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Finance Forum 1 March 2011. 2 Overview Introduction (David Sturgiss) FMIS Refresh Project (Brigid Lever) 2010/11 FBT Return (Callum Burke) HERDC matters.

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Presentation on theme: "Finance Forum 1 March 2011. 2 Overview Introduction (David Sturgiss) FMIS Refresh Project (Brigid Lever) 2010/11 FBT Return (Callum Burke) HERDC matters."— Presentation transcript:

1 Finance Forum 1 March 2011

2 2 Overview Introduction (David Sturgiss) FMIS Refresh Project (Brigid Lever) 2010/11 FBT Return (Callum Burke) HERDC matters (Lee Mavanna) Training and Policies (Amanda Walker) F&BS Client Survey Outcomes (Peter Shipp)

3 FMIS Refresh Project Brigid Lever 3

4 FMIS Upgrade & Development Strategy – FMIS Refresh FMIS Landscape FMIS Issues and Risks Program Management Approach Phasing Resourcing Preliminary tasks Divisional Plan FinOps & BSO



7 FMIS Risks Increasing system integrity risk with V8.8 Increasing gap between present system configuration and business requirements e.g. –PCI DSS & sales receipting –DIISR & costing analytics –Management reporting Capacity to respond to changes in organisational and strategic direction

8 Critical FMIS issues Vendor support for V8.8 Effective use of existing licensed applications (PSoft, OneStop, Cognos, OCR) Support for sales and revenue generation Reporting structures Efficiency of business processes Resourcing/skills ANU strategic direction

9 Program approach Consolidated governance Manage integration Manage communications and change Co-ordinate resourcing Synergistic benefits

10 Program Governance

11 Phases 1)Issues of regulatury, financial risk 2)Issues of business risk 3)Leverage new applications platform

12 FMIS Refresh Program Phase 1 April 2011 to June 2012 Application & Infrastructure Upgrade P2P process review and design Reporting structures – requirements, design iMIS Planning I – roadmap, budgeting Receipting – on-line sales & reporting, OneStop dotnet upgrade OCR rollout

13 FMIS Refresh Program Phase 2 July 2012 to Dec 2012 P2P process - implement Reporting structures – implement iMIS performance –Key financial performance indicators –Integrated performance measures –Data extraction

14 FMIS Refresh Program Phase 3 2013 iMIS Planning II – implementing roadmap Chemical Inventory Management Review/upgrade remaining financial business processes: –Asset accounting – acquire to retire –GL maintenance – post to report –Procurement – quote to order –Receivables – invoice to receipt


16 Next steps DOI scheduling Detailed project proposals – concept phase Finalise current FMIS o/s projects Establish IT infrastructure & environments Recruitment and accommodation Program governance arrangements

17 Divisional Plan Projects - FinOps RefDescription Q1Q2Q3Q4 2012 SG# FO1 Implement emerging banking products that improve support and integrity of receipting activity – NABTransact SG4 FO2 Review and map the financial (operations) function from the smallest academic unit, through Colleges and service divisions, to inform the design and implementation of best fit finance business processes with explicit controls and performance indicators SG4 FO3 Roll out the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to AP processing within Colleges SG4 FO4 Deliver a manual of receipting process options to enable secure and efficient receipting practices for all forms of University income SG5 FO5 Develop an operational map of central financial operations functions, including performance metrics, service standards and control and compliance review mechanisms SG5 FO6 Bank reconciliation Phase 2 – business processesSG5 FO7 Review of bank fees cost allocationsSG3

18 Divisional Plan Projects - BSO RefDescriptionQ1Q1 Q2Q2 Q3Q3 Q4Q4 201 2 SG # BS1Develop and commence implementation of a roadmap for an enterprise planning and analytics application to complement the enterprise performance management application within iMIS SG2 BS2Develop and implement a generic on-line sales point to enable secure online receipting for sales activities SG4 BS3Undertake an assessment of FMIS functional requirements against available technology, to scope a proposed upgrade of FMIS in 2011-12 SG4 BS4OneStop dotnet upgrade/implementationSG4 BS5Desktop upgrade F&BSSG7 BS6EFTPOS over IP – moving EFTPOS terminals off telephone lines and onto data linesSG7 BS7Prepare and gain endorsement of a comprehensive Project Management Plan for PeopleSoft FSCM upgrade to version 9.1 SG5

19 2010/11 FBT Return Callum Burke 19

20 20 2010/11 FBT return FBT Year: 1 April 2010 - 31 March 2011 Business Area contact list will be sent out shortly, please review and update contact for your area. FBT packs and spreadsheets will be sent out to nominated contacts.

21 21 2010/11 FBT return FBT downloads will be sent - 5 th April. Completed packs due back - 14 th April.

