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Microsoft IT Academy.

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1 Microsoft IT Academy

2 Kingscliff High School
Comprehensive country state high school Far north coast of NSW (south of Gold Coast) 1260 students 100 ATSI students Mature teaching staff

3 Guy Wright Teaching Experience
Taught in NSW DET high schools for 26 years Currently Head Teacher ICT, VET and Computer Coordinator at Kingscliff High School TILT Facilitator for TILT + and Networking Microsoft Certified Professional (Networking and Office) Part Time Industry Experience (necessary for industry currency)***** NetMedia Gold Coast Corporate Trainer and Internet Developer (Clients included; KPMG, Jupiters Casino, Dreamworld, Gold Coast City Council, Bond University) 2001 Futurekids Australia Professional Development training to QLD schools Wright Multimedia Freelance Computing Services including Optima dealership (enables me to keep up to date for students)

4 KHS wins major NAQS 2003 “National Awards for Quality Schooling”.
Larry Anthony (Local MP), David Walshe (Principal KHS), Brendan Nelson (Federal Minister of Education) and Mrs. Walshe, Awards ceremony NAQS awards for 2004 total $1million Many schools use the NQSF to help with school improvement initiatives

5 Raffles Girls School $1.6 Million spent in this room, very impressive
They use Class server and Sharepoint Portal server KHS will be able in the near future to swap Class Server resources.

6 Welcome to an overview of the Microsoft IT Academy program
Please contact Margo Metcalf on for further enquiries or Free Online assessments at:

7 Today’s Presentation What is IT Academy? What are the benefits?
How does it work? KHS and IT Academy Certification overview Show resources


9 What is IT Academy Annual membership alliance with Microsoft that resources academic institutions to deliver Microsoft training for 21st Century workforce Full range workforce development program -- Training for careers and certification from the Desktop to IT Professional A program for schools to increase teacher competencies and student outcomes, providing them with a world’s best practice standard – Microsoft certification The IT Academy program is a workforce development program that maps to academic degree tracks and Microsoft Certification. It incorporates faculty development, technical and marketing resources to assist schools in enhancing their current workforce development programs.

10 What exactly is IT Academy?
Broadening of AATP benefits & resources Opportunity to expand your students’ career prospects – from desktop to developer skills Annual membership programme open to High Schools TAFE Colleges Universities Three levels Office Specialist IT Pro (high schools only) IT Pro Plus The ATTP programme provided free faculty training in Windows 2000 Networking but no other products. Since technology is changing at a rapid rate, customers asked us to include other products and resources to help them make the most of the technology they have and so IT Academy is a response to customer feedback.

11 Microsoft Office Specialist Typical package
Online with mentoring to certification 3 exams 20% MS Press discount Monthly Newsletter Access to “members-only” site Lesson plans, tips and tricks and help desk and more Marketing resources Access to branded merchandise Online locator Choice of:- 10 Licences of How to Master series CD (interactive training/testing for Office) 15 Exams in Office Courseware (site licence for paper based training in Word, Excel and PowerPoint) 10 copies of Microsoft Press books ----- Can Add A+ online IC3 will be added shortly Certi-Prep Assessment/training/testing CD’s Packages can be tailored to suit your needs The Microsoft Office Specialist certification replaces what you may know as MOUS. This level has been included in IT Academy for schools which want to make the most of their desktop skills. This level includes both online and instructor led training as do the previous two levels, however it also includes pre assessment and three exams as part of the overall training package. MS Press discounts also apply for this level. We’ll talk more about the Office Specialist certification later.

12 I feel the following are a must to include in your Office package
Cert-Prep CD’s Online training How to Master in IC3, Office and A+ (A+ would have to be negotiated)

13 IT Pro Faculty training (instructor led / online) x 1
50% discount on technical training for additional teachers 50 instructional lab licenses (software you are training) 20% discount on MS Press titles Up 75% off RRP for MOC Discounts on certification testing Monthly newsletter Marketing resources (logo, templates etc) Access to branded merchandise through “members-only” site Referrals – IT Academy locator The IT Pro level is designed for high schools, but is open to all education institutions. It provides for one faculty member to receive technical training and does not include the desktop benefits. It also does not include the subscription to Technet Plus, but the remaining benefits are the same as for IT Pro Plus. An IT Academy locator tool will refer prospective students to IT Academies in every country. At present, there are over 700 IT Academies in the United States.

