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Providing a well-rounded Indonesian study experience.

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1 Providing a well-rounded Indonesian study experience

2 ‘Indonesia is not how you imagine and for this reason has the power to change you in ways you won't notice until you think about going home. Not just in terms of how much you expect to pay for dinner or your political views on how we should manage poverty, but your entire concept of living and life.’ Past ACICIS student

3 WHO ARE ACICIS? ›Established in 1994 to overcome barriers preventing students from undertaking credited study at Indonesian universities ›Organises study programs at Indonesian universities, allowing students to receive credit towards their home degree ›Since this time more than 1,300 students have studied with the help of ACICIS

4 ACICIS ACTS AS BOTH ›An information gateway ›Extensive knowledge of Indonesia ›Facilitate visa application process ›Pastoral care provider ›Strong on-the-ground support network ›Safe and supportive environment

5 ‘It’s a holistic experience that entails personal growth. When I learnt the language and made friends with the locals, it opened me up to a higher level where I could have a conversation instead of just small talk.’ Past ACICIS student

6 PROGRAMS ARE DESIGNED AND TAILORED TO SUIT DIFFERENT REQUIREMENTS ›Semester long courses: ›Flexible Language Immersion ›Field Study* ›Islamic Business, Law and Society* ›International Relations* ›Teacher Immersion ›Development Studies Immersion* ›Short courses: ›Development Studies Practicum* ›Journalism Professional Practicum* * Suitable for non-Indonesian language speakers

7 WE ENRICH AND CONTRIBUTE TO THE LIVES OF OUR STUDENTS ›The experience provides students with: ›A sense of place in the world ›The ability to communicate across cultures ›A recognised ability to work in Australia and overseas ›A knowledge of the world they can bring back to Australia

8 ‘You can learn from a textbook and your university can have the leading Indonesian academics, but until I actually went to the country, I felt detached.’ Past ACICIS student

9 PERSONAL GROWTH AND LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT ›Ability to adapt to new situations as students are placed in an unfamiliar environment and successfully resolve their problems ›Encourages growth and independence through extended exposure to the language and culture in the local community

10 ‘My Indonesian skills gained through the ACICIS program have been invaluable. It’s really opened doors for me and allowed me to build good relationships, both personally and professionally.’ Past ACICIS student

11 STRATEGIC IMPORTANCE OF INDONESIA TO AUSTRALIA ›Building an intercultural understanding of Indonesia and equipping students with the skills to live in a multicultural world ›Appreciation of the importance of international co-operation ›Understanding the strategic importance of Indonesia to Australia, as our largest neighbour

12 ‘Any experience studying in Indonesia will be useful because of the significance to Australia. It’s so close from a political, economic and cultural perspective. My experience has given me a greater understanding of Indonesian politics, society and culture.’ Past ACICIS student

13 ENHANCE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES ›Unique and competitive advantage as employers recognise how an overseas study experience develops soft skills e.g. communication skills ›International knowledge and cross cultural communication skills

14 ‘The experience the candidate had on the ACICIS program is what set them apart and gave them the edge over the hundreds of other applicants. We want people who can cope in new situations and are prepared to challenge themselves.’ Employer of past ACICIS student

15 WHY WOULD YOU CHOOSE ACICIS? ›Well organised body enabling students to easily and effectively study in Indonesia ›Takes the hassle out of studying in Indonesia ›Immerses students in Indonesian life ›Programs successfully compliment the theory from university courses

16 ‘Having a dedicated in-country contact makes you feel safe and secure. You’re never far away from someone who can help you out if you have any issues whilst you’re there.’ Past ACICIS student

17 WHAT ROLE DOES ACICIS PLAY FOR STUDENTS? ›Information about living in Indonesia ›Help with visas / immigration forms ›Program advice BEFOREDURINGAFTER ›Orientation ›Pastoral care ›Extra curricula activities ›Problem resolution ›Course results ›Organise credit to home degree

18 Past ACICIS student ‘The visa to study in Indonesia is usually quite hard to obtain, but ACICIS organised this for me which allowed me to travel around the area without restriction.’ Past ACICIS student

19 SO HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? ›Approximate costs for one semester: ›Tuition $3000 Visa / orientation $790 Airfare $1000 ›Insurance $500 Living expenses $2500 ›Tuition can be covered by HECS ›Australian students may remain eligible for Centrelink ›Scholarships are offered by some universities

20 ‘I could do an exchange anywhere in the world and get great experience. My main worry was the cost of living and how it will impact on my overall experience. In Indonesia I never felt that way.’ Past ACICIS student

21 WHERE DO STUDENTS LIVE? ›ACICIS provide information and assistance, although students are responsible for arranging their own accommodation ›Abundance of accommodation is available ›Renting a house ›Room in a ‘homestay’ ›Kos / student hostel ›Inexpensive by Australian standards which allows for greater choice

22 BUT IS INDONESIA SAFE? ›Safety and security is the number one priority ›Students are briefed on arrival about personal safety ›Accurate and up-to-date information provided via mobile alerts ›Students live in various communities, speak the language, have a wide network of friends ›24 hour backup from ACICIS staff

23 DO I GET CREDIT AT MY HOME UNIVERSITY? ›In all cases it’s the responsibility of the student to arrange course credit ›ACICIS will be responsible for posting the student’s academic transcript to the relevant department of their home university ›In general, short courses are worth 75% of a full semester’s credit load whilst semester long courses are worth full credit ›Students remain enrolled at their home university whilst studying in-country

24 Download an application form Contact us +61 8 9360 6254

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