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HP Data Protector Software

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1 HP Data Protector Software
iTX Learn and Earn Michael Andrews Backup & Recovery Solutions, HP Software – South Pacific June 2010

2 HP ‘Why Pay More?’ Incentive
WHEN: Between June 1st & October 31st 2010 HOW: Leverage HP Sales Tools and Presales support to help you sell and close HP Data Protector Business EARN: $5000 of DP ordered from iTX will earn you $100 on your Visa debit card EARN MORE ON YOUR iTX VISA DEBIT! All sales between $5,000 - $15,000 will qualify for a 2% credit All sales above $15,000 will qualify for a 3% credit UNCAPPED CASH INCENTIVE! THE MORE YOU SELL, THE MORE YOU EARN. EASY.

3 HP ‘Why Pay More?’ Incentive
TERMS & CONDITIONS OF INCENTIVE Normal HP Partner Margins apply Sales must be NEW business to HP Software All HP Data Protector sales must be registered within 7 days on iTX Website to qualify for credit iTX will send out Visa Debit card when your registered orders reach $5000 UNCAPPED CASH INCENTIVE! THE MORE YOU SELL, THE MORE YOU EARN. EASY. UNCAPPED CASH INCENTIVE! THE MORE YOU SELL, THE MORE YOU EARN. EASY.

4 Operational efficiency
Market Trends in Data Protection Content explosion 24x7 access, zero downtime Consolidation Throughout 2008, market trends surrounding technology infrastructure have pointed toward efforts to lower costs through consolidation and increased operational efficiency. While the amount of information is exploding and the demand for stringent data recovery requirements increasing, technology must still find ways to enable greater cost efficiencies. Content explosion: “By 2012, users will install 6.5 times the amount of terabytes that they installed in 2008” “Massive Data Growth Requires Storage Efficiency, Data Reduction Technologies” Gartner Symposium ITxpo, Thomas Bittman, October 2008 Consolidation: “There is an ongoing need for datacenter, storage system, and SAN consolidation to reduce costs and mitigate physical challenges of power, cooling, and space limitations for large-scale datacenter environments.” IDC, Worldwide Data Protection and Recovery Software 2007 Vendor Shares: Market Rebounds, July 2008 Recovery SLAs: “The increased complexity of the application and operating environments that need to be supported have brought new challenges that are straining the IT organization's ability to meet recovery service-level agreements, causing companies to update their recovery plans and to reevaluate their vendors.” Gartner, MarketScope for Enterprise Backup/Recovery Software, April 18, 2008 “SLAs are compressing. More applications need higher levels of availability. Application SLAs continued to be varied based on financial, business, and user productivity relevance.” IDC, Worldwide Data Protection and Recovery Software 2007 Vendor Shares: Market Rebounds, July 2008 Operational Efficiency “The need to reduce total cost of ownership will drive the purchase of tools that increase operational efficiency and enable higher use of established IT infrastructure resources. Anecdotal evidence indicates that storage capacity is being effectively utilized only in the 20%-to-40% range.” Gartner, Market Trends: Storage Management Software, Worldwide, , April Recovery SLAs Operational efficiency Prevent data loss

5 Top Sales Opportunities
1. Competitive Replacement opportunity, look for: Enterprise customer whose maintenance contract is up for renewal or having support issues Acquisition or consolidation where customers need to standardize on single backup app 2. Server Virtualization implementation, look for: New or existing implementations of server virtualization from VMware, Microsoft, Sun or Citrix *** Presence of HP Storage becomes a leverage point in any of these opportunities ***

6 HP Data Protector Software

7 HP Data Protector customers More than 35,000 worldwide
There are over unique customers using data protector. Have confidence promoting data protector. Whether you engage this base or the BTO customer base we have the customer reference to support the deal, no matter the vertical, and demonstrate functionality. HPIT is our biggest customer and available to support deals for data protector. 7

