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Page 1: Baker IDI Baker IDI Education Services Team.

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1 Page 1: Baker IDI Baker IDI Education Services Team

2 Page 2: Baker IDI Strategies for Education & Training Delivery of expert diabetes care Health promotion, capacity building / workforce development Development of resources for clients, carers and health professionals Clinical research focusing on education service delivery

3 Page 3: Baker IDI Health Professional Training & Education Programs held at Baker IDI –Intensive programs –Workshops –Corporate Training Annual symposium with Diabetes Australia Victoria External training eg. Royal District Nursing Services, Deakin University Victoria, Mayfield Education Centre, Melbourne Victoria,

4 Page 4: Baker IDI Further Education & Training Lifestyle modification program delivered nationally to facilitators – Reset for Life Intensive and comprehensive education program for allied health professionals from around Australia and NZ Online education program for GP’s in collaboration with Monash University Postgraduate lecture program and Clinical placement for undergraduate and postgraduate Collateral - Carbohydrate counting resource, pump information booklet, The Shopper’s guide to healthy foods, Living with Type 2 Diabetes, Flex IT booklet for people with Type 1 Diabetes, ED Assessment & Clinical Pathway and healthy food labeling tips card

5 Page 5: Baker IDI Baker IDI -Health Promotion Plan Capacity Building Promotion of Physical Activity Healthy Eating Prevention of Diabetes

6 Page 6: Baker IDI Health Promotion Activities Reset - Lifestyle Modification Program Satellite education clinics, providing one on one and group programs Lift for Life (Strength training for people at of or with type 2 diabetes )

7 Page 7: Baker IDI Commercial Projects Self management programs -with the aim of complications prevention Australian GP Network – on line education packages Education Tools development

8 Page 8: Baker IDI Direct Client Care Education Programs Individual consultations with a diabetes educator, dietician or counsellor –Pre-diabetes –Type 1 Diabetes –Type 2 Diabetes –Ambulatory stabilisation on to insulin –Continous Glucose Monitoring Systems –Continous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion stabilisation –Weight management –Carbohydrate counting

9 Page 9: Baker IDI Direct Client Care Education Programs Group education programs –BALANCE Type 2 diabetes management program –FlexIT Flexible insulin therapy for Type 1 diabetes –Supermarket tours –Introduction to Pump therapy –Preparation for Pump therapy

10 Page 10: Baker IDI Quality Improvement Baker IDI have achieved 3 year accreditation QICSA – Quality Improvement Community Service Accreditation

11 Page 11: Baker IDI Research Projects Review Paper on diabetes prevention programs published in Therapy (International Journal) Pre and Post pump CGMS study Pumps vs. Intensive MDI ed programs retrospective study Effect of fermented vs. non-fermented diary products on lipid levels (Dairy Board) Sustagen and efficacy for use in people with diabetes (Nestle) Presentations and posters at ADEA/ADS Commencement of ongoing evaluation of programs

12 Page 12: Baker IDI Academic and Clinical Partnerships Provide services at Local Private Hospital Provide lectures to students enrolled in Mayfield Certificate of Diabetes Education, Royal District Nursing Service Provide clinical placement for students from Mayfield, Deakin, Latrobe, and Monash Mark assignments for Diabetes module of Master of Family Medicine, Monash University

13 Page 13: Baker IDI Broader Partnerships and Collaboration Community Health Service Divisions of GP Diabetes Australia - Victoria Education Institutes

14 Page 14: Baker IDI Priorities for change in diabetes education and management Prevention of type 2 diabetes Capacity Building and improve allied health professional diabetes management and educational skills Development of education programs and resources for clients, carers and health professionals Fostering the integration of heart disease and diabetes research, education and management Partnerships and collaboration with Primary Care Providers, and other organizations including divisions of GP’s Committed consumer empowerment through greater consultation with consumer

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