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1 NewSouth HR Inquiries Leave Application Summary.

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1 1 NewSouth HR Inquiries Leave Application Summary

2 2 Select New South HR by a left mouse click once on NewSouth HR icon

3 3 Select Inquiries and Reporting

4 4 Select Inquiries

5 5 Select Leave

6 6 Select Leave Application

7 7 There are several ways to search for an Employee’s Leave Application record: 1. Enter the ID and click

8 8 2. Search on the Name field. NewSouth HR requires that names are entered in this format: Surname,Firstname Middle name e.g. James Bloggs would be entered as Bloggs,James or Bloggs,J click Note: Name field is case sensitive. 3. Search on Last Name field. Enter all or part of the last name in the last name field and click Choose the entry from the list by highlighting the name and or double click on the entry. Note: Last Name field is not case sensitive.

9 9 A separate leave record is held for each position so it is important to check the Empl Rcd#. A search may be conducted by Absence Type, Leave Status or Absence Dates. If all search fields are left blank and the Leave Refresh key is hit, all leave applications recorded under the Empl Rcd# in NewSouth HR (from September 1996) will be returned and displayed in chronological order

10 10 J A definition of the Absence Type and Status is displayed by clicking on the drop-down list keys. J It is important to realise that the Return Date is not the last day of leave period. J A sequence number (Seq) allows the record to have two leave applications with the same begin date.

11 11 Adding a Favorite Using Favorites makes accessing regularly used panels quicker. Follow the steps below to add Leave Application Summary to Favorites list: 1. Access the panel you wish to add to your Favorites list 2. Select the Add to Favorites option from the Favorites drop down menu 3. Leave the label as default or change it to what makes sense to you eg ‘Leave Summary’ 4. Click the OK button. 5. Before disconnecting from the CITRIX application new Favorites must be saved. Go to Start > Favorites > PeopleSoft Favorites Administration 6. Select

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