8 HP Data Protector software All of the value at a fraction of the cost
Lower the total cost of ownership of protecting business data by consolidating to one scalable, easy-to-use enterprise backup platform that costs up to 70% less than alternative offerings Realize dramatic savings ROI in as little as 6 months, 50 percent reduced backup TCO, and a 5-year net benefit of up to $4 million for large enterprises Broad interoperability Supports all leading IT environments and is uniquely best in class in its integration with HP storage hardware Data Protector has 4 key areas of customer benefit. A single product that scales from single server environments to distributed enterprise infrastructure Dramatic Savings Proof Points (from internal and external case studies): Commerce Bank (Fortune 1000) – storage and backup consolidation won by HP, replaced CA ArcServ, hardware & software projected ROI of 59% with 5-year net benefit of $4.2m Aearo - Provides 100 percent ROI in 1.5 years; Enables three times faster data recovery (from 18 to 4–6 hours); Shrinks database backup time by 66 percent Ericsson, reduced backup TCO by 50% Festo will realize a cumulative, projected five-year net benefit of $1,092,510, driven by increased productivity, decreased IT support costs, and avoiding having to buy and maintain additional hardware. The project will yield an ROI of 1909% and has a payback period of five months. Naestved: Decreased backup times by approximately 50% (from hours to 5-6 hours) Springer: Reduced support costs by 60% (see case study) Simple and Inexpensive Proof Points: CommVault INSTALLATION: 124 steps for Windows agents vs. 9 steps for DP; 52 steps for Galaxy UNIX push install vs. 4 steps for DP NetBackup PRICING & LICENSING: Midsize environment requires 82 licenses vs. 25 for DP and a cost of $274k compared to $108k for DP; Enterprise environment requires 426 licenses vs. 204 for DP and a cost of $2.4m compared to a little over $1m for DP. Broad Interoperability Proof Points: Support matrix is extensive across all major Operating Systems, Application platforms and Hardware platforms Unique integration with HP StorageWorks: ZDB of XP arrays, ZDB and IR of EVA and XP arrays; SmartCopy Automigration on VLS Virtualization Proof Points: See VMware slides: DP is the only backup vendor supporting the following VMware protection methods: ESX snapshot via console, PIT recovery of ESX snapshots, ZDB, IR Leader in Virtualization Industry’s broadest data protection for VMware and the only product to support eight methods of VMware protection Simple and inexpensive Easy to implement, use and maintain with the simplest and most flexible licensing model in the industry including no requirement for client licensing 8 8

9 Peter Kloet, System Manager
Easy to Use “The operation of HP Data Protector software is very logical, intuitive and flexible. That means we save a lot of time; and support costs have dropped by 60 percent compared to our old, complex backup/restore system …” Peter Kloet, System Manager 1. Automates routine tasks such as: remote installation, software distribution, device configuration, library detection and configuration, centralized backup management and recovery, media handling eliminating operator intervention 2. Ease of deployment & use via: wizards & templates, context sensitive help, clear navigation, well-organized tracking of multiple simultaneous tasks 3. Provides a consistent look & feel across platforms HP Confidential 6 April 2017

10 HP Data Protector 6.11 Architecture
One of the best things about DP is that, for such a powerful solution, it has such a simple architecture, which in turn leads to a simple licencing model. This is in contrast to our competitors who have complex and hard-to-understand architectures and very confusing licencing models. Data Protector has 5 main components: Cell Manager Disk Agent Media Agent Application integration Agent Backup to Disk These are combined to configure a solution that fits the data protection needs of any environment. Backup You have all the traditional backup benefits available of backing up to tape. Tape is still used by the majority of organisations and more than 90% say that tape is still fundamental to their backup & recovery strategy. Additionally, on-line backup of databases and applications, backup of open Windows and Netware files without downtime, and integration with Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) gives snapshotting capabilities of Windows servers, including virtual servers. Supports all kind of backup infrastructures: direct attached backup, SAN (LAN-free) backup, NAS backup, network backup, NDMP backup, backup through firewall Broad compatibility of operating systems, applications, drives, libraries, and disk arrays Recovery Recover from a single file, a mailbox, up to the entire site Full range of bare metal recovery options, allowing easy and fast recovery of the bare metal system However, a major limitation of traditional tape-based backup is that it has to be performed offline. This is a particular problem if you’re running 24x7 operations – or have remote offices in different time zones – and need your servers online both day and night. This is where disk-based backup technologies should be positioned and Data Protector has a variety of backup to disk technologies to take full advantage of the lower cost of disk. HP Confidential 10 6 April 2017

