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1 WWW.VU.EDU.AU/VETIS 2013 ASQA (QUALITY) FORUM FOR AUSPICED PROGRAMS VET in Schools Portfolio of Youth, VU College 1 March 2013 ASQA : Australian Skills.

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1 1 WWW.VU.EDU.AU/VETIS 2013 ASQA (QUALITY) FORUM FOR AUSPICED PROGRAMS VET in Schools Portfolio of Youth, VU College 1 March 2013 ASQA : Australian Skills Quality Authority

2 2 WELCOME & PROGRAM OVERVIEW VETiS Team Diane Micallef, Education Manager VCAL and VETiS Kelly Gluyas and Jo Kegg, VETiS Development Officers Glanyce Attard, VETiS Support Officer

3 3 PROGRAM OVERVIEW Two parts to the Forum: (1) Updates on what is happening at VU and general information on ASQA (2) Program specific workshops commencing at 11am Aim to have a tea/coffee break at 10.50am Lunch will be available from 12.30pm – 1.30pm

4 4 AUSPICED PROGRAMS VU VETiS COORDINATORS Beauty & Retail Makeup – David Eade Business Administration & Small Business (Innovation/Operations) – Tanya Santilli & Michelle Ratnaker Carpentry & Furnishing– Daniel Bonnici Community Services & Children’s Services – Emily Barter Health – Karen Baker Hairdressing & Hospitality - Julie Blatherwick

5 5 AUSPICED PROGRAMS VU VETiS COORDINATORS Information & Communications Technology – Graham Gleich Interactive Digital Media – Greg Giannis Integrated Technologies – Tony Davis Legal Administration – Suzanne Maugeri Sign Writing – Murray Miller & John Craddock Sports & Recreation – Michael Clayton

6 6 2013 GRADUATIONS PROCESS Guest Speakers Dr Maree Fitzpatrick, Manager Assessments & Graduations and Stephanie Laing

7 7 21 VETiS program areas in 2013 (auspiced and delivered) across 90 schools in Victoria VU auspices both VCE VET and VET Programs New AUSPICED programs in 2013: Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance HLT32412 Students completing Year 1 may be entitled to receive the Certificate II in Health Support HLT21212 Students completing Year 1 and 2 may be entitled to receive an additional Certificate III in Health Services Assistance HLT32512 with credits in Diploma in Nursing Certificate II in Retail Make Up SIB20110 VETiS PROGRAMS UPDATE

8 8 New DELIVERED programs in 2013 : Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance HLT32412 Units 1& 2 at Werribee campus Units 3 & 4 at St Albans campus Construction Trade Taster – Electrical, Plumbing and Carpentry at the Trades College, Sunshine campus

9 9 VETiS PROGRAMS UPDATE Cancelled programs in 2013 Animal Studies Delivery of Hospitality (continuing to auspice Hospitality) Modelling Review of VETiS programs for 2014 Information on programs running in 2014 and Fees and Charges will be available in July.

10 10 VCE VET PROGRAMS (VCAA UPDATE ) Revised VCE VET Programs: Business – minor changes UoC updates for new enrolments Community Services – new qualification and unit codes with additional electives Furnishing – update to Units 3-4 Health – new qualification and unit codes for new enrolments Information and Communications Technology – revised VCE VET program for new enrolments Interactive Digital Media – UoC updates and additional electives Revised program structures are available on VCAA website: selecting the VET and VCE VET Programs links Revised VET programs Hairdressing – new qualification and units codes

11 11 VETiS AGREEMENT The VETiS Agreement is a legal document that outlines the establishment of a partnership arrangement between the Secondary College and VU. Schedule 3 : ASQA Quality System – Roles and Responsibilities accompanies the VETiS Agreement This document is currently being reviewed inline with new VU processes and an update will be emailed to all Secondary Colleges.

12 12 Schedule 4 : Notification of Students Absence / Illness / Injury All original documents for the VETiS Agreement are sent to the Principal of the Secondary College. The signed documents must be returned to VU. The VETiS Unit will contact VET Coordinators if we have not received a signed Agreement from the Principal. VETiS AGREEMENT

13 13 PROGRAM SCHEDULE 2 Program requirements are documented in the Program Schedule : Lists the qualification(s) and the units of competence that students are enrolled in for the calendar year inline with VASS requirements Identifies delivery and assessment arrangements of the units of competence (VU or Secondary College) Specifies related fees and charges based on the number of students

14 14 PROGRAM SCHEDULE 2 Confirms students details Emailed to Secondary Colleges by the end of March – schools must sign and email to or fax to: 9919 Invoicing commences in April based on the Program Schedule No changes to Program Schedule charges if the student has been enrolled

15 15 ASQA AUSPICING AUDIT CHECKLIST Online registration – Expression of Interest (EOI) completed in October – VU approves equipment and resources. Completion of student details for the VETiS database and school contacts (due today)student details school contacts Confirmation of teacher qualifications (template) & Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE40110 Course documents – Learning and Assessment Plan & Student Course Outline (templates)

