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Elluminate Live! Workshop. Agenda Introductions Overview of Elluminate Live! Question Period.

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1 Elluminate Live! Workshop

2 Agenda Introductions Overview of Elluminate Live! Question Period

3 Introductions

4 Objectives To assist the Institute of Teaching and Learning in their use of Elluminate Live! –Using the features –Creating content –Building a sense of community

5 Discussion Areas Q&A on the features and controls in the virtual classroom from both a participant and moderator practice Tips on how to optimize the use of these features when delivering a Elluminate Live! session. Information and ideas on how to create rich engaging content for the virtual classroom Information on how to create an effective learning environment and reviews synchronous teaching methodology Best practices for pre-, in- and post-session set up A review of the applications of Elluminate Live! Tips on how to structure/manage an Elluminate Live! session. Maximizing the use of the Elluminate community Challenges/Best Practices

6 Overview of Elluminate Live!

7 The Moderator Interface

8 The Interface Elluminate Live! has four main areas: Participant Info Window Direct Messaging Window Audio Window Whiteboard Window Window Layouts:

9 Classroom Management Connection Speed Attendee List Privileges –Granting individually or simultaneously Hand Raising –Notifications –Sequencing –Lowering Emoticons Activity Indicators

10 Classroom Management Stepped Away Management Tools –Remove participants –Give and take moderator privileges Multiple Moderators –Lock a Room

11 Audio Window Optimal Microphone Setting Audio Set Up Utility Adjusting Participant’s Volume Audio Status Indicators Regaining Control of the Microphone Hot key: Ctrl+F2

12 Hot Keys Defaults –To press/release the TALK button: Ctrl+F2 –To take back control of an application: Ctrl+Space Re-Configure –Tools  Hot Key Configuration

13 Live Video Enable Video Show / Hide Video Window Preview / Transmit –Image Quality Selections –Video Privilege –Video Status Indicators

14 Polling Types –Tools  Polling Show / Hide responses Show statistics Clear responses

15 Geography Quiz: Question 1 Which country is highlighted? A. France B. Spain C. Italy D. Germany

16 Direct Messaging Window Send messages to: –All participants –One participant –A selected group of participants Public and Private Messages –Color coded (Black, Blue, Red) Insert Date / Time Stamps Direct Messaging Filter –New Message Notification Save Direct Messages

17 Whiteboard Tools Tools Tool Settings –Colour Palette, Line Thickness Deleting Objects

18 Whiteboard Objects Selecting Objects –All objects on the whiteboard are dynamic –Resize and reposition –Copy / Cut / Paste / Delete –Group / Ungroup –Background / Foreground –Move to Front / Back –Align / Distribute –Edit Text

19 Object Explorer Perform operations on single and multiple objects Correspond objects on the whiteboard to participants

20 Images Load Image Tool –Image File Selection Load Pre-existing Images –Clip Art

21 Screen Capture (App Snap)™ Load Image Tool –Obtain a static image of your entire desktop or a selected area

22 Customizing Clip Art Create your own Clip Art collections –Loaded on each time you join –Share collections with other users

23 Whiteboard Content Load button –Load Whiteboard, PowerPoint, StarOffice, OpenOffice presentations and image files

24 PowerPoint Converter and Presentation Wizard for Elluminate Live! Allows you to create high resolution, larger size whiteboard presentations Converts PowerPoint presentations, OpenOffice, StarOffice and PDF files to whiteboard files support/

25 Loading Whiteboard Content Whiteboard Status Indicators Protect Whiteboard Content Prevent attendees from saving and printing the whiteboard screens Scalable Whiteboard Area Maximize your view of the whiteboard

26 Navigating Methods –Forward and backward arrows –Whiteboard Screen drop-down menu

27 Whiteboard Permissions Follow Moderator –Keeps participants locked on your current screen –Notification Roam –Allows you to move through screens without affecting others

28 Creating Whiteboard Screens Screens –Insert, replace, as sub-topics –Create using or the File menu Screen Groups –Separate whiteboard content