11 HP Deduplication Solutions Enabling remote office & enterprise scalability
Better Together VLS12000 EVA Gateway Before Deduplication VLS9000 Original Backup VLS6000 Series Next Backup D2D4100 Series D2D4000 Series D2D2500 Series You’ll probably hear a lot about data de-duplication when you have your discussions with your Customers. There is a lot of hype in the market about this and the fact is that there are ways to achieve the benefits of de-dupe without the cost of acquiring and managing it. So, what is it? It’s a method of reducing the volume of data that you are backing up, and/or storing in the data centre after it has been backed up. However, HP also plays in this space, as you'd expect and our strategy is to de-duplicate the data either at the source or at the Data Centre using purpose-built and optimised appliances such as the D2D and VLS devices. The alternative is to use software within the backup product itself to de-duplicate the data at the source. Doing it this way is not magic and there is some serious grunt work that the de-dupe servers have to do – this takes time and money. This slide shows the range of HP Deduplication devices and the majority includes low bandwidth replication as well. After Deduplication HP Data Protector software 6.1 File system backups Oracle, Exchange Virtual environments Original Backup Next Backup 11 11 11

12 HP Data Protector Software
Application protection SharePoint® A key part of your Customer’s environment to protect is the business applications and their databases that they rely on to run their business, from billing systems to manufacturing, and payroll systems – they all contain critical data that needs to be protected. HP Data Protector provides application integration agents for all major business applications and databases to enable them to be backed up online, without shutting them down, to allow 24x7 operation. The great thing about DP licencing with these is that you licence application integration based on the server’s operating system that the app or DB is running on. So simple to manage as the business expands and changes. DP also has functionality called Zero Downtime Backup and Instant Recovery. ZDB provides fully automated, no-impact backups, by performing backups on the copy of the production data; with the option to copy it or move it to tape. IR restores the data almost instantly from the copy held on disk. When combined with HP storage arrays, this is unique functionality that our competitors do not have. HP Confidential 6 April 2017

13 HP Data Protector Software
Protection for virtual environments

14 Server Virtualization
creates new challenges in data protection 96% of enterprises say server virtualization will have an impact on their backup strategy 87% consider virtual server backup as an important component of data protection While the deployment of server virtualization has helped customers increase operational efficiencies and lower costs, it has also created new challenges ensuring no data loss in this new virtual infrastructure. Customers need ONE solution to protect data across both their physical and virtual environments. Challenge 1 - The virtualization paradigm allows 2, 4 or 10 virtual servers to be consolidated onto one physical box. This paradigm, assumes there is a consistent and expected workload. Because the resources in a virtualized environment are shared by all virtual machines, over consumption of resources negatively affects all virtual machines as well as the physical host server Challenge 2 – Some backup techniques in virtual environments provide only “crash consistent” copies of data. There is no guarantee that crash consistent backups will work when recovered. You may have to run application specific utilities to check for errors or worse, lost data. Running these utilities may severely increase the time required for recovery. Think of the example when your laptop freezes and a hard shutdown, (removing the battery) is required before you get the chance to save data in an open Word doc or Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint (as happened to me the other night). Chances are you may not have your work when your laptop restarts (and I didn’t). 14

15 Choose your hypervisor!
HP Data Protector software Mitigating the risk of data loss in virtualized environments Choose your hypervisor! (1) Data Protector provides protection for all top server virtualization platforms letting customers choose their hypervisor and use ONE product to protect data on both physical and virtual environments “The integration of the management of both the physical and virtual infrastructure is a best practice” Gartner (2) Data Protector supports eight different methods of VMware protection, allowing customers to choose specific recovery point/recovery time objectives for their information with one product and one user interface (3) Through tight integration with HP EVA storage, Data Protector provides the highest level RPO/RTO for virtualized mission critical applications with zero impact to the virtual infrastructure “Users who are deploying VMware and other server virtualization technologies should strongly consider storage array-based snapshots for primary recovery.” Gartner “Data protection software should offer the capability to manage both traditional backup and array-level snapshots or replication.” Burton Group Support for ALL major virtualization platforms One product to protect ALL physical and virtual systems No writing or managing of complicated scripts No need to learn or load third party virtualization utilities 15

