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Organising the Chaos Lynley Lee ICT Manager AsureQuality Limited.

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1 Organising the Chaos Lynley Lee ICT Manager AsureQuality Limited

2 Organising the Chaos Lynley Lee ICT Manager AsureQuality Limited

3 AsureQuality Lynley Lee - ICT Manager - AsureQuality Ltd - State Owned Enterprise (SOE) resulting from a merger of two SOE’s - AgriQuality Ltd and Asure NZ Ltd - 1700 staff - 140 locations New Zealand and Australia - Head Office Auckland – Data Centre Christchurch - Approx 800 desktop, 300 Laptop, 200 thin terminals, 100 Handhelds devices - Food Quality Assurance and Biosecurity Services - Audit, Inspect, Verify and Certify food quality from Farm to supermarket shelves around the world

4 Identifying the business challenges - 2003 All areas of business have a much greater reliance on IT Increasing need for IT to be able to respond quickly or appropriately to customers and business needs and opportunities Need to move to integrated, seamless, paperless information systems Limitations in accommodating mobile computing Greater need for integration with customers

5 Identifying the Technology Challenges Need for a tighter more standardised IT framework Security Challenges - Business Continuity (DR) Dated and superseded software and hardware Right first time (Enterprise View) Need to be agile & support new business initiatives Need to deliver web services, manage identities, integrate and share information Provide secure access, anywhere and anytime Need for technology policies

6 2003

7 First Principles Simple Rules (no desktops in the Data Centre) Enterprise standards - SAN - Backup Library - Central UPS - All Servers Racked - Cisco and HP Built on Existing Investments - No rip and replace Shift from Reactive Management

8 Making the Change People Development (right person, right job) - Leadership Development Technology Decisions - ZenWorks – Asset management, application deployment, remote control - iChain – Secure all Internet Services, include authentication - iFolder – My files with me, but also held at the Data Centre - Identity – eDirectory creating a Central Identity Vault - SUSE Linux (OES) – where appropriate - Email – GroupWise Security Business Policies, Processes and Procedures

9 Progress 2004 – 2005


11 Building on the Foundations Key Strategies - Extending identity integration - Continuing transition to Linux - SaaS, SOA Blade Technology and Virtualisation Collaboration - More than just email - VoIP – IP telephony, Videoconferencing Maintaining Standards, Business ICT Leadership

12 Summary – ICT Leadership People Development Simplicity, Responsive, Stable, Functional Lower Administration, High Automation Ease of Access for Users – With Enhanced Security - Access from anywhere, anytime - One Identity - Business lead policies Effective Integration

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