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GO GLOBAL: CURTIN HEALTH …changing lives, changing worlds… SCHOLARSHIPS 2009.

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1 GO GLOBAL: CURTIN HEALTH …changing lives, changing worlds… SCHOLARSHIPS 2009

2  Project entrepreneurship x 12 per year 3 each for China, India, South Africa and Ukraine  Merit x 1 per year  Equity x 1 per year Due 26 September For details see: Scholarships 2009

3  Awarded to eligible Go Global applicants who develop the best project concept and action strategy that furthers the mission and objectives of the selected Go Global international sites China India Ukraine South Africa  Scholarship winners will implement their project during the international component of the OT Abroad Program. Project Entrepreneurship

4 “Provide quality international opportunities for students to contribute to humanitarian based health services that can be sustained by those who follow.” Key words:  Opportunities  Health  Sustained Go Global Vision

5 Eligibility  To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must meet all of the following criteria: be a part time or full time student at Curtin University of Technology enrolled in the undergraduate or graduate entry program of the following courses.  Occupational Therapy  Physiotherapy  Human Communication Science  Nursing  Pharmacy be in ‘Good Standing’ at the university; have a Course Weighted Average of 60 or more.

6 Scholarship Value  Total $4500 for each student awarded a scholarship. Prize monies are to be used for costs associated with participating in the Go Global Program.

7 Project Proposal  Students will form groups of three and produce a ‘Project Proposal’. Students are encouraged to work in interprofessional groups. The ‘Project Proposal’ must include the following: Brief overview of project; Background and rationale for the project; Objectives of the project; Project management plan (actions, timeframes, costings, evaluation of the objectives of the project, plans for fund-raising if required etc); Project deliverables/outcomes (i.e. what will be delivered – services to clients, training, brochures, report etc). Project Proposals should be a maximum of five pages.

8 Finding a Group  Your group can consist of people not on the same trip (must be same country) – but your proposal needs to reflect this  Register your interest to join a group o one of the sheets being passed around We will type up and email to you all in the next day or two

9 Selection of Scholarship Recipients  The best projects (maximum three) for each international site will be required to present their project concept to a selection panel.  The presentation will consist of the following: Five minute professional (i.e. sharp, slick, focussed, exciting) presentation of the project; Ten minutes of questions from the panel.

10 Contacts for General Questions  Nigel Gribble 9266 3638

11 CHINA Contact: Trevor Goddard 9266 3651

12 China – project ideas 1. Develop an orientation manual to BoAi  a resource for local and international visitors and collaborators  e.g. an overview of the centre, its staff, the services, the role it plays in Shanghai  e.g. a 5-10 page document with very concrete practical information like summaries of the services offered, some statistical info about the centre and its history etc.

13 China – project ideas 2. An equipment audit of the centre A summary of what they have, how they use it (should or should not use it) Other uses possible use more of and recommendations e.g. standing frames, exercise equip, adapted cutlery etc

14 3. Supporting a child or children to attedn the centre Significant and sustainable fundraising project (i.e beyond chocolates!!!) to create a sustainable fund to sponsor a child or childrens places at the centre on an ongoing basis that might normally not be able to afford the fees approx costs are 1600 RMB per month perhaps in conjunction with West Aust China Friendship society or similar China – project ideas

15 4. A training DVD on patient handling for staff 5. A training video on meal assistance and strategies 6. A training DVD on principles to enable incorporating play into therapy China – project ideas

16 7. A needs analysis to determine what change might need to occur to start a movement towards parents becoming comfortable and capable to replicate treatment in the home. China – project ideas

17 All other ideas welcomed China – project ideas

18 INDIA Contact: Alma Dender 9266 3612

19 India – project ideas 1. Cultivating a working relationship with Bengal Association of WA (or other similar organisations) to increase the relationships and support between WA and Anandaniketan

20 India – project ideas 2. Training videos for working with children and adults with feeding issues For staff Translated into Bengali

21 India – project ideas 3. Contextual patient and manual handling Primary context – there is no equipment For staff DVD translated into Bengali

22 India – project ideas 4. Educational DVD on mental health conditions and impact on function translated into Bengali

23 All other ideas welcomed India – project ideas

24 SOUTH AFRICA Contact: Annette Joosten 9266 3625

25 South Africa – project ideas 1. In cooperation with local (South African) therapist establish a plan for developing equipment using Appropriate Paper Based Technology (APT)  fund  obtain materials  trial one product

26 South Africa – project ideas 2. Develop laminated wall posters for positioning and feeding for children with cerebral palsy and children with developmental delay  In English, Afrikaans and Xhosa  for family, carer and staff training

27 South Africa – project ideas 3. Develop communication books that have photographs Boardmaker symbols etc for communication at home and school

28 South Africa – project ideas 4. Develop a book of ideas of homemade or simple toys  e.g. using wooden, recycled materials  that are safe, stimulating and fun  culturally appropriate  make examples of them

29 All other ideas welcomed South Africa – project ideas

30 UKRAINE Contact: Kirrily Manning 9266 3683

31 Disclaimer…..  The pilot group is Nov/Dec 2008  Submissions for Ukraine must be flexible and are likely to be subject to change

32 Riverview Charitable Fund Ukraine 1. Review and redesign of Summer Camp programme 2. Review and redesign of girls orphanage programme

33 Sunshine Centre 3. Research teenage homelessness in Ukraine and design intervention sessions that your group will pilot and implement on a sustainable basis

34 Go Global Ukraine 4. Interview members of the 2008 pilot team Review screening tools utilised and improve based on feedback Redesign intervention sessions

35 Go Global Ukraine 4. Interview members of the 2008 pilot team Review screening tools utilised and improve based on feedback Redesign intervention sessions

36 All other ideas welcomed Ukraine – project ideas

37 GO GLOBAL: CURTIN HEALTH …changing lives, changing worlds… SCHOLARSHIPS 2009 QUESTIONS and BREAK OUT GROUPS

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