16 HP Data Protector Software
Pick which methods best suit your VMware environment Suspend virtual machine Traditional Online backup extension in the virtual machine ESX Snapshot via the console Recovery of ESX Snapshots VMware Consolidated Backup FULL restore of VM Zero Downtime Backup Instant Recovery One interface  HP Data Protector Data Protector software allows the customer to choose the method of protection required. Some may opt to use a single method others may incorporate multiple methods to achieve customized recovery point/recovery time objectives. All 8 methods are selectable from the easy to use Data Protector user interface requiring no scripting to enable protection. Some of these options are unique to Data Protector and no other competitor offers this level of protection. For example, Zero Downtime Backup and Instant Recovery are unique, particularly with the integration we have with the HP Storage arrays, like the EVAs. ZDB provides full protection for mission-critical applications, such as Exchange, so that there is virtually no backup window and with Instant Recovery, the application and all its data can be recovered and ready for use, with NO data loss, in minutes not hours or days. Suspend method – works just like the hibernate command on a laptop Agent in the Virtual Machine – same method as used in the physical world ESX Snapshot - Leverages VMware Virtual Infrastructure Client to create crash consistent snapshot of the entire virtual machine ESX Snapshot recovery -- Recover full, incremental or Differential snapshots from disk, file library or tape VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) – Similar to ESX snapshot but without putting load on ESX server Full restore of VM – Automation of all steps when recovering imaged backups of VMs. No manual commands required to stop, suspend or restart VM. ZDB – array based snapshots automated by DP user interface; no other vendors integrate and automate this process with instant recovery Instant Recovery - Instant recovery points application to copy of data on disk for instant restore. DP is the only one that allows a complete roll forward of applications combining replication based backup and recovery all being done in one step. No scripting  simple radio button selections “Virtualization requires a combination of physical and virtual backup and recovery mechanisms” – Enterprise Management Associates 16 16 16

17 Protecting Virtual Environments
HP Data Protector Summary Single product to protect all different virtual environments Broad coverage of virtual solutions X86/x64, HP Integrity, SUN Sparc Protection for both Physical and Virtual environments Extend the existing feature set from physical environments to virtual environments Comprehensive data protection capabilities Match the protection level to the RPO/RTO of the virtual machine Extensive application integration to avoid “crash consistent” recovery Highest RPO/RTO for virtualized mission critical applications Fast backup with zero impact to the ESX or Hyper-V Server Recover virtual infrastructures “instantly” with automated roll forward of applications Ongoing enhancements …

18 HP Data Protector Software
Notebook Extension

19 The HP Solution: Always…Everywhere…Immediate
What’s the best way to protect business data held on PC clients? By extending backup policies to the client environment so backup happens…... Always Independent from schedules, transparent and continuous Everywhere Office, home office, hotel room,...even while traveling Immediate Whenever data has been created, modified, received Some data loss is inevitable in every organization. This is because hard drives will fail, laptops will be stolen, and files will be deleted. But just because data loss is inevitable, doesn’t mean that there has to be a serious and expensive impact. The best response is to ensure that all business data on PCs is protected by extending the formal, robust backup policies you have in your network to the client environment. For maximum benefits, backups will happen: Always – they will be transparent, continuous and independent of fixed schedules Everywhere – they will be made at office, home, airport or coffee shop – wherever the client happens to be Immediate – they will occur the instant that files are changed, created or received

20 HP Data Protector Notebook Extension Minimize the risk of PC data loss without creating a new burden for IT Continuous file protection with centralized policies so data is ALWAYS protected DPNE has 3 major components with different roles and responsibilities Agent - the active part of the solution and installed on the employee’s machine Policy Server - the central administration server for the client and data vault. One has typically multiple clients and data vaults per policy server. Data Vault - the most passive component in the product. It is a basic windows file share. If the organisation has an existing backup server, and an existing Windows file share with spare space, then there is nothing else required for the infrastructure. It is very easy to install, configure and use – the client portion is user-installable and is pushed out automatically. Users can restore their own files from the GUI, so that they don’t have to bug the IT Help Desk. IT love this. It uses de-duplication, compression, and encryption technologies to perform the backups and restores so that infrastructure is optimised. One of the unique features about DPNE is that users’ files are backed up even though the user is offline. Pressing the SAVE button backs up the file. When they re-connect to the network, the local cache syncs with the Data Vault. Optimized performance through transparent operation and deduplication Simple single click recovery by user limits IT involvement 20

