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Hannan’s Healing Herbals Introduces Incorporating ACT ! ©Presented By Kaye Hannan -

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2 Hannan’s Healing Herbals Introduces Incorporating ACT ! ©Presented By Kaye Hannan -

3 What Can Therapy Meets Technology Do? Profile & Manage all your Patients, and Contacts. Search for clients at lightening speed Schedule Appointment, follow ups and therapy treatments. Print reports on assessments, full patient reports Mail Merge letters using MS Word for next appointment. Email your customers their next appointment, and assessment results. Log all your, dental,worming, veterinary, therapy & competition results

4 .... AND HEAPS MORE! This presentation takes about 4 minutes. We challenge you to spend 4 minutes and save hours and hours of frustration. This presentation is available via email upon request Hannan’s Healing Herbals

5 Contact list view for column viewing, editing and tagging Easy Mail Merge with Microsoft word or built-in Wordprocessor Comprehensive Notes and History Schedule Activities for single or recurring activities. Synchronise with Outlook activities Sales / Opportunities capability Group Capability Synchronisation Outlook e-mail integration. Plus much much more …. Reports, searching, backups

6 Therapy Meets Technology The Card Concept similar in design to the 5 x 3 Card system used by many businesses on a manual system. Use TABS at the bottom of the screen to store patient data. Layouts ready to use for easy data entry to suit your business. Can be customised upon request

7 Simple easy to use Therapy Layout New sidebar allows you to easily navigate through the different views. Right-click on the Bar to change the view from large to small icons or choose to view the Large View Bar on the left or a Mini View Bar at the bottom of the window. Customise the toolbar or add your own custom commands

8 Data entry is even easier... New entries can be automatically “memorised” and result in automatic population of drop- down lists. Type-ahead makes it easy to choose the right names from the drop-down lists and saves time and effort and ensures that data is entered consistently. You can link dropdown lists so that a city that you add to the list in the contact record appears in the list for the group record, too. Drop down lists can speed data entry.

9 Allows easy column view of contacts data similar to a spreadsheet. Two modes available in this view: Tag mode – for tagging contacts to build a list or to refine a lookup for merging or reporting Edit mode – allows you to edit on-screen based on the columns selected Columns can be customised to view the data you want to view. Sort on columns by clicking on column header for ascending or desending. (type on your keyboard to search) Contact List View

10 Choose from Edit or Tag Mode Change the column view using Drag and drop. You can also change data in this View Sort on any column by clicking on the column Drop down lists can speed data entry. Contact List View

11 Easy Mail Merge Use either Microsoft Word or the ACT! Word processor to do mail merges. Microsoft Word 95 – 2000 ACT! database provides the contact data for the mail merge. Built-in ACT! Word processor Full function WYSIWYG Word Processor. Merge to Winfax or e-mail Schedule for out of hours merging to fax.

12 5 Easy steps to Mail Merge Step 1 – Create a document template with merge fields. Step 2 – Lookup the list of contacts to merge Step 3 – Select WRITE, MAIL MERGE menu Step 4 – Select the output device, printer, e-mail, word processor or fax if installed. Step 5 – Click on OK button to begin merge

13 Comprehensive Notes & History The Notes and History of your ACT! contacts is like having an audit trail of your relationship with your contacts Each time you complete an activity with a contact the history is updated.

14 Scheduling Activities Schedule activities with one or multiple contacts Send activity advice via e-mail Schedule recurring activities for custom dates Create Activity series for marketing or sales plans Schedule 3 different schedule types Calls – for follow up phone calls Meetings – for on-site meeting To-Do’s – for other tasks and activities with your contacts

15 Calendar Details on activities allow for up to 32K of text to be associated with an activity. This allows for directions, discussion topics and other important information to be attached to a specific activity. Additionally, the Details appear on task lists, calendars and reports when printed. Banners for scheduled activities stack on top of each other. Especially helpful for sharing calendars. The magnifying glass icon shows that this activity has a detail associated with it.

