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Healthy Kids Check MBS item 709 – GP and 711 - PN Hunter Urban Division of General Practice.

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1 Healthy Kids Check MBS item 709 – GP and 711 - PN Hunter Urban Division of General Practice

2 Content Pt consent Pt eligibility Components of the Health Check and Referral pathways Guest Speakers

3 PATIENT CONSENT Consent must be noted on the patient record. Consent can be either written or verbal.

4 PATIENT ELIGIBILITY The Check will provide an opportunity to: issue parents/guardians with information and advice on healthy habits for life for children; link parents/guardians and children to the primary health care system; assist General Practitioners (GPs) and Practice Nurses to identify any health issues for children prior to starting school; and enable GPs to provide treatment or referral for any conditions identified as a result of the check.

5 PATIENT ELIGIBILITY Claim item number once per child Must have 4 yr old immunisation documented Note if a copy of the Department's publication on developing healthy habits for kids Get Set For Life has been provided to the patient’s parents/guardian

6 PATIENT ELIGIBILITY If a health professional is unsure whether a patient has already received this service, they may call Medicare Australia, with the patient’s parent/guardian present, on 132 011.

7 PATIENT ELIGIBILITY Patient’s ‘usual doctor’, or Undertaken on behalf of a GP by a practice nurse (registered or enrolled nurse). Should the practice nurse identify any health concerns that require medical intervention, the patient must be reviewed by the patient’s ‘usual doctor’ who will arrange referrals and follow-up as clinically required.

8 CLAIMING Supervision at a distance is recognised as an acceptable form of supervision. This means that the claiming GP does not have to be physically present at the time the service is provided. However, the GP should be able to be contacted if required.

9 CLAIMING Where the GP and practice nurse are at the same location, the GP is not required to be present while the Healthy Kids Check is undertaken. It is up to the GP to decide whether he or she needs to see the patient.

10 CLAIMING Can the GP claim a consultation in addition to the Healthy Kids Check? The time the patient spends receiving a service from the practice nurse is itemised separately under item 711 and should not be counted as part of the Medicare item claimed for time spent with the GP.

11 CLAIMING Can the GP claim a nurse item number in addition to the Healthy Kids Check? Where the practice nurse provides another service (eg immunisation) on the same day, the GP is able to claim for both items.

12 CLAIMING Item 10990 or 10991 (bulk billing incentives) can be claimed in conjunction with items 709 and 711 provided the conditions of item 10990 and 10991 are satisfied.

13 COMPONENTS OF THE HEALTH CHECK Information collection and physical examinations/assessments Initiating interventions and/or referrals as indicated; and Providing health advice and information to the patient’s parents/guardian, utilising the Department's publication Get Set For Life +++To order send an email to

14 Information Collection Taking a patient medical, social, and family history and or updating an existing history. (mandatory) Relevant examinations and investigations based on information from the patient’s medical, social and family history. (mandatory)

15 Assessment of the Patient Overall assessment of the patient’s health (a) Height and weight (plot and interpret growth curve/calculate BMI) (b) Eyesight (c) Hearing (d) Oral health (teeth and gums) (e) Toileting (f) Allergies –allergy vs intolerance, generic names

16 Assessment – other considerations (non-mandatory) Appetite/eating habits Activity level Speech and language development Fine and gross motor skills Behaviour and mood

17 Interventions - Provide Advice and Information to Patient Discuss results of health check and recommended future action with the patient. Provide, or put in place arrangements for, any interventions required.

18 Interventions - Provide Advice and Information to Parent Education, counselling or advice Initiation of treatment –GP Management Plan and Team Care Arrangement items –Asthma cycle of care – include asthma management plan

19 Interventions - Provide Advice and Information to Patient Referrals to other medical practitioners and allied health professionals to specialised and social support services

20 And Finally… A record of the health check must be kept on the patient’s file. (mandatory)

21 More From Our Guest Speakers… Developmental Assessment – Eileen Eyesight and Hearing screening – Alison Boehme, Child and Family Health Nurse HNEH Oral Health – Karen Sleishman, Child and Family Health Nurse HNEH Height and weight - Colin Bell (Good For Kids Good for Life) HNEH Allergies – Jan Belcher HNEH

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