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Student Learning Support A snapshot from selected institutions.

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1 Student Learning Support A snapshot from selected institutions

2 RMIT Learning Support Unit zLearning Skills Unit at RMIT offers a wide range of service to students. They have a large staff allocation and run open access services 4 days per week. zOffer one to one appointment to students, run workshops and work with departments in assisting programs.  Online tutorials developed in discipline area context

3 Monash University Language and Literacy Support Unit zLLSU operates as a unit of Center of Learning and Teaching Support CeLTS. zOffers workshops and contact with students by appointment only. One staff per campus serves needs of staff and student support. zOnline student resource center offers interactive tutorials in academic and language skills. zOn two campuses offers Study Resource Centres (study labs) with computers and wiz bang technology. Not supported by staff attendance at these centres. zResource CentreResource Centre

4 Melbourne University Language and Learning Skills Unit zRuns undergraduate classes on study topics - usually 4-5 weeks duration zLLSU also offers one to one and drop in center help - drop in limited to two afternoons per week. z15 staff listed as members of LLSU zAIRport is the Academic Interactive Resources portal designed for international students and local students from NESB backgrounds. zProvides Diagnostic English Language Assessment zResources and LinksResources and Links

5 Swinburne University Study Support zAccess Department from TAFE offers study support to both TAFE and Higher Ed students zThings offered are: Individual tuition Return to Study courses Regular group workshops Specific workshops as required. zUses Concurrent Study module as a course z4 staff members cover 5 campuses zAt HE the Learning and Teaching Support unit advocates and supports “pedagogically-appropriate flexible approaches to learning and teaching”. No contact with students. z

6 Victoria University Student learning Services zSLU @ higher Education: ContactsContacts zCA @ TAFE: websitewebsite zCourse specific materials at SLUCourse specific materials at SLU

7 Deakin University The Teaching and Learning Support Unit zNo contact with students zOnline resources for students zFocus on educational design and staff development zSupport of online studies design zResearch and evaluation

8 University of South Australia Learning Connections zExtensive use of online services and resources zLimited face to face services mainly via scheduled workshops zA search facility for students to search resources on learning support topics zAsk Learning ConnectionAsk Learning Connection zCourse specific resourcesCourse specific resources zOnline WorkshopsOnline Workshops

9 University of Technology UTS Sydney English Language Study Assistance zNon credit academic skills full semester and half semester subjectssubjects zDrop in centre in library for 2X2 hours per weekDrop in centre zFaculty specific drop in workshopsworkshops zStudy linksStudy links

10 University of Ballarat Student Learning Support zDual sector offers student learning support centres on all campuses- Mt Helen Campus for Higher Ed and Ararat, Horsham and SMB Ballarat campuses for TAFE zHigher Ed support by appointment for individual session. Available 9.0 to 5.0 Mon-Fri Various handouts available from website. zIn 2005 publised a General guidelines for presentation of academic work document zIn TAFE four teachers cover CA work by individual appointment only. One teacher assigned to each campus. Staff are part of Further education programs/dept

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