29 Editing Whiteboard Screens Cut / Copy / Paste / Delete Screen size Screen name

30 Private Whiteboard Screens Private Work Area –Visible only to the user –Access it at any time –Participants can only access when Follow Moderator is de- selected

31 Saving & Printing Screens Save Screens –As a Whiteboard File –As a PDF File –Individually as Image Files Print Screens

32 Whiteboard Screen Explorer Screen Explorer –Perform operations on single and multiple screens simultaneously Tools  Whiteboard  Explore Screens

33 Recording a Session Begin Recording –Easy access controls –Tools  Recorder  Record Indicator Erase the recording while in a session –Tools  Recorder  Erase Recording… Recordings will be available through a link in an email link or on a web page

34 Application Sharing Great for product training and collaborating on documents Share presentations, applications or websites –Bring in rich and dynamic content –Increases interactivity Others can control the application and make changes or comments on the document

35 Application Sharing – Hosting To begin sharing –Open the application(s) you wish to share –Click to select an application, region or your entire desktop –Windows are automatically resized and repositioned based on your Hosting Options Giving / Taking Control –Take control: Ctrl+Spacebar Stop Application Sharing or Ctrl+End

36 Application Sharing - Settings Application Sharing Indicator Lights –View which users have not received the content Granting Privileges –Participants can also share applications

37 Application Sharing - Settings Scale to Fit –Scales content down to fit the Application Sharing window –Individual setting Optimize –Set by the host Tools  Application Sharing  Optimization –Depending on the content that you are sharing –Best Quality –Highest Speed

38 Remote Desktop Share Request control of another users desktop

39 Breakout Rooms Create small group activities –Collaborate on questions, scenarios, … Unlimited number of rooms and participants in each room Private Audio, Whiteboard, App Sharing –Move freely from room to room –Move whiteboard slides from room to room Activity in a breakout room can not be recorded

40 Breakout Rooms On-the-fly –Automatically open and close room Formal –Create rooms and pre- load content, then move participants

41 Managing Breakout Rooms Participants –Hand Raising –Private Messages –Activity Indicators Content –Follow Moderator –Viewing Content –Save / Copy / Paste Screens Close Room

42 Breakout Rooms Assign a “room leader” Give clear direction before placing participants into breakout rooms –Set time limit –Defined expected outcomes Monitor activity from within and outside the room

43 Breakout Rooms Create a breakout room summary sheet that will help you track the participants and content in each room. Breakout Room ParticipantsContentComments

44 Multimedia Library Load files and initiate playback –Mpeg, QuickTime, Flash –Participants will need the necessary plug-ins Download Status Indicators

45 Web Tour / Push Launch –Embedded window IE or Safari Synchronized by the moderator Participants can interact individually –Separate window for other browsers Moderators and participants can interact individually

46 Quiz Manager Interactive quiz tool Consists of multiple choice and short answer questions Quizzes can be created prior to the session or during –Pre- and post-tests during sessions –Conduct online surveys Store and load tests Publish and save results

47 Quiz Manager Enable the Quiz Manager Library Tab –Create, Load, Administer

48 Creating Quizzes Design Tab –Multiple-choice –Short-answer questions

49 Administering Quizzes Quiz Tab –Time limit –Stop quiz –Publish results

50 Synchronous Teaching Methodology and Best Practices

51 Advantages to Synchronous Sessions Immediate feedback Familiarity with the classroom model Reduces the feeling of isolation Ability to create content quickly –Web sites –Sharing applications –Leverage “Teacher Content” Freedom to communicate Excitement about the technology Flexibility in responding and interacting

52 Applications Instructor led tutoring Asynchronous Content Development Peer based tutoring Collaboration meeting rooms for student projects Staff Meetings Virtual Office Hours Teacher cohort / research groups Parent Advisory / Council Meetings Facilitating Homebound Students Global conferences / Worldwide access to other students Professional development / Teacher In-service Counseling Online Clubs Teacher Collaboration – sharing best practices, lesson plans

