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Directory & Secure Messaging.... a better connected primary care environment. Phase Two Training Workshop 27 May 2008.

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1 Directory & Secure Messaging.... a better connected primary care environment. Phase Two Training Workshop 27 May 2008

2 iHealth Care: Objectives Intended objectives are to: gain a clear understanding of the services on offer through implementation the of iHealth Care receive Medical Objects installation and certification training Briefly overview the application process for a location and individual PKI certificates share ideas and strategies for local implementation of iHealth Care

3 iHealth Care: Overview Connecting Queensland for Better Patient Care General Practice Queensland was awarded a DoHA Managed Health Network Grant in April 2007 to develop and implement iHealth Care for Queensland Primary Health Care Providers. Initial offerings have been endorsed by the iHealth Care Governance Committee and approved by General Practice Queensland Board for: 1.Directory 2.Secure Messaging (fully funded for 2 years) iHealth Care is the new approach to health communication in Queensland. iHealth Care’s aim is to improve communication between GPs, specialists, allied health professionals, pharmacists, hospitals and aged care facilities. There are two initial services—the iHealth Care Directory, which lists contact details for health providers in Queensland, and a free secure messaging service provided by Medical-Objects. Together, these two iHealth Care services are connecting Queensland for better patient care.

4 What will a better connected Primary Care environment bring? Security Reliability Easy to use & Integrated Quick and direct communication between: GP – Allied Health GP – Hospital GP – Specialist GP – Aged Care GP – Pharmacy Saves time Efficient information transfer Reduced Medico-legal risk Reallocation of human resources (i.e. not scanning or faxing)

5 Benefits Estimated Savings – GPs 1 $1994.80 per FTE GP per year (Admin savings) Estimated Savings – Specialists 50 letters/wk = Savings of $1300/yr (stamps, not including stationary) 1 Costings quoted by Hunter Urban Division of General Practice

6 The iHealth Care experience So far….

7 iHealth Care Experience Phase 1 Workshop 22 nd April 2008 General Practice Cairns (Northern Area Health Service) Capricornia (Rockhampton) Central QLD Rural (Biloela Emerald) Redcliffe Bribie Caboolture GPpartners (Brisbane North) (Central Area Health Service) Ipswich & West Moreton (Southern Area Health Service)

8 iHealth Care experience… … what has worked and for follow-up… iHealth Care information evenings Good engagement strategy Invite broad audience of health providers in your local health system network Option for follow-up visits to local hospitals, providers Specialists benefit from having GPs involved in iHealth Care (and GPs benefit from specialists involved to facilitate referral) Unlikely specialists will attend events. Target practice managers instead Add a statement in the footer section of letter templates which indicates a preference to receive correspondence electronically via Medical Objects Private hospital engagement Medical-Objects may already have an existing relationship via existing clients (Specialists) Local Queensland Health representatives want two-way communication and to integrate with iHealth Care Co-location of GPs within QHealth facilities who have rights to private practice Follow-up with QH corporate office (STS)

9 Next phase of iHealth Care and you….

10 Phase 2 Workshop 27 May 2008 and 3 rd June 2008 Far North Queensland Rural North West Queensland Primary Health Care Townsville General Practice Network (Northern Area Health Service) Mackay Division of General Practice Sunshine Coast Division of General Practice Wide Bay Division of General Practice (Central Area Health Service) Brisbane South of General Practice General Practice Logan Area Network Gold Coast Division of General Practice GP Connections (Toowoomba) RHealth (Toowoomba) South East Alliance of General Practice (Southern Area Health Service)

11 Sign up to iHealth Care starts with a consent form….

12 iHealth Care: opt-in Consent Form

13 iHealth Care Support Package: Resources iHealth Care Directory iHealth Care Website iHealth Care Information Packs - packs to be sent to Divisions upon request Fully funded secure messaging for two (2) years i.e. subsidised for GPs, Specialists, Divisions, Allied Health, Pharmacists and Aged Care

14 iHealth Care Support Package: Implementation Train-the-trainer Workshop —this is what today is about All printed/electronic resources – place your order IM Team Division visits and/or onsite help – let us know Medical-Objects support options: onsite installation; remote installation; training local IT providers – let MO know Division Funding: Base payment and Sign-up Incentive Funding: >80% GPs – CEO update next Monday (2/6/08) Promotional Articles; GPQ Website, AAPM, RACGP, AMAQ, other colleges and associations – to commence Promotional Activities; Queensland Division Forums, AGPAL, and Queensland Health events - ongoing iHealth Care Office (Kat Murray) and contact 1800 620 046

15 iHealth Care: Sign-up Strategies There are multiple strategies of obtaining sign-up to iHealth Care A range of strategies may be used by each Division Strategy APre-populated consent form + fax or email out Strategy B Email/Fax blank form with cover letter Strategy CPhone + Mail-out of iHealth Care Fact Sheets Strategy D Division Newsletters Strategy EDivision Website Strategy FFace-to-face visits Strategy G CPD or similar information events Strategy HTraining of local IT providers Strategy INetworks: Practice Managers, Practice Nurses, Specialists etc Strategy JStatement on the footer of GP letter templates Strategy KWord-of-mouth Strategy JOther

16 iHealth Care Resources iHealth Care iHealth Care Website Folders Consent Forms – General Practitioner, Specialist & Allied Health Directory Fact Sheet – FAQs Secure Messaging Fact Sheet - FAQs Practice User Guide Medicare PKI application – 100 points of ID required iHealth Care PowerPoint presentation – signup events Help Flow Chart 1.Division [Insert Division contact] 2.iHealth Care 1800 620 046 3.Medicare1800 700 199 4.Medical Objects 07 5456 6000

17 iHealth Care: Folder

18 iHealth Care: opt-in Consent Form

19 Directory Fact Sheet Providing better, safer, faster distribution of clinical healthcare information to GPs, specialists and allied health professionals.

20 Secure Messaging Fact Sheet Simple and fast communication…. receive secure patient results, summaries and other information to eliminate time scanning and filing.

21 iHealth Care Directory Practice User Guide

22 Medicare PKI application

23 iHealth Care: Help Flow Chart iHealth Care Help Desk 1800 620 046

24 iHealth Care: 2010 and beyond What happens after 2 years?

25 Thank you

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