21 HP Data Protector Notebook Extension Platform coverage
Agents Windows XP Windows VISTA Windows 7 Virtual Machines Data Local Repository LAN Data Vault Windows Storage Server Windows 2003 Windows 2008 Policy Server Windows 2003 Virtual Machines DB Database Embedded MS-SQL 2005/2008

22 Protecting Virtual environment
End user recovery also required in virtual desktop environments Agent architecture allows execution in shared resource environment Continuous ensures load spread over the day De-Duplication ensures optimal resource usage Can be used to migrate data into virtual environment Backup physical PC Restore inside virtual environment Policy Server Data Vault Migrate

23 Roswell Park Cancer Institute Buffalo, NY
With a growing user community of 5,000 doctors, nurses, scientists, researchers and other staff, critical data could potentially be located anywhere Keeping that data safe, secure and protected is critical to our overall vital mission. HP Data Protector Notebook Extension is a key component of that solution - John Ferguson, Network Systems Specialist

24 HP Data Protector Software
Positioning Against the Competitors

25 Positioning against the competition Virtualization
Stress the advantages of HP DP 8 options when protecting/recovering VMware environments Other products may require scripting or a separate GUI to accomplish any of the 8 methods Single solution to protect both physical and virtual environments Support for multiple server virtualization vendors Choose your hypervisor! Multiple options for protecting VMware environments Stress the advantages of ZDB/IR BEST option is to use DP ZDB/IR with HP EVA array replication Gartner recommends array-based snapshots for virtual environments! Increase the number of VMs per physical server ZDB/IR offloads all processing to the HP EVA One interface to manage integration between HP EVA DP coordinates all array activities using Business Copy & Continuous Access software Instant Recovery of applications for higher recovery SLAs Application aware protection for consistent data protection Allows for roll-back/roll-forward of databases in virtual environments 25

26 HP and Unilever Handouts
HP Data Protector software 6.1 Broad Interoperability across all major platforms Java GUI Microsoft Windows HP-UX (PA-RISC, IA64) Solaris (SPARC) Linux SuSE, Red Hat Native Windows GUI Microsoft Windows Cell Manager Microsoft Windows HP-UX (PA-RISC, IA64) Linux SuSE, Red Hat (x64) Solaris (SPARC) Disk Agent Microsoft Windows HP-UX Linux Solaris (SPARC, x64) IBM AIX HP Tru64 UNIX HP MPE/iX HP OpenVMS (Alpha, IA64) Novell NetWare SCO OpenServer; SCO Unixware SNI SINIX; SGI IRIX Additional platforms via NFS, shared disk (CIFS) or NDMP On-line Backup VMware ESX 3.x Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server Oracle Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft Exchange Microsoft VSS API Microsoft Internet Info Server SAP R/3 SAPDB / MaxDB Informix Sybase Lotus Notes / Domino IBM DB2 HP Network Node Mgr Media Agent Microsoft Windows HP-UX Linux Solaris (SPARC) IBM AIX HP Tru64 UNIX HP MPE/iX HP OpenVMS (Alpha, IA64) Novell NetWare SCO OpenServer, Sinix Data Protector Java GUI Data Protector 6.1 introduces a Java-based graphical user interface with a client-server architecture, which enables backup management with the same look and feel as the original Data Protector GUI. As Java can run on numerous platforms, the Data Protector Java GUI is supported on a larger number of platforms than the original Data Protector GUI. Due to the one-to-one relationship with the original Data Protector GUI, no re-learning effort is required. In addition, both user interfaces can run simultaneously on the same computer. Benefits of Java GUI The Data Protector Java GUI has the following advantages over the original Data Protector GUI: Portability - The Data Protector Java GUI architecture enables you to install Java GUI Clients on most platforms that support Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Easy firewall configuration - For details, see the Data Protector support matrices under specifications at The Java GUI Client uses port 5556 to connect to the Java GUI Server. It is easier to configure Java GUI in a firewall environment because only one port needs to be opened. Improved localization and internationalization - Only one installation package is needed for all locales. The Java GUI enables better display in all locales, since controls are automatically resized to match the size of the text. Non-blocking behavior - The Java GUI Server transmits only data for the current context, which reduces the network traffic between the Java GUI Server and the Java GUI Client. Due to its non-blocking behavior, you can work on different contexts while Java GUI Server processes your requests in the background. Performannce improvements – Large size table operations are faster. Complete support matrices at: 26 26