16 16 ASQA AUSPICING AUDIT CHECKLIST (cont’d) School visits by VU VETiS Coordinators to assist with the completion of Enrolment Forms Maintaining a Student Attendance Register Notifying the VETiS Unit of withdrawals Confirmation of the Program Schedule (March – May)

17 17 ASQA AUSPICING AUDIT CHECKLIST (cont’d) Monitoring of student’s progress Structured work placements (if applicable) Students complete online Graduations in June Program Specific PD or Learning and Assessment Validation and Moderation Session Collation and submission of Audit documents listed in August are sent to VU by end October / early November

18 18 School visits by VU Staff – VETiS Pathways and study at VU for students Online applications for 2014 open in September – Expression of Interest for new and continuing secondary colleges Guaranteed Place offers sent to students (process being reviewed) Student Results and Graduations ASQA AUSPICING AUDIT CHECKLIST (cont’d)

19 19 STUDENT ENROLMENTS AND RESULTS Student information to be completed on the VETiS Excel Worksheet now due. Please return to or Enables the processing and confirmation of Guaranteed Place offers Enrolment Forms must be returned to the VU VETiS Coordinator by the end of March in 2013

20 20 STUDENT ENROLMENTS AND RESULTS Results must be returned to VU by the end the first week in November When results are returned and entered on the VU system, the VU VETiS Program Coordinator will confirm completion of the qualification and send to VU Graduations

21 21 STUDENT WITHDRAWALS Secondary Colleges must notify VETiS of Withdrawals by completing the Withdrawals Form via email Please click “reply” to open the email in a new window and you will be able to type directly into the withdrawal form in your email, then email it back to us.

22 22 SCORED ASSESSMENT Scored assessment programs for Units 3-4 are: Business, Community Services, Furnishing, Hospitality, Information & Communications Technology, Integrated Technologies, Interactive Digital Media, Sport & Recreation Scored Assessment Guidelines and templates are available on the VETiS website and the VCAA website VU must validate scored tasks for auspiced programs If VCAA requests an audit on Scored Tasks, these must be approved by VU before they are sent An outline of Scored Tasks need to be given to students on commencement of the program VCAA Scored Assessment Workshops are being held in March

23 23 ONLINE SUPPORT ON WIKI Development of a Wiki site for each auspiced program Provides teachers with the opportunity to communicate with both the VU VETiS Coordinator and other teachers Access resources online, including all templates Upload attendance registers, LAPs, Course Outlines, Assessment Tasks, etc Some sites are still in development stage but can still be accessed

24 24 Guaranteed Places for VU VETiS students announced in 2012. VU VETiS students who successfully complete their VETiS program and their VCAL or VCE receive an offer into a Certificate or Diploma course. Guaranteed places for Diploma students to transition into Degrees VETiS Guaranteed Places

25 25 Year 12 students receive a Conditional Offer Guaranteed place into a Diploma of Certificate course Year 11 students receive a Provisional Offer Students must complete Year 12. They are not required to respond to the offer. Conditional offer will be issued towards the end of their Year 12 studies VETiS Guaranteed Places

26 26 In 2012, approx. 900 students received offers Approx. 30% of students accepted the offer and are studying at VU on a full time basis in 2013. Students have chosen pathways into a range of areas including (but not limited to): Youth Work Nursing Sport Development HR Management Graphic Design Liberal Arts Specialist Make-Up Services VETiS Guaranteed Places Pathway charts are available on the Wiki for each program area and are currently being updated.

27 27 VETiS Guaranteed Places 2014 Guaranteed Place offers to 2013 students Currently reviewing the process – improve and build on the success of the first year. New process will be circulated to secondary colleges by the end of August.

28 28 VU EVENTS 2013 Careers Forum (Flemington Racecourse) – Friday 24 May Open Day – Sunday 25 August

29 29 PART 2: WORKSHOPS TEA / COFFEE BREAK – 10.50 AM TO 11.00 AM WORKSHOPS – 11.00 AM TO 12.30 PM Auditorium – Sport and Recreation Dining Room 1 – Information Technology & Interactive Digital Media Dining Room 2 – Business Administration, Legal Administration & Small Business Syndicate Room 1 – Integrated Technologies Syndicate Room 2 – Furnishing, Sign writing Syndicate Room 3 – Hospitality, Hairdressing and Beauty Syndicate Room 4 – Community Services / Allied Health LUNCH – 12.30 PM TO 1.30 PM

30 30 VETiS CONTACT DETAILS & USEFUL WEBSITES Diane Micallef, Education Manager, VETiS and VCAL – Telephone: 9919 7059 Kelly Gluyas, VETiS Development Officer – Telephone: 9919 7760 Jo Kegg, VETiS Development Officer – Telephone: 9919 7761 Email: and Fax: 9919 VETiS Website: VETiS Students Website: VCAA Website: : Training Support Network:

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