53 Best Practices Provide technical support to your participants –Orientation Session Online Live –Installing software –Setting up hardware –Provide technical contact information –Pre-Configuration is the key! –

54 Best Practices Session Structure –Set Ground Rules Establish clear norms for participation Session etiquette –Length 60 – 90 minutes –Modularize your content

55 Best Practices Include variety in your presentation –Change activities frequently Hold a participant’s interest and increase retention –Engage all learning styles Visual Auditory Kinesthetic

56 Best Practices Creating Visuals –Key Points Be legible Be interpreted easily Engage students Focus attention

57 Introductions

58 What is your favorite vacation spot?


60 Pre – Session Practice before leading your first session Become familiar with the session content Find comfortable place with no distractions to deliver the session from. Host the session with a co-moderator

61 Pre – Session Open web pages, applications needed for application sharing and screen captures Create breakout rooms and load content as necessary Conduct a sound check to ensure that all participants can hear and be heard Load your presentation

62 In – Session Ask questions and provide opportunity for interaction Animate your delivery Smile…your participants will be able to hear it!!! Look at the whole screen, not just the content Speak clearly and don’t rush

63 In – Session Encourage participants to respond and to raise their hand when they have a question or comment Mark-up every slide to provide visual stimulation and grab attention Include interactivity and variety by using breakout rooms, application sharing, multimedia, web tours, quizzes

64 Documentation/Training User Guides and Recorded Training Sessions are available at – Online training sessions available from the “Events” page

65 The Elluminati Goal –To provide a forum in which Elluminate’s customers can meet to share ideas, applications, best practices, etc –To provide an avenue to share content, recordings, and invite other Elluminate users to events

66 The Elluminati Elluminate User Group –Monthly live sessions Register at dule dule –Online Community Register at

67 Higher Education Customers and Case Studies

68 Sampling of Higher Ed Customers

69 Case Study Summaries by Use Category Medical –Ohio State University Dept. of Pharmacology –Nova Scotia Community College (Nursing) –Tennessee Tech University (Nursing) –University of Calgary Medical Center –University of Iowa Center for Rural & Environmental Health –University of Kansas Medical Center –University of Pittsburgh Center for Injury Research & Control MBA Programs –Babson College –Baylor University –Georgia State University –Penn State University –Tennessee Tech University –University of Iowa Engineering –California State University Northridge –Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

70 Case Study Summaries by Use Category LMS Integration –Baylor University –California State University Northridge –Chicago State State University –Deakin University, Australia –Iowa Central Community College –Northern Arizona University –Tennessee Tech University –University of Iowa Professional Development –Deakin University, Australia –Learning Times –New York Institute of Technology/NY State Teacher Centers –Penn State University –Sloan Consortium –Tennessee Tech University

71 Case Study Summaries by Use Category Blended Onsite/Online Events –Babson College –Baylor University –Chicago State University –Tennessee Tech University –University of Iowa –University of Kansas Medical Center –Univ. of Pittsburgh Ctr. for Injury Research & Control Online Events/Communities –California State University Northridge –Cognitive Science Society –Learning Times –Sloan Consortium Virtual Office Hours/Tutoring –Deakin University –Iowa Central Community College –Northern Arizona University –Ohio State University Dept. of Pharmacology –Penn State University

72 Case Study Summaries by Use Category Staff/Administrative Meeting/Collaboration –Chicago State University –Iowa Central Community College –Northern Arizona University –Tennessee Tech University –University of Hawaii Manoa Department of Education

73 Global Learning and Collaboration Archnet Challenge –Connect global online community of professionals –Implement real-time distance learning tool Elluminate Solution –Rich, dynamic collaboration –Full feature set that enabled sharing of design concepts Result –Facilitation of international online design competition with schools in UK, Mexico, UAE, Turkey, Egypt –Recorded lectures, real-time expert presentations –Student presentations of final designs “Elluminate Live! enabled us to push the boundaries of what we wanted to do.” - Shiraz Allibhai