27 HP Data Protector Software
How Does It Stack Up Against the Competition?

28 Cost vs. the Competition
Tiering: ONE price whether system has 1, 2, 4, or 8 processors No Client licensing: Competitors charge on a per-client basis Maintenance: lower entry costs equates to lower ongoing costs Online Backup: no tiering for DP dramatically reduces overall costs Starter Pack: unlimited protection FREE for all file systems No extra “options”: some competitors charge extra for basic features like SAN connectivity Tiering: ONE price whether system has 1, 2, 4, or 8 processors No Client licensing: Competitors charge on a per-client basis Maintenance: lower entry costs equates to lower ongoing costs Online Backup: no tiering for DP dramatically reduces overall costs Starter Pack: unlimited protection FREE for all file systems No extra “options”: some competitors charge extra for basic features like SAN connectivity

29 Total cost: licenses + 1-year support
Presentation Title Symantec NetBackup vs. HP Data Protector Up to 66% lower TCO, Less than half the licenses Physical & Virtual Environment NetBackup 7 HP Data Protector 6.1 Small/Med Environment Total # of licenses required 25 12 Total cost: licenses + 1-year support $41,205 $18,524 Midsize Environment 238 129 $872,531 $449,450 Enterprise Environment 1615 695 $7,443,456 $2,497,534 55% lower TCO 48% lower TCO Small Environment Configuration 1 Backup Server (Windows, 4 CPUs) 3 VMware ESX Servers, each with 4 CPUs and 12 VMs per physical server 3 SQL servers with online backup (1 per ESX server) 1 VMware Virtual Center server (no VCB) 2 tape libraries, each with 2 drives and 40 slots 1 Exchange server (Physical / non-VMware) 12 Unix clients with normal filesystem backup Assumptions: "Tier 3" servers for Symantec NetBackup Midsize Environment Configuration Virtual 2 Backup Servers (Windows, 4 CPUs each, master/media agents) 30 VMware ESX Servers, each with 8 CPUs and 24 VMs per physical server 45 SQL servers on Windows (1-2 per ESX server) 3 VCB proxy / Virtual Center servers (co-located) 2 tape libraries, each with 8 drives / 240 slots (SAN connect) 2 virtual tape libraries with 30 TB native capacity / 300 TB logical capacity (SAN connect) / 1 drive per 5TB Physical 1 Backup Server (Windows, 4 CPUs, master/media agents) 5 Exchange servers 5 Oracle Unix servers 2 SAP Unix servers 25 Unix clients 2 tape libraries, each with 4 drives / 96 slots (SAN connect) 1 virtual tape library, 20 TB native capacity / 200 TB logical capacity (SAN connect) / 1 drive per 5TB "Tier 4" Windows/ESX servers / "Tier 3" UNIX servers for NetBackup Large Environment Configuration 10 Backup Servers (Windows), with MoM environment allowing centralized management 200 VMware ESX Servers, each with 16 CPUs and 48 VMs per physical server 120 SQL Servers (separately, on the ESX servers listed above) 30 Exchange servers on Windows (separately, on the ESX servers listed above) 100 Oracle servers on Linux (1 per ESX server) 20 VCB proxy / Virtual Center servers (co-located) 20 dedicated media servers (Windows) 2 tape libraries, each with 40 drives / 3000 slots (SAN connect) 10 virtual tape libraries, each with 60 TB native capacity / 600 TB logical capacity (SAN connect) 3 Backup Servers (UNIX), with MoM environment allowing centralized management 12 HP-UX dedicated media servers 3 SAN-attached tape libraries with 15 drives and 505 slots each 3 EVA disk arrays with 10 TB of ZDB/IR each 60 HP-UX application servers (20 are SAN attached) ==> All 60 require online backup (30 SAP, 30 Oracle) "Tier 4" Windows/Linux/ESX servers / "Tier 3" UNIX servers for NetBackup Windows backup servers to be substituted if UNIX not available 66% lower TCO * Data compiled Nov 2009 29