14 IT Pro Plus Faculty training (instructor led / online) x 2
50% discount on technical training for additional teachers $1195 for additional teacher under Office Specialist 50 instructional lab licenses (software you are training) 20% discount on MS Press titles Up 75% off RRP for MOC Discounts on certification testing TechNet Plus subscription (monthly updates) Monthly newsletter Marketing resources (logo, templates etc) Access to branded merchandise through “members-only” site Referrals – IT Academy locator IT Pro Plus is the top level and covers both technical and desktop training. It has been designed with higher education in mind, but is open to all education institutions. Two faculty members can be trained in the Microsoft product of their choice from available instructor led or online courses. If additional teachers need to be trained, there is a 50% discount on instructor led technical training. In addition to the training 50 instructional lab licenses are included to assist teachers to train students. Other resources include 20% discount on MS Press titles, up to 75% off the RRP for Microsoft Official Courseware and discounts on certification testing. Unique to the IT Pro Plus level is the inclusion of a Technet Plus subscription. Technet includes Beta products, 120 day evaluation versions of Server products, operating systems, SQL server, Exchange.Net, Knowledge Base articles to help support users, service packs, resource kits and online technical training seminars

15 Training IT Pro Plus and IT Pro
Dimension Data Microsoft Office Specialist (IT Pro and Office Specialist levels only) Intouch We know that having anytime/anywhere access to training is as essential as instructor led training. That is why we have provided the choice of Online and/or instructor led training as options in the programme benefits. Schools can host Microsoft Office Specialist training, delivered by Intouch, to their local educational community which reduces costs.

16 Hardware Requirements
Minimum (Office Specialist) Pentium II, or equivalent, PC with processor speed 300 MHz 4GB hard disk 256 MB CD-ROM/DVD VGA monitor (17-inch) PCI bus must meet 2.1 specs† Maximum (Technical) Pentium III, or equivalent, PC with processor speed 700 MHz 16GB hard disk 1 GB CD-ROM/DVD Super VGA monitor (17-inch) PCI bus must meet 2.1 specs† IT Academies must meet hardware and set up requirements for students and faculty. This slide shows suggested hardware requirements for student systems. More information about course specific and general hardware requirements are posted to the Members-only site. The programme guide also provides guidance on hardware specifications. In the programme guide and the handout I have given you you will see the reference to “Course levels”. Refer to Course levels and hardware guide on handout. Other requirements are that you have an account and internet connection. You will also need a Passport account to access the members’ only site.

17 Cost IT Pro Plus (level 1) IT Pro (level 2)
$4,400 (inc. GST) Microsoft Office Specialist level may be included IT Pro (level 2) $2,300 (inc. GST) Microsoft Office Specialist (level 3) $1,600 (inc. GST) Although the AATP programme represented an investment of millions of dollars by Microsoft in training, program operations, customer support and MOC & exam discounts, we were unable to broaden the programme at no cost. The annual paid membership in addition to Microsoft’s continued investment will ensure we have a sustainable programme that will grow according to customers needs.

18 Academic World Wide Office Specialist Competition
By June Fastest and most accurate candidate in Word and Excel 2002 Win a trip to Shanghai to compete in the World Championships Win an Xbox The world wide winner will then go to Redmond Schools can apply to become an Authorised Testing Centre

19 Kingscliff High and the IT Academy

20 KHS staff attitude before training

21 Summary of KHS ICT strategy
What happened Rewrote all policies to include ICT 12-14% improvement in students ICT skills & 15% improvement in ICT skills of staff New core ICT course in Years 7 (IC3 online learning) MOS Testing Centre for Years 9,10&11, (Microsoft/Intouch) Microsoft (IT Academy) Networking. Mapped to include Certificate III networking What was intended Integrate ICT into all learning programs Improve Staff/Student ICT skills, by providing staff training Expand range and quality of ICT programs by establishing strong partnerships with other education agencies, NSW BOS, major national and international companies

