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The Qualitative Thesis The examiner’s view Carol Windsor.

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1 The Qualitative Thesis The examiner’s view Carol Windsor

2 QUT examiner guidelines Expected to show evidence of: originality of the research data and/or analysis of data coherence of argument and presentation competence in technical and conceptual analysis contextual competence But what does it mean?

3 Qualitative research – what we look for On first reading (helps the psyche!): clean document and logically presented, focused, succinct scope appropriate to the degree strong first and last chapters

4 For qual theses Procedurally transparent detailed description and justification for the methods eg evidence of our analysis was undertaken

5 The key - Theoretical rigour – the thread argued persuasively up front informs the rest of the thesis coherence between theory and methods theory as the data analysis tool

6 Theory Situate findings within theoretical knowledge So the thesis as a whole presents as a coherent, consistent, persuasive argument

7 Common issues in qual Lack of consistent theorising ( conflicting theoretical perspectives across the thesis) So lack of understanding theory Description of data excerpts – data does not speak for itself – data is always interpreted

8 Descriptive findings Without us standards would slip and the manager would struggle to effectively manage performance. The manager has the responsibility to make sure that the staff are skilled and trained to do their job. We support manager and guide, direct and encourage others to understand the requirements of how continuing professional development contributes to practice. Many won’t do it for themselves and we can’t allow standards to be compromised. 1 (11).L 86 / 93. Managers noted that the majority of activities they undertake directly or indirectly influence practice. Large numbers of staff, the requirements to work ‘twenty-four seven’, changing community expectations and the need to support and upskill new professionals, were reasons participants highlighted support for ongoing continuing development of skills and practice. Participants also considered that a manager could not be competent without engagement in continuing professional development activities. It is impossible to be a competent professional and demonstrate regulatory requirements if one doesn’t have all the background knowledge and is keeping abreast of changes. Nurse educators help us gain and apply this knowledge. 1 (8).L 283.

9 Common issues Over emphasis on techniques

10 Questioning Reflecting Listening Being accountable Taking action Taking responsibility Self reflection Relating Act Discover Developing self-identity

11 Writing results as a literature review

12 Treating the qualitative research process as linear

13 Finally Scholarly writing Intellectual depth and rigour (The overall impression is critical) Ethically sound research Questions?

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