74 Deliver Real-time, Web-based Education Babson College Challenge –Simulate face-to-face experience of traditional classroom –Add live interaction to distance education programs –Deliver blended online/onsite course offerings Elluminate Solution –Innovative, blended online/onsite environment –Same content as real-life classroom with same results Result –Host guest speakers who are unable to travel –Students can attend class even in bad weather –Offer group spaces for students for use without instructor –Support new focus on e-delivery model “We use Elluminate Live! to make courses available to students who wouldn’t normally have access.” - Tova Garcia Duby

75 Deliver Flexible, Affordable Synchronous Solution Baylor University Challenge –Add live interaction to online/blended courses –Increase flexibility for working adult students Elluminate Solution –Easy installation, integration with Blackboard –Easy to use for teachers, students, administrators –Excellent product documentation Result –Flexible, cost-effective solution for campus-wide roll out –Web-based learning for on-campus, remote students –Ability to offer pre-recorded, narrated lessons “When you look at the features versus the cost, it’s hard to be convinced that there’s anything out there better to use.” - Sandy Bennett

76 Facilitate Interactive Online Teaching, Research BCcampus Challenge –Add synchronous content to online communities –Enhance professional development services Elluminate Solution –Embedded virtual conference room as part of Learning Times services –Encourages collaboration, partnership between universities –Informal, self-service environment Result –Synchronous interaction and collaboration, regardless of location –Reduced travel and organization of face-to-face events –Invaluable 24/7 access from work or home “Elluminate Live! is easy to use and provides a real payoff for the users.” - David Porter

77 Deliver Live Interaction to Distance Education California State University Northridge Challenge –Add synchronous content to WebCT-based program –Mirror activities of traditional classroom Elluminate Solution –High-quality VoIP, multi-platform support –WebCT integration –No long learning curve –Unlimited use campus wide Result –Virtual classroom with same results as face-to-face –Creation of online community of users –Dramatically increased retention with record/playback “With Elluminate Live! pedagogy drives technology, not the other way around.” - Randall Cummings

78 Deliver Synchronous Content to Distance Education Chicago State University Challenge –Add synchronous content to distance education –Enable collaboration for blended online/onsite courses Elluminate Solution –Easy installation, integration with Blackboard –Convenient hosted solution –Web-based environment for faculty and staff meetings Result –Inter-university collaboration –Interaction, collaboration between students, regardless of location “We were aware of other products, but Elluminate Live! met out needs.” - Julian Scheinbuks

79 Online Seminar with Multimedia Collaboration Cognitive Science Society Challenge –Ability to bring in users from remote locations –Multi-platform support –Support for high quality multimedia Elluminate Solution –International and multi-platform support –Quality multimedia and whiteboard –Easy-to-use interface Result –Run blended events for hundreds of users with 200+ users worldwide –Won 2004 LOLA Award for Interactivity and Engagement in a Live Webcast “Researchers from around the globe can experience the Elluminate Live! session in its entirety, even after the fact.” – Thomas B. Ward

80 Add Dynamic Interaction to Distance Education Deakin University, Australia Challenge –Add live interaction to online environment –Enable cross-campus teaching without travel Elluminate Solution –Multi-platform support, comprehensive functionality –Simplicity of implementation, use –Responsive local customer service –WebCT integration Result –Synchronous content for courses –Decreased travel for instructors, students –Professional development for teachers and staff “Elluminate was the only vendor confident enough to demo without telephone back up.” - Ian Smissen

81 Deliver Dynamic Interaction for Courses and Meetings Georgia State University Challenge –Add synchronous delivery to distance education –Support multi-platform environment and low bandwidth connectivity Elluminate Solution –Convenient hosted environment –Rich feature set, multi-platform support Result –Enhanced interaction across campus, state, globe –Easy archiving and retrieval of session recordings –Real alternative to online instruction “The company provides the best support I’ve ever had, and that’s a great stress reducer for me.” - Tricia Anderson

