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Motorized Pulley Presentation

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1 Motorized Pulley Presentation

2 Motorized Pulley Training Agenda
Introduction to Motorized Pulleys Introduction to Rulmeca Motorized Pulley Applications Aftermarket Service Website Visit Conveyor Design Software

3 Introduction to Motorized Pulleys

4 Motorized Pulley Range
Diameter: 8.50”f to 31.50”f Power: fractional HP to 180 HP Belt Speed: 24 to 1,000 fpm Voltage: 115v/230v/380v/460v/575v Phase: single and three phase Frequency: 50 & 60 Hz; VFD compatible

5 Motorized Pulley Concept
Stationary external shaft Permanently oil Filled for cooling and lubrication Electric AC Motor Gear box Rotating drum Motorized pulley an alternative to the exposed drive Terminal box

6 Motorized Pulley Cross Section
Tube “Drip Lip” Stator Rotor Gearbox Oil Terminal Box

7 Compact! Hermetically Sealed Aesthetic design
Space saving compact design Light weight Safer than conventional drives

8 Hermetically Sealed – IP67
RULMECA Motorized Pulleys - the perfect drive unit for corrosive chemicals and abrasive bulk materials: Copper & steel Coal Limestone Potash etc.

9 Easy to Maintain RULMECA
Motorized Pulleys – Low Maintenance Requirements (change oil every 10,000 operating hours): Remove magnetic oil plugs Wipe off sludge Drain oil Refill

10 High Efficiency The pulley is driven directly by the internal gearbox, giving the Motorized Pulley an efficiency of: 95% Therefore, less energy is required. This makes Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys to one of the most economical conveyor drives.

11 Extra Thermal Protection
All RULMECA Motorized Pulleys have 3 built-in thermal protection switches: Connect to normally closed control circuit Designed to provide back up to plant current overload protection

12 Rubber and ceramic lagging options Full rubber diamond
Partial rubber diamond Partial rubber smooth Full ceramic diamond

13 “Holdback” Options Mechanical Backstops Internal Brakes
External Brake Shafts

14 “Holdback” Options Mechanical Backstop Fastens to Motor Rotor
Mechanical Advantage (up to 100:1 gear ratio) Protected Environment (hermetically sealed)

15 “Holdback” Options Internal Brake Fastens to Motor Rotor
Mechanical Advantage (up to 100:1 gear ratio) Protected Environment (hermetically sealed)

16 “Holdback” Options External Brake Shaft
Hydraulic shoe brake (by others) installed on 800H Motorized Pulley External brake shaft extends rotor shaft through pulley main shaft

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