------------------------Technical Individual ---------------------------- Systems Need for order -------- Imperative for Change Not reductionism ----------------- But complexity ‘Nothing but’ --------------------‘Something more’ Not ‘either/or’------------------------ But ‘both/and’

4 Counsellor Knowledge Counsellor TheoryResearch Clinical Wisdom Personal Awareness Procedural

5 6 Pillars of the Master of Counselling Develop theoretical frameworks to guide practice – knowledge of the counselling literature and research Develop skills and competencies necessary for effective and responsible counselling Working with systems and within contexts of organizational dynamics Working with personal development issues that focus on increasing counsellor effectiveness with clients Reflecting on ethical practice that respects the well- being of the client, and prioritizes the client-counsellor relationship Self-care in the helping professions is important to assist professionals in avoiding burnout and undue stress and optimizing effectiveness in counselling

6 Some Facts About this Masters Program ? 1. Collaborative initiative between the School of Social Work and Human Services and the School of Psychology 2. Full-time two year program or part-time equivalent 3. Comprehensive course list 4. Accredited with PACFA 5. Attends to the different kinds of knowledge needed by competent, effective, professional counselors, including strong theoretical underpinnings, 2 semesters of interpersonal skills training and 2 semesters of practicum experience 6. Connected to an industry advisory panel 7. Working on the ‘self’ of the counsellor

7 Structure of the Program : Core Courses Interpersonal Skills in Counselling 1 Theories of Counselling Interpersonal Skills and Processes in Counselling Among Diverse Groups Counselling Practicum Ethics and Professional Practice Issues in Counselling

8 Structure of the Program : Courses In Specific Areas Crisis Counselling Relationship Counselling Counselling & Mental Health Counselling & Violence Issues Counselling Children & Young People Understanding and Caring for Those Affected by Loss Counselling and Health and Capacity Challenges Family Therapy Traditions: Basic Concepts & Skills

9 Structure of the Program : Elective Courses (One of) In their final semester, students are able to select from a variety of elective courses. Examples include but are not limited to: Applied Gerontology Career Guidance / Counselling Substance Abuse and Misuse Population Health Social Research Public Health Psychology

10 Qualities of an effective counsellor Frame and Stevens-Smith (1995) Pope (1996) 1. being open 1. acceptance 2. flexibility 2. emotional stability 3. positivee 3. open-mindedness 4. cooperative 4. empathy 5. open to feedback 5. genuineness 6. awareness of impact on others 6. flexibility 7. dealing effectively with conflict 7. interest in people 8. accepting personal responsibility 8. confidence 9. expressing feelings effectively 9. sensitivity 10. fairness

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