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K-6 ICT SHOWCASE a celebration of learning Stu Hasic - Sydney Region IT Services Unit Episode 1 – September 2009.

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1 K-6 ICT SHOWCASE a celebration of learning Stu Hasic - Sydney Region IT Services Unit Episode 1 – September 2009

2 Things have changed… Video from

3 In order to do new things, teachers must learn.

4 In order to do new things, students must learn.

5 More Change is needed. The “teacher” MUST become the “expert learner” …unless we want our students to start to say: “stop interrupting my learning with your teaching!” – a Tweet by Matthew Wells

6 Some Sydney Region K-6 Teachers have changed… Barbara.Schaffer@CanterburySouthPS Kindergarten teacher Collaborative Learner, Blogmaster Educational Technologist

7 Blogging with KS@CSPS DET Blog Trial Term 2, 2009

8 Blogging with KS@CSPS Building relationships with new parents and their families - parents getting more involved from home Out of 20 students, 6 can now independently blog - The others are supported by their year 6 buddies - one student has 26 letters in her logon name

9 Blogging with KS@CSPS “Quality of student writing is really improving.” - both on-line and on paper Cross-curriculum work is blogged - Phonemes, Fundamental Movement Skills, Maths Pattern Making, Jellybeans Music Program

10 Blogging with KS@CSPS The DET Blog Trial is continuing at the school in KS - but is also now being extended into other classes Barbara says she learns something new for each lab session - Photoshop Elements, Video, Photostory, Blog Plug-ins - “Self-learning is important – if you don’t know how, find out.”

11 Blogging with KS@CSPS Well done Barbara! Canterbury South just got their Connected Classroom - KS really wanted to see what it was about, so an impromptu videoconference was arranged with Bambos the next day just to say hello. Barbara’s mission now is to master the IWB. KS Online Blog: Highlights: -Book Week ParadeBook Week Parade - Independent bloggingIndependent blogging

12 Some Sydney Region K-6 Teachers have changed… Craig.Snudden@Engadine Year 5 teacher Proving daily you don’t need the latest gear Class Blog, Wiki, TeacherTube Producer, School Website Master, Stop-Motion Animator, Smartboard Operator, Twitterer, Lifelong-Learner

13 5S@EngadinePS A Shared mini computer lab is at the back of the room - 8 Windows PCs and 4 eMacs with a Windows Server - The neighbouring 5/6 class rarely uses the lab but sees 5S in there every day, with students usually working independently The Smartboard is the ONLY board in the classroom - It’s on all day and all students use it too

14 TeacherTube is a major repository for much of the work that 5S does with multiple videos published each week. The class has produced over 20 separate videos covering multiple KLAs, with over 4,000 views to date. From debating to cooking to maths to stop-motion animation and science experiments. Video camera, web-cam and now with Pocket video cam. They use MovieMaker, iMovie, ICanAnimate – Windows and Mac

15 5S@EngadinePS Mr Snudden’s Wiki – a new direction for the class - A place to catalogue links to resources used in class - Those resources are not lost when a topic has been completed - Some Wiki pages have student ownership – eg. Sports Report Page, plus individual student pages - News, pics, videos and discussions – all in one place. This is a closed wiki, only accessible via invitation.

16 5S@EngadinePS 5S EPS Blog – another new direction for the class - The 5S Blog has only just started - The school pays $5 per month to allow managed class access - It will be a publicly-visible repository for their classwork, providing a potential worldwide audience

17 5S@EngadinePS The Engadine PS Website – gateway to the community - While Craig started the website using the new DET Service, he has now managed to get all staff at the school to contribute - News, photos, newsletters and permission notes - Easy to update from home and can even embed class videos

18 5S@EngadinePS - Craig is a self-learner, but he relies on his PLN to keep him up to date with everything ed-tech. An active Twitterer, a member of the Sydney Region ICT Forum and regular ICT Day attendee. - Now they create DVDs, on-line surveys and shared web links - Just three short years ago, Craig was doing none of this in class. Collaborative Learning in Class, Professional Learning Network for Craig

19 Why you should follow the lead of Barbara & Craig… Video from

20 Next time… Kate.Hurst @BotanyPS …plus You?

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