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GPDV is a QIC accredited organisation PDSA: the tool for any journey Kerry Hollier General Practice Victoria.

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1 GPDV is a QIC accredited organisation PDSA: the tool for any journey Kerry Hollier General Practice Victoria

2 Presentation Outline The PDSA part of the Improvement Model The PDSA Library – The Count The Report Card –What was done well – examples –What needed strengthening -examples Access to further Good Examples

3 The PDSA cycle

4 What constitutes a good PDSA? Simplicity Clarity Realism Related to a measurable goal Easily understood & readily communicated Collaborative Evaluated and checked continuously Cyclical

5 The PDSA Library The COUNT  86 PDSA submitted  Care Planning  Assessment  GP engagement  Building the Team  Systematic care  Client Involvement  72% of Agencies submitted every month

6 PDSA Report Card GoodNeeds Improving Team Building Options, alternatives and teamSpecifically answering the 3 fundamental questions Goal setting & Setting Measures Planning : Identifying why, what and who ……………… Planning : the when, where and how……………… Doing it ! Gathering anecdotal feedbackStudying & Reporting measurable feedback. Evaluating the results Action & Moving Forward Each PDSA round they have got better and better !

7 Is the Goal SMART? –“Setting goals is more than deciding what you want to do. It involves figuring out what you need to do to get where you want to go. And how long it will take you to get there” Annette Richmond : Stop Dreaming & Start Doing! Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time framed

8 Good ExamplesNeeds Improving Examples Remove all old SCTT documents from all sites and replace with the new tool by 1/1/2010 Increase the number of care plans used for clients with chronic disease Establish a project team by November 30 th from across the agency who will develop and implement a project plan to meet specified care planning goals by April 30 th Establish Multidisciplinary care planning Complete an audit of 30 allied health client files and table results on an excel spreadsheet Audit files

9 Good ExamplesNeeds Improving Examples Plan What : Conduct a meeting to gain commitments from team members previously identified and update members about PDSA methodology, workshop learning, baseline data status and the draft project plan. Who: PDSA Project coordinator, CDM coordinator, CDM diabetes educator, CDM respiratory Nurse, CDM Cardiac Nurse When: October 27th 2.30 pm Where: Community Health consult Room 3 Predictions: Meeting will be held and all nominees will agree to participate in planning team. Discussions will take place around PDSA cycle methodology, workshop learnings, baseline data and the draft project plan Data to be collected : New Ideas, Names of nominees for team Plan Map each assessment tool onto an excel spread sheet and assess for repetitive Q, send evaluation report to the internal steering committee for review that’s the What: but what about the ?Who:?When:?Where:?Predictions : ? Data to be collected :? Number of assessment & care plans in use. Completeness of tool ?

10 Good ExamplesNeeds Improving Examples Study MDS data is not complete on new form. It will be necessary to modify it and add new sections to capture required data. Use of the new tool has resulted in a strength based comprehensive & holistic assessment.Outcome: increased referrals to outside agencies because assessments are more comprehensive Study Physio and dietician also contributed valuable information into the booklet. Well received by management Being added to EIiCD report. Study Gaps were identified, these were mainly around the clients involvement in the care plan development.

11 Access to Good Examples The PDSA Library insert for your workbooks will feature good PDSA examples –Some from this group –Some from the GP Engagement group –Some from Early Intervention in Chronic Disease projects –Some from the International Health Institute –Some from Australian Primary Care Collaborative

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