82 Reduce Costs, Reach More Students Iowa Central Community College Challenge –Explore ways to make fiber optic system more cost effective –Serve larger student population in rural areas Elluminate Solution –Same content and interaction as traditional classroom –Superior user experience that enhances learning, regardless of location Result –Leveraged use of fiber optic network –Expanded course offerings –Decreased costs “Word of mouth continues to spur interest in using Elluminate Live! Our best selling factor is positive student and teacher feedback.” - T.J. Martin

83 Webinars, Collaboration, and Online Communities LearningTimes Challenge –Find best solution for synchronous eLearning –Facilitate classes, workshops, online conferences, group collaboration –Need for cross-platform, low-bandwidth solution Elluminate Solution –Real-time group collaboration from committed vendor –Superior functionality, ease of use, world-class support Result –Superior user experience –Expanded reach of programs –Significant cost savings –Competitive advantage “Anyone who enjoys teaching in a face-to-face classroom can adapt easily to the Elluminate Live! environment.” – John Walber

84 Add Live Interaction for Students Worldwide Mount Saint Vincent University Challenge –Expand distance education offerings –Add synchronous communication, collaboration Elluminate Solution –Affordable, easy-to-use, intuitive interface –Single solution with many applications –Synchronous interaction at a distance Result –Flexibility, interaction for busy students –Part of multi-mode facilitation tool set that enables students to move forward in career, life –Nomination for National Technology Innovation Award “Over 90% of students surveyed said they would take another course using Elluminate Live!” - Robert Farmer

85 Add Dynamic Interaction for Online Events New York Institute of Technology/NY State Teacher Centers Challenge –Two organizations with single need –Enhance communication –Improve connection between students and instructors –Enhance student/mentor relationships Elluminate Solution –Reliable, easy-to-use tool for live eLearning –Flexible toolkit with multi-platform support Result –Meaningful connection between mentor, teacher, student –Increased interaction, enhanced creativity –Hybrid environment with Elluminate, video conferencing “We’ve found Elluminate Live! to be the perfect environment to offer both technical and emotional support to our instructors.” - Stan Silverman

86 Empower Live, Online Teaching and Learning Northern Arizona University Challenge –Facilitate human interaction for distance learning –Faculty control over interactions with each other, students Elluminate Solution –Low bandwidth connectivity, multi-platform support –WebCT Vista integration –Robust VoIP, ADA compliance Result –Real-time collaboration for researchers –State-wide administrative meetings –Instructor virtual office hours –Synchronous interaction for online courses “Elluminate Live! enables us to offer a broader solution that can support all campus activities, not just online courses.”- Don Carter

87 Enhance Distance Learning Program Nova Scotia Community College Challenge –Add live component to over 275 online courses –Regionally distributed users base –Dial-up users Elluminate Solution –Easy-to-use virtual classroom –Quality VoIP, even on dial-up Result –Increased accessibility for students –Instructor meeting and collaboration –Recorded software training for students “Elluminate Live! works beautifully, even in areas where connectivity isn’t the best.” – Mike Kidney

88 Deliver Dynamic Interaction and Collaboration Ohio State University College of Pharmacy Challenge –Provide more interactivity than WebCT or Office Hours Live –Enhance reliability, increase collaboration Elluminate Solution –Features that support classroom orientation –Supports both instructor-led classes and student group work –No hassle ASP environment Result –Mirror activities of traditional classroom for remote students –Ability to record workshops to facilitate review for exams –Received Excellence in College and University Distance Education National Award “Elluminate Live! enabled us to move from simple online chat to a true virtual classroom.” - Anand Khuma

89 Challenge –Support the university’s asynchronous courses –23,000 students enrolled in 50 states, 44 countries –Mixed OS environment with some dial-up users Elluminate Solution –Virtual classroom –Multi-platform support –Crystal-clear voice –Application sharing Result –Added interaction to courses in iMBA program –Virtual office hours –Student-led collaboration –Technical support for training new instructors Enhance Distance Learning Program Penn State University Online MBA Program “With Elluminate Live! I can create a sense of community for remote students.” – Dr. Iris Striedieck

