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Volunteering Victoria 2013 AGM Imagine the possibilities…..

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1 Volunteering Victoria 2013 AGM Imagine the possibilities…..

2 Setting the scene...... If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading - Lao Tzu If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got – Anonymous Whosoever desires constant success must change his conduct with the times - Niccolo Machiavelli Change is the law of life & those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future - John FG Kennedy Insanity: doing the same thing over & over again & expecting different results - Albert Einstein 2

3 Volunteering evolution Volunteering is evolving. Volunteers are different – Diverse social, cultural, linguistic, religious backgrounds – Different generations, characteristics, motivations, understanding & experience of volunteering – Life-cycle and life-style changes – More mobile & tech-savvy – Have multiple roles, experiences – Seek options, opportunities to develop or use skills – Seek reciprocal, collaborative, inclusive relationships – Seek to build social networks & connectedness – Seek organisations, causes, in places, at times that suit them 3

4 Volunteering challenge 4 Challenge of evolving volunteering landscape Balance organisations’ & volunteers’ needs More effort, negotiation, calculated risk taking Need to be flexible, creative, innovative to: – Accommodate different motivations & expectations – Remove or minimise barriers to volunteering – Support intergenerational volunteering – Support socially inclusive volunteering – Leverage diversity & new technologies – Engage not merely manage volunteers – Build a resilient volunteer involving organisation

5 Our strategic priorities Research, policy & advocacy New membership model Youth volunteering Multicultural volunteering Employee volunteering Spontaneous emergency volunteering (SEV) Imagine the possibilities marketing campaign Building collaborative networks & partnerships Volunteer management 5

6 Our Manifesto 2014 Purpose – Statement of key issues & priorities – Statement of Volunteering Victoria’s position – Statement of our intent – Statement of how we will work with you Developing the Manifesto – Draft Manifesto on our website from Monday – Comments & suggestions by 30 November 2013 – Updated annually Priority areas 6

7 New membership model Voting rights VRC Full members VIOs (Non Govt) Individual Board Member eNews Training participant Partners Sponsors Supporter Full member division VRC member Associate NFP (without Ins) JSA Corporate Volunteer Volunteer Manager Other Individual Life Member VIOs (Govt Agencies) LGA Membership fee User Pay Free Program i.e. EVP, Consultancy........................................................................................MembersNon - Members Subscriber

8 New membership model 8 Objective: Embrace the entire volunteering sector Broader, more inclusive model Better represent the sector Better utilise our services, information, networks Build better member benefits Build a stronger voice for volunteering Recognition of outstanding contributions: – Life Membership – Awards program

9 Youth volunteering 9

10 Youth volunteering Objective: increase youth volunteering Research to understand: – Motivations & barriers for young people volunteering – Challenges for VIOs engaging young people Audit of best practise models for engaging youth Build relationships with key stakeholders Activities (like Youth Forum) to: – Start a conversation, explore issues & ideas – Explode myths, build understanding & connections – Share programs, resources, information Input will be sought 10

11 Multicultural volunteering Objective: build a diverse, inclusive volunteering sector Priorities: asylum seekers, refugees & newly arrived migrants Research to understand : – Opportunities, motivations & barriers for volunteering – Challenges & solutions for VIOs – Best practice models for multicultural volunteering Relationships with key stakeholders Share resources, programs, information Establish Multicultural Volunteering Advisory Group Funding to build capacity 11

12 Employee volunteering Reviewed in early 2013. Purpose : – Establish a sustainable fee-for-service EVP – To meet increased demand for effective EVPs – Develop activities, events & services to assist: – Corporates establish successful EVPs – VIOs to develop meaningful EVP opportunities Corporate Volunteering Breakfast Series – 4 events sponsored by NAB – November: EVP from a community group perspective – March: skilled volunteering – May: the business case for corporate volunteering – September: different perspectives on corporate volunteering

13 SEV management 13

14 Marketing campaign 14

15 15 Marketing campaign Utopia/dystopia theme: – Imagine a world without volunteers (dystopia) – Imagine the world with more volunteering (utopia) Multi-layered campaign: – Implemented & evolving over time – Adapted to specific communities, sectors, scenarios, VIOs – Different channels & formats Target audiences: – Volunteer Managers & VIOs – Policy makers, funders, corporate supporters – Volunteers Walking the talk: – Campaign developed with volunteers

16 16 Campaign objectives Change the language & dialogue: – Position volunteers as active citizens – Recognise the social impact of volunteering Lead & encourage behaviour change: – Across the community – By volunteers & volunteer managers – By government, corporates, VIOs Expand perceptions of volunteering by showcasing: – Diversity of people who volunteer – Variety of types, ways, places, reasons for volunteering Recognise importance of volunteer management Support advocacy efforts Change the idea of what a campaign is

17 Marketing campaign 17

18 Marketing campaign 18

19 Marketing campaign 19

20 Collaboration Essential to achieve outcomes with limited resources Harness our collective energy, ideas, expertise, skills, nous and connections Build a strong collective voice, united front Working groups, roundtables, SIGs Active engagement with existing networks Joint projects, programs, activities Promote your achievements Support your great ideas, programs, activities 20

21 Bite-Size Volunteering Marketing Plan

22 Volunteer management Excellent volunteer management is critical: – To equip us to meet the volunteering challenge – To build a resilient volunteer workforce – If we value our volunteers Volunteer manager is the place to start – Key player, central enabler, driver of innovation – Often under-valued, under-resourced, undersold – Face significant challenges in changing environment Management recognition & support essential: – Resources & tools to do their job – Leadership training & development to adapt 22

23 Volunteer Management SIG Working Group – Established June 2013 – Developed terms of reference (next slide) Membership – Volunteer managers employed by our members – Individual members of Volunteering Victoria Volunteer managers With an interest in volunteer management SIG Executive – Up to 14 members, widely representative – Call for nominations & online election (if required) 23

24 Volunteer Management SIG 24 Terms of Reference – Established under the auspices of Volunteering Victoria – Advocate for rights, interests of volunteer managers – Advocate for professionalisation of volunteer management – Identify issues & trends – Input to relevant VV events, programs, products – Communication channel – Mentoring & peer support – Consistent with VV purpose & vision

25 25 Level 2/491 King Street West Melbourne VIC 3003 Ph 03 8327 8500 Fax 03 8327 8599 ABN 79 378 017 212 Volunteering Victoria is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR)

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