16 To begin the Activity Series Wizard select Create/Edit Activity Series from the Contact menu. Activities are scheduled based on a start date or a due date. If the series has a start date, all activities will be scheduled after the start date. If the series has a due date, all activities will be scheduled before the due date. Enter the first activity in the series. Since this is a series based on a Start date, enter the number of days that you want the activity to be scheduled AFTER the start date. When you have created and saved the activity series, you can then schedule it when needed. Bring up the Schedule Activity Series dialog. Select the series you want and the activities are automatically scheduled in the ACT! 2000 calendar. Activities show up in the Activity Series list. Click Add to include as many activities to the series as you want. When finished, name the series and enter a brief description to help you identify it. To schedule the series choose the contact or contacts you wish to schedule the series with. Choose the My Record for activities YOU plan to complete. Activity Series

17 You can now do a lookup on more fields. Also added is the ability to perform a lookup by empty or non-empty data fields. For example, you can look up everyone who has an e-mail account or everyone who does not have a fax number. With ACT! 2000’s powerful search capabilities, you can now find critical information anywhere in your database. With ACT! 2000’s new flexible keyword search, you can filter your search to look in the Sales/Opportunities tab, Note/History tab, or Activities tab and e-mail addresses. Keyword search can also be used to find a word or a phrase in a single contact record or in a group. Improved Lookups

18 Sales Process Stages You can find all sales information relating to a contact or group in the Sales/Opportunities tab. Opportunities, closed/won sales, and lost sales can be found in this tab. The tab also has filters so you can choose which important items you want to display. To enter a new opportunity, enter the product, pricing and quantity information, the probability (%) of completing the sale, and the sales stage. The default stages are those used in the Dale Carnegie Training® Sales Advantage training. The stages can be edited in order to suit the unique requirements in each user’s sales cycle. You may also enter additional information about the main competitor and any other detail that you wish. Update the information as the opportunity moves through the stages of the sales process. When the transaction is complete, fill in the result and the reason.

19 Sales Graphs Choose to create a graph for Current Contact, Current Lookup or All Contacts. Graph sales opportunities, forecasted sales or closed/won sales. Choose from a variety of graphing options. Choose a bar graph or line graph, 3D or 2D, and a palette of colors.

20 Sales Graphs 3D Bar Graph Line Graph showing Vertical and horizontal lines

21 Reporting b 10 built-in reports that you can be modified with built-in report writer Full contact reportFull contact report Phone ListsPhone Lists Address book, Labels, envelopesAddress book, Labels, envelopes Print CalendarsPrint Calendars Summarise history activitiesSummarise history activities Print Task listsPrint Task lists Print reports directly from screen with right clickPrint reports directly from screen with right click b Easily customised to build your own reports b Add custom reports to menus

22 Outlook Integration Example of Outlook activity appearing in the ACT! 2000 calendar. Double-click to get details. Outlook activities are easily removed from ACT! by selecting the “Remove All Activities” command in the ACT! 2000 Tools menu and checking the “Outlook activities from ACT!” option. This will remove all of your Outlook activities from your ACT! 2000 calendar. The Update Calendars dialog allows you to specify the timeframe to be updated and whether to update Outlook activities in ACT!, ACT! activities in Outlook or both. You can also elect to have ACT! 2000 remind you to update your calendars periodically by clicking the “Set Reminder” button.

23 Database Maintenance & Backup

24 Kaye Hannan. Masters Applied Science (Equine), Dip teach, HATAA, TAFE certified, acupressure (USA) Equine Therapist. over 44 year equine experience, Competing at dressage, eventing. Teaching experience (25yrs) in Adult Education & TAFE. Computer Certified, Trainer, Business Partner and specialising in customisation, integration an development of software. mobile: 0419 268 725 fax: 02 9654 0452

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