30 HP Data Protector Software
Licensing HP Confidential 6 April 2017

31 Advanced Backup to Disk
HP Data Protection Software Evolution path 1 Establish the foundation for data protection and recovery Backup data to tape and ensure cost-effective protection of your information Scale your backup environment Add Manager of Managers to centrally manage hundreds of clients, servers and devices Add backup to disk Augment your existing tape backup infrastructure with disk to achieve faster backup and recovery Advanced protection for business critical applications Ensure application aware backup and restores and for HP storage customers, achieve zero impact backups with instant recovery of data in minutes 2 3 HP Data Protector offers a Single Server Edition, which allows to back up a single server with an unlimited number of UNIX and/or Windows workstations and one backup drive. Additionally, it can manage one library with up to 10 slots. By just buying a migration license, the Single Server Edition can be migrated to the Data Protector Starter Pack The Data Protector Starter Pack includes the following: One management server (Cell Manager) license Unlimited number of backup clients (agents) on any platform One drive license Build in media management Libraries up to 60 slots System disaster recovery options Sophisticated reporting (in Data Protector GUI and via web) SAN support (with the cell manager for HP-UX, Solaris) Service-centric management through integrations into OpenView Manager of Managers: allows customers to scale a Data Protector solution to multiple cells, or domains. Using the Manager-of-Managers interface allows customers to scale a Data Protector backup environment to include hundreds of clients, servers, and backup media devices, all managed from one central location Advanced Backup to Disk: Backup is written to a disk, that logically presents it self to the SAN as a tape library; Data Protector gives the option to copy or move the backup to tape. Data Protector supports file library as well as virtual tape library Advanced Application Protection: Online Backup: to perform on-line backup of databases and applications. Data Protector integrates with major databases and applications to enable application aware backups and restores. Backups can be made to disk or tape. Zero Downtime Backup: Data Protector provides no impact backup, by performing backup on the replica of the production data (local and remote replication are supported); with the option to copy it or move it to tape. Data Protector supports HP Business Copy (local replication) and Continuous Access (remote replication) for both XP and EVA array. Zero Downtime Backup requires Online Backup licenses. Instant Recovery: Data Protector allows Instant Recovery by retrieving the data directly from the replicas on disk. This technology moves Zero Downtime Backup a step further, allowing to keep multiple replicas on disk available and rotating. In terms of licensing, it requires Zero Downtime Backup licenses. Data Protector also offers the following functional extensions: Open File Backup: to perform open file backup of applications, databases, and files (for example, .pst - Microsoft Outlook files) that are not covered by the Data Protector Platform and integration matrixes. Direct Backup: A SAN-based backup solution in which data movement directly from disk to tape (or to other secondary storage) is facilitated by the SCSI Extended Copy (Xcopy) command. Direct backup lessens the backup I/O load on systems in a SAN environment. The data movement is facilitated directly from disk to tape (or to other secondary storage) by the SCSI Extended Copy (XCopy) command. The command is provided by any element of the infrastructure including bridges, switches, tape libraries, and disk subsystems. Data Protector Media Operations: tracks and manages thousands of offline storage media, such as magnetic tapes. It enables the user to define data retention and recycling policies to enable audit policies to be met and secure media. With its patented technology provides that sufficient amount of empty media is loaded before backups start. 4 HP Data Protector Single Server Edition 1 Migration Option Starter pack 2 3 4 Manager of Managers Advanced Backup to Disk Online Backup Zero Downtime Backup Instant Recovery

32 HP Data Protector Software

33 HP Software: Support Services
A flexible portfolio to meet your individual business needs 9x5 Phone-in assistance during local business hours, patch downloads, product updates 24x7 Phone-in assistance including holidays and weekends, patch downloads and product updates The customer can choose from a portfolio of offerings to meet their individual business needs 9x5 or 24x7 are a prerequisite for purchasing HP Software Premier Support. HP Software Premier Support is not available yet for Data Protector, coming soon. All of the offerings provide complimentary 24x7 web-based self-solve support and access to the Customer Connection program To review which support offering fits the individual customer needs, please see the following slide Support Engineering Days Ad hoc technical assistance for existing 9x5 and 24x7 Support customers, delivered remotely or on-site by HP Software support personnel All offerings above include web-based 24x7 self-solve support and Customer Connection. 33

34 HP Data Protector Consulting Services
QuickStart Implementations Defined, costed, rapid deployment services Consulting Services Healthchecks, etc

35 HP Software Education

36 Questions to Ask Your Customers

37 Q & A Contact: Your iTX Sales contact &

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