90 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Challenge –Add synchronous content, interactivity to existing video conferencing –Incorporate cameras into all lecture halls Elluminate Solution –Dependable real-time, interactive eLearning environment –Crystal-clear two-way audio Result –Used virtual classroom more than video equipment –Reduced number of technologies required to deliver remote courses –Increased interactivity –Lower cost to deliver courses

91 Host Webinars and Blended Events Sloan Consortium Challenge –Add easy to use synchronous interaction for 700 organizations –Blended events for both onsite and virtual users –Multiple platform support, rural users Elluminate Solution –Synchronous environment –Low learning curve –International support Result –Running blended events for hundreds of users, including session with 369 international participants –Enthusiastic interaction “Every time a session was interactive, it helped pull people out a little bit more.” – Keith Bourne

92 Deliver Dynamic Interaction Internationally Tennessee Tech University Challenge –Enable students to present online in real time –Reliable connectivity, even in rural areas Elluminate Solution –Stand alone or combined with WebCT –Superior user experience that enhances learning –Perfect fit for visually based distance education model Result –High levels of student cooperation and interaction –Improved test scores with access to recorded course material –Flexible virtual classroom for teaching and meeting on scheduled and ad hoc basis “Elluminate Live! is geared specifically toward higher education, unlike other solutions.” - R.J. Clougherty, PhD

93 Deliver Interactivity to Remote Students University of Calgary Medical Center Challenge –Several dedicated rooms with video conferencing equipment –Point-to-point ISND to sites across Alberta Elluminate Solution –Integrate video conferencing into Elluminate –All video and audio transmitted through Elluminate to those who can’t get to dedicated video sites Result –Expand reach beyond video conference sites –Enable more students to attend courses –Reduce cost and space required by additional video sites

94 Expand Course Delivery, Reduce Costs University of Hawaii Manoa College of Education Challenge –Address statewide teacher shortage –Reduce instructor travel, need for expensive, interactive TV Elluminate Solution –Reliable Internet connectivity, even at low bandwidths –Support for faculty meetings, professional development –Access for disabled students Result –Shift from travel to synchronous education –Eclipsed need for interactive TV technology –Ability to relate to students in new ways “Elluminate Live! will enable us to eliminate a single weekend of travel this semester, resulting in about $4500 in savings.” - Dr. Paul McKimmy

95 Challenge –Augment classroom learning –Reach international students online Elluminate Solution –Reliable connectivity with global reach –Stand alone or integrated with CMS Result –International collaboration and training for Center for International Rural and Environmental Health –Online content for Executive MBA Program –Productive meetings for national consortium of IT leaders Professional Development and Collaboration University of Iowa “Once we started using Elluminate Live! our meetings immediately became shorter and more productive.” – Margaret Jesse

96 Deliver Synchronous Content University of Kansas Medical Center Challenge –Replace WebEx, eliminating need for second phone line –Option for ASP hosting –Record sessions for later playback Elluminate Solution –Easy to implement, easy to administer, easy to use –Innovative technology that works, regardless of connection speed –Responsive, supportive partner Result –Mirror activities of traditional classroom –Ability to integrate with asynchronous LMS –Productive, positive experience “With Elluminate Live! the focus is on teaching and learning, not on the product.” - Darrin Cheney

97 Blended Events/International Collaboration Univ. of Pittsburgh Center for Injury Research & Control Challenge –Needed online teaching tool –Support for local, national and international end users –Record lectures for future review Elluminate Solution –Real-time interaction –Blended events of onsite and remote participants Result –Focus on collaboration, not technology –Fully integrated blended events –Library of recordings “That’s what’s wonderful about Elluminate Live! - the sky’s the limit!” – Hank Weiss

98 Discussion Period

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