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Useful K-6 resources Term 1 2007 Lena Arena ICT Consultant K-12 9582 2810

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1 Useful K-6 resources Term Lena Arena ICT Consultant K

2 2007 ICT Projects Creating WebQuests for the K-12 curriculum Integrating technology into COGs Using technology to engage students in the middle years Using the free software “Hot Potatoes” to develop interactive web based teaching resources PowerPoint and peripherals in the K-12 curriculum

3 ICT Workshops 2007 Integrating ICT into the 7-12 Science curriculum Integrating ICT into the 7-12 Mathematics curriculum Spreadsheets and charts in the K-6 curriculum Using Memories on TV V3 program to develop video slide shows from digital still images

4 ICT Workshops 2007 Video editing using Windows Movie Maker Using Dreamweaver to create web pages Introducing animation using Flash

5 Other professional Learning Opportunities Digital Film Making –April 11, 12, Macquarie University ICT Innovations Centre –$300 –Enquiries to Margaret Fitzgerald on or au au Intel Teach Program: Essentials Course – learning/Intel_Teach/intel_teach_essen tials_courses.shtm learning/Intel_Teach/intel_teach_essen tials_courses.shtm

6 TaLe TLF Learning Objects in TaLe (catalog)

7 Useful web resources -Energy Alliant Energy Kids – lent2/groups/public/documents/pub/ phk_ hcsp lent2/groups/public/documents/pub/ phk_ hcsp What is Energy? – p?s=7&rs=13&uid=302&lg=en p?s=7&rs=13&uid=302&lg=en Energy Kid’s Page – Energy Education – /default.asp /default.asp

8 Useful web resources - Energy Energy Quest – x.html x.html

9 Useful web resources - Family All about me quilt – sources/kidpix/quilt.html sources/kidpix/quilt.html American Family: Online interactive family tree – tree/ tree/ Kidzzone – One World – s/bookclub/oneworld/index.asp s/bookclub/oneworld/index.asp

10 Useful web resources - Family Out on a Limb – t/index.html t/index.html What is a Family? – archskills/family.htm archskills/family.htm

11 Australian Government Web Resources About Australia – australia australia Australian Symbols – Its An Honour – x.cfm x.cfm Australian Parliament –

12 General web resources Inter-Lace: A web page for students and teachers –http://members.oz cey/index.htmlhttp://members.oz cey/index.html Daisy Maths – free downloadable program for Mac and Windows –

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