ALL STUDENTS ICT FOCUSED STUDENTS YEAR 7 Integrated Technology lessons across all KLA’s (Infusion Kit + BOS) Online learning/ assessment tools supplied by Microsoft and Intouch including Office, IC3 and A+ courseware Certi-Prep 10 Week ICT Course, including IC3 and MOS courseware and delivered by specialist ICT and staff YEAR 8 YEARS 9&10 Extension of skills BOS curriculum & Microsoft MOS YEARS 11&12 VETIT – 80 Hours MOS. Microsoft Certified Professional courses in Windows 2000 are currently taught in the KHS IT Academy. Including Certificate 111 in Network Administration. Software Design – including Microsoft Visual (2005) Over the next six months, local feeder primary schools will be given access to our new learning Portal. Note: BOS = Board of Studies; MOS = Microsoft Office Specialist; AATP = Microsoft Authorised Academic Training Provider; ICT = Information Communication Technology; KHS = Kingscliff High School; Infusion Kit supplied by Futurekids; VETIT – Vocational Education and Training course “Information Technology”

23 Kingscliff

24 Why KHS became an IT Academy?
Industry standard Staff training Training resources for students Quality assessment and skill analysis tools TechNet (Microsoft’s complete toolkit, updates, training movies) Microsoft branding for school

25 Benefits for KHS teachers
Excellent training Up to 10 days industry standard training Dimension Data (true professionals) MCTs Last year 2 teachers studied upgrade to Windows 2003, 1 teacher and 1 tech studied ISA server 2000

26 Benefits for KHS teachers?
Lead to: Students learn from more knowledgeable teachers Quality lessons taught in IT Academy Informed IT decisions at school Developed a secure E-learning platform with Class Server and Sharepoint Portal server, with ISA (would not have been possible without industry standard training) My principal would not have paid for training if we were not in IT Academy.

27 Benefits for students & teachers - Courseware
Structured quality teaching materials The MOC courseware used to deliver most of Certificate III in Network Administration is Excellent. The Office training is first rate. With the combination of Cert-Prep and Office Pro students and staff can interactively assess/test and retrain in the Office applications, IC3 and A+ electronically with a minimum of effort.

28 Benefits for students & teachers - Qualifications
Some staff and students have gone on to gain Microsoft Office Specialist Qualifications that are recognized across the world These tools are currently being used in both the senior and junior school. In the year 11 VET IT classes these tools are an effective method of formally evaluating many of the IT competencies required.

29 Benefits for KHS students
This Certificate III course is very sought after by the local students, not only by from KHS. This year we have two external students and one from a local private school. One of the external students works for an IT firm and has chosen to attend this IT Academy for his professional development. 2003, four students gained their Certificate III in Network Administration

30 What benefits has the school seen from the program?
The school has benefited from quite a deal of positive publicity from being a Microsoft IT Academy. Immediately the community understands that we are delivering a quality IT education to our students founded with quality industry level skills. My principal loves the Microsoft Plaque

31 TechNet Plus Subscription
Excellent resource for KHS Technical information CDs (white papers) Training CD’s (from Microsoft experts) Resource Kits (Essential for administering our network) Service Packs readily available without having to download Security/Driver Updates and patches BETA/Evaluation CDs Allowed us to trial software which was later implemented in our online portal.

32 Why Get Certified? Opportunity
Expanded career options Formal recognition Impressive to employers and clients Microsoft certification is valued and relevant Rigorous and fair exams Exams require real-world experience Relevant to job function The increased opportunity and recognition that certification offers are primary reasons that individuals choose to become certified. Microsoft certification is especially valued by the industry for its overall integrity. The exams that you must take are rigorous, but fair assessments of your ability to perform real-world job functions. Earning a Microsoft certification showcases your expertise in working with Microsoft products and technologies. The IT industry, your employer, clients, and peers will recognize your MCP credential as a symbol of the skills and knowledge you’ve gained through experience. Microsoft certification shows that you are a technical leader with the ability to successfully implement Microsoft business solutions for your organization or client. Hiring managers and organizations highly value that your demonstrated expertise can shorten server downtimes, provide greater productivity around help desk and desktop support functions, as well as increase opportunities and revenue for their professional services.

