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Our role in the Mental Health Advisory Council Presentation for the Board of CoMHWA.

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1 Our role in the Mental Health Advisory Council Presentation for the Board of CoMHWA

2 Members Barry MacKinnon (Chair) Judy Edwards (Deputy Chair) Joe Calleja Margaret Doherty Dr. John Edwards Pamela Gardner John Hesketh Lindsay Smoker Dr. Alexandra Wellborn Dr. Bernadette Wright Professor Dianne Wynaden Janelle Ridgway (‘ex officio’ for CoMHWA)

3 My Job (Since June 2012) Consumers of Mental Heath WA (CoMHWA) Representative to the Mental Health Advisory Council POSITION DESCRIPTION Role The representative will be an ex-officio (member representing CoMHWA) member of the Mental Health Advisory Council (MHAC). Key Responsibilities Present consumers’ views on the issues considered by the MHAC. Inform CoMHWA on the issues being considered by MHAC. Duties Attend monthly MHAC meetings. If not able to attend a meeting provide sufficient notice to enable a proxy representative to attend. Meet with and consult the CoMHWA Chairperson/Executive as necessary to ensure CoMHWA’s position on the issues is clearly understood and expressed. Provide written and/or verbal briefings to the CoMHWA Chairperson/Executive as required, ensuring CoMHWA is fully informed re the issues being dealt with by the MHAC. Respect and demonstrate CoMHWA’s values and objectives. Act in a professional and accountable manner; positively represent CoMHWA as the association for mental health consumers in WA. Timeframe This role may be time-limited, with the timeframe to be negotiated with the representative and the Chairperson /Executive of CoMHWA.

4 What is current? Values Sub Committee has created a Values Framework and at each meeting one member has the responsibility for assuring the Council abides by these in its considerations: 1.The council strive to provide independent advice to the Mental Health Commissioner 2.Value and respect diversity and work in an inclusive and accessible way, with particular sensitivity to advocating for the most unheard voices 3.Explore Innovation in MH with curiosity 4.Seek out the best local, national and international practices 5.Promote hope for recovery for individuals with mental ill- health and their families/carers

5 The Stokes Report

6 The Mental Health Bill

7 What have I been doing? Communications sub-commitee (special interest in making the board more transparent to consumers and accessible through Facebook and Twitter – coming up against some obstacles there) I have been unable to attend sub- committee meetings as I have to go to work! Advocating for consumers to the best of my ability with little information on what CoMHWA members are thinking

8 What could we do better? Debrief after each meeting (Skype or phone?) Send out updates on newsletter and website (brief!) Consultation with members through social networking or a blog so that the conversation continues without holding physical forums The board following up on my reports and what is coming up and providing me with an official position on it in a timely manner(ie. Mental Health Bill, Stokes report) Connect with disadvantaged groups and expand membership Provide me with an official response to Mental Health Bill and Stokes Report ASAP. Official position on the Criminal Law (Mentally Impaired Accused) Act 1996 (CLMIA Act)

9 Questions?

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