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K-6 ICT SHOWCASE a celebration of learning Stu Hasic - Sydney Region IT Services Unit Episode 3 – March 2010.

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1 K-6 ICT SHOWCASE a celebration of learning Stu Hasic - Sydney Region IT Services Unit Episode 3 – March 2010

2 Change the World... One week in the lives of the students of Bangalow Public School using ICTs to showcase their initiatives

3 “We learn more by looking for the answer to a given question and not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself.” - Lloyd Alexander

4 “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” - Alvin Toffler

5 Some Sydney Region K-6 Teachers have changed… Ian.Bishop@YowieBayPS RFF teacher (multi-stage) Information Sharer, Intranet and Internet Webmaster, IWB practitioner Useless Trivia: Did you know Lara Bingle was born in Yowie Bay?

6 IWBs@YBPS The school selected Interwrite Boards They had to work out the IWB Software Ian is the only one of the original three teachers still at the school Yowie Bay PS first invested in three IWBs four years ago, one of the first schools to do so Three separate stage teachers were allocated a board and projector for their classroom Ian was one of the chosen teachers

7 IWBs@YBPS Ian runs regular PD sessions with all staff every Thursday morning Now staff work with SmartNotebook 2008-2009 saw the introduction of Smartboards into every classroom, bar one – the Connected Classroom (2010) With Ian’s assistance, all teachers at the school became proficient in ActivStudio

8 RFF with Ian.Bishop@YBPS YBPS is fortunate to have access to a newly updated PC Lab with 29 new Lenovo computers Ian has been working as an RFF Teacher taking Maths and ICT groups into the PC Lab Each class gets at least 1 x 45 min session per wk Through regular access, all students from K through 6 build essential skills Logging on for all students is second nature, meaning students can get on with using and creating with ICTs

9 Sharing: Ian.Bishop Style The gateway to Ian’s web pages: A few years ago, Ian decided to collect and share the resources that he found in the internet to support the use of ICTs and IWBs in the classroom His links websites are categorised, updated and added to Shared with his school and with the whole region!

10 Thanks to Ian.Bishop@YBPS Well done Ian! Yowie Bay Public School - moving ahead with ICTs - The RFF ICT model is currently working well for Yowie Bay PS, but is it a case of “all eggs in one basket?” - Ian’s next step is to spread his enthusiasm for learning to the other teachers

11 Some Sydney Region K-6 Teachers have changed… Shanti.Clements@SydneyDistEdPS Deputy Principal Digitally delivering K-6 education to students outside of normal school situations Digital Designer, ICT Leader, Moodler, Virtual Constructionist, Ed-Tech Presenter

12 What does Sydney Distance Ed PS do? Providing continuing school education to students away from school for various reasons: Medical / Travelling / Expelled Students away for 12 weeks or more Currently supporting over 300 Australian students in multiple countries

13 Shanti.Clements@SDEPS With Internet, videoconferencing and other easy communication options, pedagogy has changed 4 years ago, teachers at the school knew none of this ICT stuff they are now so immersed in Shanti has been a major driver of change

14 Shanti.Clements@SDEPS SDEPS has so far developed 24 COGs units for Smart Notebook and rewrote Best Start for DET The staff at SDEPS were assessed at the base level of CLAS in ‘06. In 2009 they were reassessed and all staff are now at Levels 3 or 4

15 Staff Development with Shanti.Clements Teachers want professional learning in ICT that links clearly to pedagogy and curriculum. They don’t want PD that focusses only on computer skills. Shanti runs fortnightly tech sessions and presents at School Development Days

16 A Whole School Team Approach at SDEPS

17 Shanti.Clements@SydneyDistanceEdPS Why does Shanti do all of this? - She has personally seen the difference embedding ICT makes - Engagement: Students AND Staff - She believes in it Well done Shanti!

18 Why you should follow the lead of Ian & Shanti…

19 Questions?

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