22 22 2010/11 FBT return Things to think about now… -Collecting declarations for benefits which have been provided -Reminder email about car KM’s Any questions please email:

23 HERDC 2011 Lee Mavanna 23

24 Significant changes to guidelines Guidelines have significant changes to the wording impacting on the Financial return. Download copy from following website: ERDC/Pages/default.aspx

25 Inclusions (7.2) Fee income for HDR international- sponsored students General or untied Aust govt grant for purposes of conducting research where a proportion of that grant can be clearly & transparently attributed as to be expended on the direct costs of conducting research 25

26 Exclusions (7.3) Undergraduate stipends and scholarships for honours years students (just when we had convinced people that we needed the details on these in Q funds, you can keep them in R funds)

27 Exclusions (7.3) Interest income accruing to research grants and contract research grants (Not new but significant for those grants with the wording that any interest earned forms part of the total funding awarded for the project – can only include the funds received from the Funds Provider)

28 2011 ACGR Additions (2010 income) COMMONWEALTH Forest Industries Climate Change Research Fund (DAFF) Climate Change Adaption Research Grants (DCCEE) Homelessness Research Partnerships Agreements (DFHCSIA)

29 2011 ACGR Additions (2010 income) NHMRC –Centres of Research Excellence –Early Career Fellowships –Translating Research into practice Fellowships –National Institute of Clinical Studies

30 2011 ACGR Additions (2010 income) International Science Linkages Program (DIISR) Australia-India Strategic Research Fund (DIISR) –Activities under these programs will still need to meet HERDC guidelines before income can be included) ARC –Super Science Fellowships

31 2011 ACGR Additions (2010 income) National Environmental Research Program (DSEWPC) Aust Wool Innovation – Call for proposals On-Farm R&D, Off-Farm R&D GRDC – Extension & Grower Programs RIRDC – Research Funding R&D Program (re-instated)

32 2011 ACGR Additions (2010 income) NON-COMMONWEALTH Aust National Low Emissions Coal Research & Development – Alternatives & Fundamentals Program Aust Water Recycling Centre of Excellence HCF Health & Medical Research Foundation – Health Services Research Grants Program

33 2011 ACGR Additions (2010 income) NON-COMMONWEALTH (cont) Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation – Clinical Trials Network National Breast Cancer Foundation – Early Career Fellowship

34 2011 ACGR Additions (2010 income) National Centre of Excellence in Desalination – Funding Rounds Science & Industry Endowment Fund (SIEF) – Research grants APHCRI – Centres of Research Excellence in Primary Care Aust Centre for HIV & Hepatitis Virology Research VicHealth Innovation Grants

35 Deletions COMMONWEALTH Aust Weeds Research Centre (DAFF) Climate Change Research Program (DAFF) Army History Research Grants (DoD) Adult Literacy Research Program (NCVER)

36 Deletions Longitudinal Surveys of Aust Youth Research Innovation (NCVER) Aust Antarctic Science Grants (DSEWPC) Anti-Doping Research Program (DoHA) Aust Centre for Hepatitis & HIV Virology Research (DoHA)

37 Deletions NHMRC –Electromagnetic Energy Research –H1N1 Call for Research –NICS Fellowships –Palliative Care Research Grants –Postdoctoral Training Fellowships

38 Deletions Road Safety Research Grants program (DITRDLG) AIATSIS Research Grants (DIISR) Research Support for National Security (PMC)

39 Deletions NON-COMMONWEALTH Alcohol Education & Rehabilitation Foundation Judith Jane mason & Harold Stannett Williams Memorial Foundation the JO & JR Wicking Trust

40 Deletions Arthritis Australia APHCRI – Stream programs Aust Stem Cell Centre Grants Scheme Brain Foundation – Annual Research Awards Inner Wheel Aust – Cord Blood Research Project

41 Deletions Kidney health Aust – Medical Research Program Multiple Sclerosis Research Aust – project grants & fellowships National Breast Cancer Foundation – National Translational Research program & Pilot Study grants

42 Deletions National Heart Foundation – Cardiovascular Disease & Depression research program Pfizer Aust – Cancer Research grants, Cardiovascular & Lipid Research grants & Neuroscience Research grants Sea World Research & Rescue Foundation – Research grants

43 Deletions Aust & NZ College of Anaesthetists – Research grants Aust & Pacific Science Foundation – Research project grants Australian Cystic Fibrosis Research Trust – Annual grants

44 Deletions Hermon Slade Foundation – Research project grants Opthalmic Research Institute of Aust – Research Grants Royal Aust & NZ College of Opthamologists Eye Foundation – National Collaborative projects

45 A number of programs have changed names or been consolidated under the same funds provider. The 2011 ACGR can be found at: CGR/Pages/default.aspx

46 Timetable April –New fund attributes created for ACGR additions –BSO to update proforma on ESP download –Projects requiring updated fund attributes for new and deleted schemes identified through ARIES reports –ESP Financials tables updated

47 Timetable April –Shared grants report run by RO – distributed to Colleges for confirmation –ANU Enterprise report requested and distributed to Colleges for confirmation –Report to be request from Student Admin for international fee income for HDR students

48 TIMETABLE May – worksheets reviewed by SPF team and distributed to College Finance teams to review and sign off June –worksheets collated and consolidated to University level –audit is undertaken –Return submitted to DIISR 30 June

49 Training and Policies Amanda Walker 49

50 Training options ESP (Finance System) training Customised training F&BS 2011 “Hints and Tips” training sessions 50

51 Policies New/revised policies approved Major change is in presentation, and not content. Any questions/comments/suggestions to Amanda Walker 51

52 F&BS Client Survey Outcomes Peter Shipp 52

53 53 F&BS Client Survey Outcomes 62 Responses In the main –Positive feedback –Constructive criticism

54 54 F&BS Client Survey Outcomes Issues identified –Frequency of cheque runs –Staff training –F&BS Policy web-page documentation

55 55 F&BS Client Survey Outcomes Issues identified cont’d –Ease of navigation of the F&BS Web pages –Interaction with F&BS staff by way of visits &/or secondments

56 56 F&BS Client Survey Outcomes We will take the comments on board and implement as much as possible to improve our service delivery. We will run this again in 2011

57 Questions? 57

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