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LOGO PUSH TO PULL SYSTEM. special terms Mass produced / Customized product Underlying rationale Unit cost Net effect Logistical pipeline.

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2 special terms Mass produced / Customized product Underlying rationale Unit cost Net effect Logistical pipeline

3 Company Logo Push out push sb out to make sb leave a place or an organization push sb/sth out to make sth less important than it was; to replace sth push sth out to produce sth in large quantities e.g. factories pushing out cheap cotton shirts

4 Company Logo Contribute to ~ (sth) (to / towards sth) to give sth, especially money or goods, to help sb/sth : [VN] The writer personally contributed £4 000 to the earthquake fund. ~ (to sth) to be one of the causes of sth : Medical negligence was said to have contributed to her death.

5 Company Logo Contribute to ~ (sth) to sth to increase, improve or add to sth : [V] Immigrants have contributed to British culture in many ways. ~ (sth) (to sth) to write things for a newspaper, magazine; to speak during a meeting or conversation : He contributes regularly to the magazine 'New Scientist'. We hope everyone will contribute to the discussion.

6 Company Logo decouple ~ sth (from sth) (formal) to end the connection or relationship between two things e.g. They tried to decouple the small nation from Europe. Decoupler

7 Company Logo Special terms Demand-responsive system Corporate culture Optimal cost,

8 Company Logo necessitate necessitate verb +sth/doing (formal) to make sth necessary e.g. Recent financial scandals have necessitated changes in parliamentary procedures. Increased traffic necessitated widening the road.

9 Company Logo Feat feat noun (approving) an action or piece of work that needs skill, strength or courage : The tunnel is a brilliant feat of engineering. to perform / attempt / achieve astonishing feats That was no mean feat (= it was difficult to do).

10 Company Logo Chrysler Chrysler Vehicle brands Chryslerpassenger cars, minivan Dodge– passenger cars, minivans and crossovers Ram– trucks and commercial vehicles Jeep– SUVs and crossovers Global Electric Motorcars– battery electric low-speed vehicles

11 Company Logocompensate ~ (for sth) to provide sth good to balance or reduce the bad effects of damage, loss, etc. MAKE UP FOR e.g. Nothing can compensate for the loss of a loved one. [VN] ~ sb (for sth) to pay sb money because they have suffered some damage, loss, injury, etc : Her lawyers say she should be compensated both for her injuries and for the suffering she had been caused.

12 Company Logoconsistent Consistent in sth Consistent in sth always behaving in the same way or having the same attitudes, standards e.g. He remained consistent in his opposition to anything new. be consistent with sth if a fact, idea etc is consistent with another one, it seems to match it … / e.g. The results are consistent with earlier research.

13 Company Logo Special terms Floor space Demand-oriented Peak demand Time-compression / Time-consuming

14 Company Logo Wiring harnesses Harness N Idioms harness (BrE) doing your normal work, especially after a rest or a holiday harness (with sb) (BrE) working closely with sb in order to achieve sth: They'll be working in harness with other doctors to compile the report.

15 Company Logo Harness [VT] If you harness something such as an emotion or natural source of energy, you bring it under your control and use it. e.g. We can harness the power of the wind to generate electricity. We must harness the skill and creativity of our workforce.

16 Company Logo Cannot be overemphasized Dominate Mentality in manufacturing Economically viable Be deeply ingrained: to fixed deeply or indelibly as in the mind Objective evaluation

17 Company Logoengender engender verb [VN] (formal) to make a feeling or situation exist : The issue engendered controversy. problems engendered by the restructuring of the company engender sth in sb E,g, relationships that engender trust in children

18 Company Logo Cross docking JIT just in time

19 Company Logo QR quick response ECR efficient customer response

20 Company Logo Test- related special terms Environmental logistics TPL Drop and pull transport FCL full container load LCL less- than container load Cycle stock Distribution processing

21 Company Logo Test- related special terms Bonded warehouse Export supervised warehouse Cargo under customs supervision AGV CY container yard CFS container freight stations

22 Company Logo Test- related special terms International multimodal transport Customs declaration FQS FIS JIT MRP DRP ERP SCM QR ECR CRP VMI

23 Company Logo No matter what environmental conditions are encountered, the package is expected to protect the product, keeping it in the condition intended for use until the product is delivered to the ultimate consumer.

24 Company Logo Participants in the channel gain competitive advantage through improving the overall channel efficiency by reducing risk and effectively leveraging the corporate resources of each channel member.

25 Company Logo What I Have Learned from My Years at University The Impact of the Internet on… Three paragraphs More than 200 words Tidy writing

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