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Influences on Curriculum Change ESP410 – Human Movement Pedagogy 3.

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2 Influences on Curriculum Change ESP410 – Human Movement Pedagogy 3

3 Task 1: In groups of 4 - 6: Discuss: What happens when people find themselves in a situation of change?  How do they tend to think?  What are their likely feelings?

4 Things that happen when people find themselves in a situation of change : Feel awkward, ill-at-ease, self-conscious Think of what have to give up, rather than what have to gain Feel alone Frequent changes are overwhelming Differing levels of readiness for change Concern re resources If the pressure is off people will revert to old ways (Fullan 1998)

5 Task 2: In your groups: Why does change fail? –list 10 or more underlying reasons – be prepared to list and explain your groups answers, I will call on you randomly.

6 Task 2 (cont) : Why does change fail? –what were the strengths of your group’s interactions in completing this task? – what change or refinement would you make to help your group work together in the future?

7 From previous task: Creating a collaborative culture helps teachers to: build on existing expertise pool resources provide mutual support create a climate of trust confront problems / celebrate successes deal with unanticipated problems feel empowered

8 Task 3: In your groups: Discuss: The forces that drive change? –list 6 or more forces – be prepared to list and explain your groups answers

9 Forces driving change Examples include: community technology political economy credibility: people want more and more from public education complexity: competing demands of governments and interest groups (Hargreaves and Fullan, 1998)

10 Features of change it’s a PROCESS not an EVENT: –it requires- time - energy - resources it is achieved incrementally and entails development in feelings and skills in using new programs it should lead to improvement Do you think this is how teachers would see the implementation of the core curriculum??

11 Features of change To work, it must be supported by individuals first (ie institutions cannot change until the individuals within them support the innovations) It is a learning process in itself

12 Task 4: Back to your groups: What type of change is likely to impact you in your teaching? 1. Outline the broad categories 2. For your scenario outline: the likely problems you could encounter strategies you could employ to overcome resistance

13 Antagonists of change futilitarians faint-hearts the old regime bureaucrats nostalgics

14 How to resist change set up a committee remain ignorant “the wrong time” “haven’t really given a fair go to the current system” “creating a dangerous precedent

15 Stages of Teacher Concern about an innovation / change (Hall) awareness informational personal management consequence collaboration refocusing

16 Task 5: In your groups again: Dealing with resistance Think of a situation where you encountered strong resistance What actions did you take initially? What other actions could you have taken?

17 In dealing with resistance Did you: use power? manipulate those who oppose? apply force of reason? ignore resistance? make deals? kill the messenger? give in too soon?

18 In dealing with resistance Or did you: persevere? respect those who resist? listen with interest to the other perspective? stay calm and engaged? join with the resistance and find other possibilities?

19 Levels of use of an innovation / change (Hall) nonuse orientation preparation mechanical use routine refinement integration renewal

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