33 Networking Certifications
Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) One MCP exam Minimum certification required for Microsoft IT Academies to teach IT Pro courses Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) 3 Core and 1 elective exam Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) 4 Core and 3 elective exams Program Benefits for Individuals Earning a Microsoft certification acknowledges your expertise in working with Microsoft products and technologies. Microsoft certification shows that you are a technical leader with the ability to successfully implement Microsoft business solutions for your organization. Research shows that Microsoft certification delivers the following benefits: Efficient, consistent identification of qualified and experienced individuals. Higher satisfaction and lower support costs through improved service, increased productivity and greater technical self-sufficiency. Ensured employee ability to work effectively with new technologies. A reliable benchmark for hiring, promoting, and career planning.

34 Certification Pathways

35 Microsoft Office Certifications

36 What will I need to know? Microsoft Word – Core Level
Enter, select & edit text Work with fonts & formatting Work with folders & different views Use templates & wizards Work with margins, alignments & print settings Use indents, columns & tables Insert WordArt and graphics.

37 What will I need to know? Microsoft Word – Expert Level Use styles,
Apply advanced formatting techniques, Explore master documents, Split and merge documents, Insert footnotes, endnotes and cross-references, Work with macros, use tables, charts and forms, Work with hyperlinks and prepare a document for the Web.

38 What will I need to know? Microsoft Excel – Core Level
Work with columns and rows, Understand formulas and functions, Format text, Create charts, Work with databases and lists, Use logical, financial and date functions and 3-D worksheets.

39 What will I need to know? Microsoft Excel – Expert Level
Use templates, Work with macros, Use data forms, Understand and use naming, Work with ranges, group and outlines, Import from HTML files, Create pivot tables, Work with shared workbooks and use validation options.

40 The length of time needed to become certified depends on:
How experienced you are How much you prepare Whether you take training The method of training you choose Other factors

41 Resources Certi-Prep interactive testing software
Microsoft Press publications “How to Master” series by OfficePro Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) Office paper based courseware

42 CertiPrep interactive testing software

43 CertiPrep interactive testing software

44 Microsoft Press Publications

45 Microsoft Press Publications
OSI Model

46 “How to Master” series by Office-Pro
“Hot spot” style questions

47 “How to Master” series by Office-Pro
Multiple Choice

48 “How to Master” series by OfficePro
Drag and Drop

49 Your Individualised learning path
On completion of the assessment you will be presented with a skills gap report

50 Courseware in hardcopy – whole school licenses

51 Microsoft Press Books Your choice of 10 press books (any combination):- 1. Excel 2. Word 3. PowerPoint 4. Access 5. Project 6. Office System 7. Outlook 8. FrontPage

52 Lesson Plans will be available online
An example of the types of exercises found within the lesson plans:- POPULATION DISTRIBUTION - GEOGRAPHY

53 Literacy Study - English

54 Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC)
Personal Contact Required Files

55 Useful Contact Information IT Academy Phone Certification Certification exam preparation guides Felicia Brown, Education Programme Manager Phone


57 Software used at KHS Windows2000/2003 Server
Windows XP on all Desktops ISA Server 2000 ISA Server 2004 Beta Sharepoint Portal Server 2000 Exchange Server 2000 Microsoft Class Server SQL Server 2000 MS OfficeXP Macromedia Studio MX Adobe Photoshop And administration software

58 Ideal for Primary School students and teachers
Create web pages Communicate with students from across the globe Share information and interests in a safe environment

59 Get Assessed Free online assessments available in all Office applications for your teachers, students and parents

60 Microsoft Office Specialist
One Clear Pathway………… Get Assessed Get Training Get Certified Get Ahead

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