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Bringing it all together Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Education Program Teacher Professional Development Program.

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1 Bringing it all together Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Education Program Teacher Professional Development Program

2 Structure of today’s session 1.Welcome and introduction 2.KWL(SW) – Graphic Organiser Activity 3.Trivia Quiz 4.Bringing it all together – the Commonwealth Games Education Program Curriculum materials, programs and resources overview 5.Interactive Activity 1 – The Quest Tea Break 6. What is already happening in schools? 7. Interactive Activity 2 – The Bus Stops Here! 8. Actions – So what?! 9. Summing up and evaluation

3 Purpose of today’s session 1.Excite, engage and stimulate you and your school to become involved in the M2006 Commonwealth Games Education Program. 2.Provide you with an overview of the M2006 Commonwealth Games Education Program and a useful resource package to take back to school, so you can introduce it to your school and get your classes involved. 3.Outline the key elements of the M2006 Commonwealth Games Education Program so that you understand the focus of each resource. 4.Demonstrate aspects of these classroom resources by highlighting teaching and learning activities and show you examples of units that link to the Victorian Essential Learning Standards.

4 Contents of your resource kit Bringing it all together handbook Session outline Starting Blocks CD-ROM Let the Games Begin! Middle Years Resources CD-ROM United through the Games-Integrated Units CD-ROM Commonwealth of Nations A3 Map flyers KWL (SW) Activity sheet The Quest Activity sheet Evaluation form (+ then M2006 Commonwealth Games badge)

5 KWL (SW) Graphic Organiser Activity

6 Trivia Quiz 1.What date will the 2006 Commonwealth Games start? 2.How many nations will compete? 3.Which country leads the total medal tally for all Commonwealth Games? 4.What is the name of the mascot for the Games? 5.Name one country that has recently been expelled from the Commonwealth that will not be competing in the Games – 6.Name two Commonwealth countries that were not originally British colonies. 7.Who is united by the games? 8.Name two Classroom Resources developed for the Commonwealth Games Education Program. 9.How often are the Commonwealth Games held? 10.What did the Commonwealth Games used to be called?

7 Trivia Quiz: Answers 1.March 15, 2006 2.71 nations 3.Australia 4.Karak (because that’s the sound South-eastern Red-tailed Black Cockatoos make!) 5.Zimbabwe 6.Mozambique and Cameroon ( 39544 ) 7.We are! 8.Starting Blocks / Post-compulsory Resources / Let the Games Begin! / United through the Games / CommPASS 9.Every 4 years 10.The British Empire Games / then the British Empire and Commonwealth Games / then the British Commonwealth Games

8 The Commonwealth Games Education Program, Classroom Resources and Programs

9 In the beginning… How can we involve schools and young people in the Games experience? What are the opportunities? How can we make the Games relevant to schools and students? How can schools contribute? What can we achieve through involving schools?

10 Schools – who are involved? Government, Catholic and Independent school sectors All age groups School principals, teachers and parents Initial focus on Victoria

11 Learning, Linking, Participating LEARNING About the Commonwealth, its countries and cultures About athletes About Melbourne 2006 LINKING Friendships between schools One-one connections Supporting visiting team PARTICIPATING In the Games experience In sport and physical activity As part of the community

12 Classroom Resources Themes Commonwealth of Nations Environmentally sustainable behaviours Participation in activity and sport Indigenous culture Community links and activities Melbourne as a host city Ethics in sport

13 Getting Schools Involved An information kit containing details about all opportunities and programs for school involvement in the Commonwealth Games. (February 2005)

14 Classroom Resources: Starting Blocks An Introduction to the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Prep to Year 12

15 Classroom Resources: Post- compulsory Resources for VCE/VET in Schools/VCAL

16 Classroom Resources: Let the Games Begin! Middle Years Resources: Hosting a major event Melbourne 2006 Games Ethics and sport Linked to the Victorian Essential Learning Standards

17 Classroom Resources: United through the Games Integrated Units  Prep to Year 10 Resources Celebration (P-2) Environment (3-4) Identity (5-6) Change (7-8) Participation (9-10) Linked to Victorian Essential Learning Standards

18 Classroom Resources: CommPASS Games Passport Program for Years 1 to 6  Themes include: Commonwealth of Nations Healthy active lifestyles Environmentally sustainable behaviours

19 Classroom Resources: CommPASS Teacher’s Manual

20 School2School Linking schools in Victoria/Australia with schools in the Commonwealth Adopting a Second Team and supporting them Registrations close end Term 4

21 Global Classroom Projects Get involved in a Global Classroom Project 2 projects have a Commonwealth Games focus: The Commonwealth at Play Karak in Action

22 Commonwealth Games Supplement and Poster Series The AGE Sunday (poster) and Monday (supplement) World Map, Education Games,Technology in Sport,Environment, Cultural Diversity, Post-Games: the finest moments. Education Program Posters World Map, Water Poster, Karak Poster

23 CG Reps and GameZINE Project team of students Commonwealth Games contacts in the school email GameZINEs Initiate activities Leadership opportunities Official acknowledgment

24 CGTV Television skills and media training to up to 10 teams across Victoria Film community and school involvement in lead up to Games Broadcast on Schools TV in 2006

25 Art4Athletes Program Schools prepared artwork as gift for athletes All schools were invited to participate A thank you post card will be sent back to students (registrations have closed)

26 Other Involvement – Queen’s Baton Relay


28 Interactive Activity 1 The Quest

29 Tea Break

30 What is happening in schools already?

31 CGTV@Wycheproof P-12 small rural school of 170 students making a DVD for the Schools’ Television Network during the Commonwealth Games Part of the Shire of Buloke with Kenya as their ‘sister’ nation and adopted second team. Submitted works in the Art4Athletes program.

32 CG Reps and S2S @ St Mary’s Primary School, Ascot Vale school of 350+ registered for School2School and with St Mary’s in Canada Year 5/6 CG Reps Team Art4Athletes program Commonwealth Games Sports in School Athletics Carnival, writing bulletins Making contact with the local council Learning about the history

33 GCP and Commonwealth at Play@Ararat Community College The project is suitable for students from Years 4-10: Digital photography Interviewing local heroes Responding to sporting issues by email Kahootz 3 D Design, construction, exchange of batons Reporting on local celebrations

34 Ghana arrives at St Thomas Primary, Sale The Year 3/4 class: visited by Australian Opals Olympic Basketball team member Jessica Bibby studied Ghanaians clothing accessed online sites research via the Internet, books, encyclopaedias adopted Ghana as their second team

35 Interactive Activity 2 The Bus Stops Here!

36 Actions: So What KWL (SW) Activity 2

37 Summing it all up…. 1.All the resources discussed today are available on the M2006 Commonwealth Games Education website: 2.Activity ideas covered in this PD session are available on the dk2 website: 3.Web links to other Commonwealth Games resources are on the back page of your handbook. 4.Evaluation form

38 Thanks for coming….

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